John Feneck – This is a traders market for resource investors so we discuss gold, copper, and platinum stocks that John likes early on this year

January 12, 2022

John Feneck, Portfolio Manager, Consultant and publisher of the Feneck Commodities Report joins us to share his investing strategy in resource stocks. We discuss a wide range of stocks, from juniors up to some larger producers and even an ETF.


Here are the stocks mentioned in the interview…

E2gold (ETU), Gold Terra (YGTFF), Newmont (NEM), Agnico Eagle (AEM), (SILJ) the ETF, Kodiak Copper (KDKCF), Copper Lake (WTCZF), Clean Air Metals (CLRMF), Group Ten (PGEZF) and Sibanye (SBSW)


*Guests featured herein may have been compensated for their services in working with some of the companies mentioned. John holds positions in all of the Companies mentioned except for AEM and SBSW.



If investors want to reach out to John regarding his services his email is Everyone can also reach out to us at either or

    Jan 12, 2022 12:16 PM

    The Macro EndGame – What happens when the Thanos of Macro snaps his fingers?
    Alfonso Peccatiello (Alf) – The Macro Compass – Jan 10
    “What’s the Macro End Game?”

    “In short, another great reset of our monetary system.”
    “Cheap credit is cheap money from the future”

    “In 1971, the Gold Standard effectively came to an end.”

    “President Nixon ended the convertibility of USD into gold at a fixed price, and effectively introduced the fully elastic fiat system we have been living with since then.”

    “That’s how it works: commercial banks and governments can now create credit out of thin air and add net worth to the private sector without having to worry about the intrinsic value of the newly created money – the peg to gold is gone.”

    Jan 13, 2022 13:24 AM

    Where I’ve been deliberately adding the last month?
    MAG – 5 times 70 sh @ < $14.50
    SILV – 14 times 100-220 sh @ < $7.00