The market is going all in for risk on assets. We discuss moves in US markets, gold vs Bitcoin trade, and USD weakness
Weekend Show Preview – How vaccine news has drastically altered investor outlook and money flows
Monetary policy now vs pre-pandemic
The next 2 weeks are packed with important events and meetings – We simplify it for the markets
Inflation / Deflation / Stagflation – What environment are we in for?
If we all accept that a government fiscal package will come let’s look at what happens after
Recapping the Fed statement and markets reaction
Recapping Powell’s comments and the wild market reactions
A Historical Synopsis of Money in the U.S.
With Buffet in gold does it change the outlook from other investors?
US Dollar and it’s reserve currency status balanced with potential inflation
Hour 1 – Gold and the USD plus an update from Auryn Resources on the Eastmain acquisition
Lots to touch on this week – Strong bond auctions, a weak PPI number, upcoming Earnings Season, and precious metals moves
Gold moving higher is telling us a different story from the oil and copper rebound
Hour 1 – Markets and Metals – The Relationship Between Gold Stocks and the US Markets
US/China Trade Comments and PMI Data – Markets Moving With An Inflationary Bias
Hour 1 – Extended Interviews with Rick Bensignor and Joe Mazumdar
A Reflationary trade on the back of Powell’s comments
Sector Rotation or Inflationary Trade
The Fed Funds rate went negative for the first time ever