Canamex Gold – More Insights On The Security Token Offering (STO) Backed By Gold

May 10, 2018

Canamex Gold (CSE:CSQ & OTCBB:CNMXF) recently announced the further plans to issue a Security Token Offering (STO) that will help fund the further development of the Bruner Gold Project. We also find out the overall plans of building a gold inventory to support the tokens which will trade on the Ethereum blockchain.

David Vincent, Canamex CEO shares the details around the offering and overall strategy. If you have any additional questions fro David or I please email me at

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Click here to visit the Canamex website for more information.

Also click here to read over the full news release.

    May 10, 2018 10:13 PM

    Thanks for having David explain this. It sure is an interesting concept. I always look for holes to poke in different investments, and can’t find any holes with this one. I can’t believe you have no comments on this thread with such an interesting product.

    Keep us informed of any progress or changes. Thanks

      May 11, 2018 11:04 AM

      Will do Chartster. This is a very unique idea that I am looking forward to following along with.

      Let me know what your thoughts or questions are. There are a number of different aspects we can talk about.

    May 11, 2018 11:45 PM

    What I really like about this proposal is David Vincent is positioning Canamex to challenge and potentially disrupt the mining project financing industry using fintech innovation.

    Yes there are a few moving parts as Cory has outlined. However you can almost see from regular news releases and interviews that David is methodically bringing in, integrating and checking off various elements to develop a new tokenized royalty stream service that has never been done before where it:

    1) is non-dilutive to Canamex shareholders
    2) provides material discounts to token holders that would attract all investors but importantly access new money from non-mining investors and traders from the crypto and commodity futures markets
    3) offers potentially the cheapest financing deal in town for explorers, developers and producers that is non-dilutive
    4) can easily add more royalty streaming projects and expand Etheruem Alliance membership so is very scaleable as a business model

    Looking forward to official STO launch. And yes agree this company has a very unique story so watching it develop with great interest. Could be a crypto-based mining house one day perhaps!