Natural Gas & Crude Oil – A Trading Strategy and Economic Barometer

February 5, 2019

Chris Vermeulen, Fonder of The Technical Traders joins me to share his thoughts on the set up in natural gas and crude oil. Short term opportunities are present but Chris outlines a longer term picture that is more bearish.

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    Feb 05, 2019 05:27 PM

    Off topic: Trump is simply amazing. He cannot be denied

    Feb 06, 2019 06:17 AM

    In my opinion President was& is the salvation of the U.S. we hope we see the continuation of his leadership in the 2020 election.

    Feb 07, 2019 07:58 AM

    I listened to your Tue 5, Feb 2019 Audio on Natural Gas & Crude Oil – A Trading Strategy and Economic Barometer. I have been following Chris for a while and refer to his write-up of Jan 7 on investing,com on Natural Gas rallying to initial to 3.0 and later to above 4.0 from the current level or lower. However, your most recent audio of 05 Feb 2019, only mentions a short term trade up to 3.0 and that it. Has something changed?