Markets and Metals -Topics this week include Inflation, a Commodities Super Cycle, and Battery Metal Stocks
Peter Boockvar highlights comments made by Bill Dudley regarding inflation
The financial market reflation trade was full swing today
A US market and Precious Metals outlook
Featuring Jeff Christian and Rick Bensignor – Insights on Commodities, the USD, Interest Rates, and Inflation
Gold, Cryptocurrencies and Brexit – What are the key catalysts in the near term?
2021 is going to be wild so we talk investment strategies for commodities and US Markets
Key Themes For 2021 – Inflation, EV and battery growth, and the gold vs Bitcoin debate
2021 Outlook For Gold
Is it the fear trade leading US Markets down and gold higher to kick off 2021?
What the inflation trade looks like for 2021
In depth discussion on the reflation trade underway and an update from Cartier Resources
Fed policy, USD weakness and the reflation trade – Here’s how they all will impact 2021
Wrapping up the Fed statement and looking ahead to future policy
Featuring Peter Boockvar, Jeff Christian, and Great Bear Resources – Recapping the year for commodities
Considering the moves in commodities, industrials, and housing should we be expecting inflation around the corner?
Comments on the pullback in gold and the USD – What to watch for internationally as key drivers
Gold and the US Dollar are falling while commodities and Bitcoin are rising – Making sense of it all
The market is going all in for risk on assets. We discuss moves in US markets, gold vs Bitcoin trade, and USD weakness
Weekend Show Preview – How vaccine news has drastically altered investor outlook and money flows