Falco Resources attracts three of the top mining executives in North America

Big Al
September 21, 2014

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    Sep 21, 2014 21:38 PM

    Al, Cory,

    Falco is a very interesting company. I will be watching the progress of their drill program and enhanced resource for sure. Maybe even taking a nice little position now would be a good roll of the dice.

    Additionally, do you feel that they are focused on a production story situation or primarily just prove up a large resource and market it as a buyout candidate in the future.



    Sep 21, 2014 21:18 PM

    Good comments V. Well managed company.

    Cherry pick em. Great opportunities out there.

    Sep 21, 2014 21:48 PM

    Yes I agree HH. There is a lot of money to be made in the right well run companies.


      Sep 21, 2014 21:08 PM

      V. Great gains have been made in juniors, mid caps and seniors.

      Nova gold really ran up. Smart money is still quietly moving in.

      Inflation has now been contained. Smart money is not buying it.

      We need to do our own due diligence but I’m not buying it either.

      Precious metals are high risk but the rewards are breath taking.

      The future does look promising in this sector. Until these miners
      break down I believe we are in a gold bull market.

      Hope you make some great decisions and weigh out risk tolerance.

      Its a nasty sector with volatility as you know. One might get lucky
      and get in for the big move. I have good feeling about this sector.

      Not investment advise because everyone needs to be very careful.


    Sep 22, 2014 22:38 AM

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