Hour 1 – New Rules For Treasuries, Metals Stuck, and An Update From Revival Gold
Volatility Across The Board – Here Is What’s Important
Trader Vic – The Debt Problem With Raising Rates
Metals and Political Commentary For An Interesting January
Looking Ahead For Tax Reform, Central Banks, Politics, and Gold
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Trader Vic – The Job Numbers Are a Joke and Here’s Why
Trader Vic – Historic Times For Equity Markets
Trader Vic – Inflation and Yellen’s Lack Of Understanding
Trader Vic – Comments on the Fed double speak and market reactions
Central Banks, Metals, Currencies, and Political Turmoil
Trader Vic: The Markets Are Shaky Due To More Than Just War Talk
Markets Shaken By Yellen’s Comments and Weak Economic Data
Trader Vic – Now is the time to be extremely conservative
Just because the Fed is raising rates does not mean the economy is healthy
Key News Of The Week For Investors
Great comments from Trader Vic regarding Trump and the US markets
Trader Vic -> Weak Economies = Commodities Sell Off
Market Wrap with Trader Vic – Near terms drivers for gold
Trader Vic – The Fed has ruined the markets