Hour 1 – Extended Interviews with Rick Bensignor and Joe Mazumdar
A Reflationary trade on the back of Powell’s comments
Sector Rotation or Inflationary Trade
The Fed Funds rate went negative for the first time ever
Gold vs potential deflation
Oil price in the dumps, will central banks/governments step up to save the companies?
This year’s gold run in terms of real interest rates and investor confidence
A debate on betting/investing for the end of the world
Gold vs gold stocks and silver – It’s all about inflation expectations when this virus is behind us
The US Dollar is screaming higher – Could this be the big deflationary event?
Complete recap of the Fed statement and press conference
Here’s what the moves in gold and the USD are foretelling about 2020
Here’s What Matters In Terms Of The Fed and Trade Talks
What’s it going to take to move US markets lower?
A look at GDX and the equal weight commodity index
The Dollar Continuing It’s Move Down – Here Are Some Key Aspects and Markets To Watch
Watching closely the relationship between the USD and Gold
Geopolitics now impacting the oil market… What to watch for is this escalates
Here’s what a bullish correction in gold should look like
Our Thoughts On The Fed Statement