Comparing the current market moves to last election and what to watch between gold and the USD

November 2, 2020

TG Watkins, Director of Stocks over at Simpler Trading joins me to share some research on the market moves heading into this US election compared to 4 years ago. We also discuss what charts and levels we are watching to indicate what money is flowing when the election is behind us. Gold and the USD are a couple key charts to watch.

Click here to visit the Simpler Trading website and follow along with what TG is trading.

    Nov 02, 2020 02:58 AM

    Here’s one I’ve been buying… guys got a good digging these up. Bid low…and don’t chase….all the usual stuff.

    “Today we suggest another inclusion the the “Gold and Silver” basket. Same as the others, it trades in Canada and to us seems compelling per a very low float (number of shares outstanding) which should magnify potential gains if speculative capital flows into the stock.
    The company has recently added very experienced and well-connected members to its board, is in the process of acquiring highly prospective gold properties, and the low float is quite tightly held.
    Consider it akin to a lottery ticket, or call options that won’t expire. We will not employ a sell stop, and as a result we suggest only purely speculative capital is appropriate for such a position.”
    AHU – Arctic Hunter Exploration – trading in Canada under ticker AHU.
    AHU closed the week at $0.16 CAD.
    Buy AHU up to $0.18

      Nov 02, 2020 02:29 PM

      Hey Bill, got you pegged between sidewalk crouches & break on thru___

    Nov 02, 2020 02:12 PM

    A long PDF 40 pages, indicating that about now is an optimum time for buying precious metal stocks.
    The paper also includes many long term graphs of Gold relative to various commodities showing long term cyclical relationships.

    Nov 02, 2020 02:44 PM

    JMBullion hacked early this year: