Key considerations on the long and short side of the PMs

October 16, 2018

David Erfle, Founder and Editor of The junior Miner Junky joins me to recap some of the factors he was watching before the bounce in metals and look ahead to what will drive them further. We discuss the action in South African resource stocks, relative weakness in silver, and a gap in the GDX chart to name a few.

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    Oct 16, 2018 16:59 PM

    Hello David

    I recently asked you why you still own Novo Resources despite it having fallen over 50% from when you bought it. Your reply was that you bought Novo via a private placement, a vehicle not available to most of us. I would be interested to know if you got a warrant with the purchase and what the strike price of that warrant was. I wish you would be a little more transparent about your purchases rather than just saying “I own Novo”.

    Oct 17, 2018 17:16 AM

    Hey Bob,
    On my website at, my transparency is duly noted. Also, my subscription service offers all of my trading history complete with dates purchased and prices paid, as well as giving subscribers a 24hr notice before purchasing and/or selling a position. Best of luck.