How The Gold Stocks Are Fairing Compared To Gold and US Markets

March 26, 2019

David Erfle, Founder of the Junior Miner Junky joins me to share his thoughts on how the stocks are fairing against other aspects. David is very excited about how the sector is setting up and thinks this week’s close will be very important.

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    Mar 26, 2019 26:15 PM

    There’s plenty to be exited about regarding the setup for the sector. GDX is up 23% versus gold/GLD since last summer and GDX priced in gold has already taken out its February high on a weekly closing basis (the highest since July) and is doing well this week. Notice the new high for the weekly RSI-14…

      Mar 26, 2019 26:16 PM

      Darn typo 🙄

    Mar 26, 2019 26:50 PM

    Have you ever wondered by the Republicans in Congress are NOT behind Trump in stopping illegal immigrants?
    (The Democrats aren’t because they get votes from illegals)
    The Michael Savage show today discussed those getting richer from illegals detention centers….

    Big Money As Private Immigrant Jails Boom

    A new Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility on this site in Conroe, Texas, will house up to 1,000 immigrants at a cost of $44 million a year to U.S. taxpayers.
    John Burnett/NPR
    The Trump administration wants to expand its network of immigrant jails. In recent months, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has called for five new detention facilities to be built and operated by private prison corporations across the country. Critics are alarmed at the rising fortunes of an industry that had fallen out of favor with the previous administration.

    The Joe Corley Detention Facility is a sprawling complex surrounded by shiny concertina wire located in Conroe, Texas — about an hour north of Houston.

    ICE spends more than $2 billion a year on immigrant detention through private jails like this one.

    The Corley facility is owned by GEO Group, the nation’s largest private prison company.
    Among many Republicans getting richer at the expense of the nation are the Koch Bros…..and a lot of other cronies.

      Mar 26, 2019 26:11 PM

      Privatizing prisons for corporate gain. That sounds like the the rest of the story.

    Mar 26, 2019 26:50 PM

    Speaking of Juniors, anyone know anything about Inception mining us ticker imii. Its been perky lately but i don’t know why.

    Mar 26, 2019 26:09 PM

    Thanks Matthew. I visited their site and watched their video. seems like a pretty small outfit. The video might be old.

    Mar 26, 2019 26:23 PM
    Mar 26, 2019 26:28 PM
    Mar 26, 2019 26:08 PM

    Mueller Madness: The media pundits who got it most wrong

    Mar 26, 2019 26:33 PM

    Kirkland Lake Gold Announces Retirement of Non-Executive Chairman

    by @nasdaq on March 25, 2019

    “Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd. (KL) announced today that Eric Sprott, Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors will retire as Chairman and a member of the Board following the Company’s 2019 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on May 7, 2019. Mr Sprott has served as the Chairman of the Board since November 2016 and was the Chair of Kirkland Lake Gold Inc. since February 2015.”

    Tony Makuch, President and CEO of Kirkland Lake Gold, commented: “I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Eric over the last 2.5 years. Not only is he a great business leader with an accurate and informed view of the market, he has been a mentor and confidant to me, providing solid advice and direction. I will certainly miss our early morning calls and meetings. During his tenure as Chairman, Kirkland Lake Gold has emerged as a top performing gold company, one that is well positioned for continued growth and value creation in the years to come. On behalf of the Company’s Board of Directors, management, employees and stakeholders, I would like to express our thanks to Eric for his dedication and leadership over the past five years and wish him all the best in his retirement. As we advance our growth plans, we look forward to receiving his continued input and support.”

      Mar 27, 2019 27:53 AM

      What exactly does that mean……is there a hidden meaning to the above retirement notice….
      just wondering, …….Always Negative OOTB…… 🙂

        Mar 27, 2019 27:55 AM

        Negative,…….because I just got done reviewing Rich’s comments at usawatchdog…. 🙂
        BTW, ,..I do not share Rick’s comments on gold…….for the record…

          Mar 27, 2019 27:57 AM

          that would be Rick A…..

            Mar 27, 2019 27:06 PM

            Rick A offers a healthy dose of sceptism of most markets for sure.

        Mar 27, 2019 27:04 PM

        It seemed like significant news that he was retiring from position with KL. It does make me wonder if this is because Kirkland Lake may acquire one or two other companies like Pacton or Bonterra, that Eric Sprott is involved with.

          Mar 27, 2019 27:11 PM

          Thanks for the followup…..
          You are the man to keep us posted on the situation concerning such matters……JMO

    Mar 26, 2019 26:24 PM

    Greg Hunter talks to Rick Ackerman:

    Mar 27, 2019 27:33 AM

    GH…….you out there…..wanted to let you know I am reading your book Cherep Spindovich…..there are some great point to share……hope, I can finish it…THANKS..OOTB

      Mar 27, 2019 27:54 PM

      Yep, I’d say it’s a classic.

      I think he’s got some more out there, but I haven’t tried tracking them down.

        Mar 27, 2019 27:17 PM

        There is a lot of history change over…example…The Czar….Russian friend, during the Civil War (US)….which I thought was interesting., how the czar protected the US, from the Spanish, English, Germans, French.. which were ready to come in and take over ,if the South had won…….the So called Judeo Mongols…..
        I also, thought , it was interesting that in 1925, there were only 400,000,000 Chinese

          Mar 27, 2019 27:19 PM

          Owl…..being a Russian Lit scholar , should fill us in on his thoughts….. 🙂

    Mar 27, 2019 27:00 AM

    BIG HIT……Palladium down $80…….

      Mar 27, 2019 27:36 PM

      Make that $98….now……going, going, going…….gone…..

    Mar 27, 2019 27:49 PM

    The Hill this week dropped a bombshell report detailing what appears an actual, confirmed case of meddling of massive proportions: in 2016 Obama administration officials sought to suppress a Ukrainian corruption probe into an NGO bankrolled by both the US government and Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros.

    When Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office tried to investigate an alleged misallocation of $4.4 million in US funds, which was supposed to go toward anti-corruption initiatives, US embassy officials came down hard to shut down the investigation altogether. “We ran right into a buzzsaw and we got bloodied,” a senior Ukrainian official told The Hill.

    Mar 27, 2019 27:50 PM

    According to the report, Ukraine’s probe was quashed after the US Embassy in Kiev gave Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko “a list of people whom we should not prosecute” as part of the inquiry.

    Lutsenko told The Hill he believes Democrats wanted to investigation stopped dead in its tracks because it could expose the party to scandal during the 2016 election.