Hour 1 – Inflation, Trade War Fears, and Comments On The Pilbara Exploration Plays
Inflation Strong But Commodities Under Pressure
News Events This Week and Central Banks Shifting Strategy
Is There A Labor Shortage In The US?
Comments On The OPEC Meeting, The USD, and Why Trade Wars Will Result In Deflation
Recapping The FOMC Minutes, Italian Politics, and Oil Reports
The Factors And Markets Keeping A Lid On Metals
Considerations For The Big Picture – Inflation, Yield Curve, USD Moves
The Main Drivers To The Metals – USD and Inflation
Confused Markets, More Inflation Data, and The Potential Of A Liquidity Squeeze
Inflation Data, Treasury Auctions, and The Fed Going Forward
Inflation and The Gap Up In Markets Around The World Today
A Preview To Jerome Powell’s Congress Testimony Regarding Inflation
My Presentation From The Cambridge House Show
Inflation and Retail Sales Data Driving Gold Today
There’s More To The Pickup In Inflation Data
2018 Outlook – US Markets, Treasuries, Geopolitical Hotspots and Inflation
Corresponding Charts Pointing To A Gold Breakout In 2018
Maybe We Were All Wrong On Timing For QE and Inflation
Looking Ahead For Tax Reform, Central Banks, Politics, and Gold