S&P Lower Targets, Fed Policy Differences, and Target Deficits but At Debt/GDP
If US Market Turmoil Increases Where Is The Money Going To Flow?
Gold and Gold Stock Trends For 2019
Metals Stocks Will Bottom…
A Focus On The US Markets and The Potential Of A Further Breakdown
Metals and Oil – What To Expect Into Next Year
Key Levels To Watch For Gold and The USD
Doc’s Election Predictions Along With Some Market Calls
The Range To Watch For The Metals
US Markets – It Won’t Happen Right Away But Global Pressures Will Be The Main Drivers
Another Volatile Day For US Markets
Hour 1 – Central Banks, Inflation, and Insights Into A Couple Metal Stocks
An In-Depth Look At The Falling Markets and Potential Central Bank Reaction
The Slow Bottoming Process Continues
Recapping The Volatile Week For Gold, GDX, Silver, the USD and US Markets
Doc’s Not Worried About The Pullback In PMs Today
Hour 2 – Politics – A Look Ahead To The Mid-Term Election
Rising Yields – It’s Just Getting Going
Addressing Questions For The Pop In PMs
Some Trade Clarity and A Look At The Major Miner Charts