The continued discrepancy between the gold price and gold stocks
Daily Market Close for Thursday
Doc comments on gold and silver.
Are the New York Times and Washington Post doing a disservice to America? What do you think?
Weekly Market Close with the Doctor
Doc opines on both the markets and the role of freedom in the future of our country.
Big Al and Doc discuss some gold stocks and the general tenure of the gold market.
Doc opines on gold and silver and Big Al talks about a couple of companies he is looking to add to his portfolio.
Big Al and Doc discuss the concept of “Skin in the Game”
Is it good for the US Dollar to be easily available around the world?
Comparing the moves in gold this year from last year
Gold moving up nicely and the stocks are flying!
Should we be expecting fireworks for the markets in February?
A focus on Oil and Uranium
Are the metals going to outperform US markets this year?
What’s in play in the bond market
International Impacts on Precious Metals and Company Updates
US markets and the Bond market looking ahead
A focus on the USD
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