Gold stocks are still lagging but there are some great opportunities in the sector

January 23, 2020

After a busy week of conferences in Vancouver John Kaiser joins me to share his overall assessment of the resource sector. In a broad sense the smaller PM stocks are lagging and even the larger companies have not benefited from the recent breakout in gold.

We discuss what it will take to get more money flowing into the junior stocks. John also shares a couple stocks that he likes and one that has done very well on the back of some good drill results.

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    Jan 23, 2020 23:22 PM

    Once again, bellwether IPT is the standout today and probably for the week (currently +8.54% while most peers are either down or flat).

      Jan 23, 2020 23:11 PM

      All good til the wolfmeister buys in…..πŸ˜‰

        Jan 23, 2020 23:14 PM

        Wolfster buddy, what are ya waiting for? You gotta have at least some IPT in the portfolio, as it is such a highly torqued Jr Silver producer to rising silver prices, with great exploration upside.

        The good news is that this is still a good level to get a position in place, and really for most of the sliver producers or developers at current levels. Lots of upside room in this little sector to climb as the PMs rise later in 2020 and going into 2021.

          Jan 23, 2020 23:19 PM


          “Brien Lundin kicks off today by outlining a couple scenarios he sees for gold in early 2020. In what is typically a good time of the year for gold, the way the metal has bounced into year end is very encouraging. We also get some more insights into Impact Silver and why Brien is recommending this stock again to his subscribers.”

            Jan 23, 2020 23:21 PM


            Company Updates From Management – Wed 20 Nov, 2019 – KE Report

            “It’s been a while since I had the chance to chat with Fred Davidson over at Impact Silver (TSX.V:IPT & US:ISVLF). The Company has been working hard this year by focusing on cash flow positive production and exploration on new targets to expand current resources and find new deposits. Fred and I discuss all of these points with a focus on the strategy for next year.”


          Jan 24, 2020 24:38 AM

          I guess I bought the few PM plays I have in the wrong order. I have only so much to spread around and right now I’m enjoying the run in renewable energy plays. 2 of them are picks in the ceo stock pickers contest and are doing well. Too bad I put a biotech play in with them that is killing me to the downside. Impact will be the next PM I buy if it hasn’t run too far by the time I take some profits in other plays.

            Jan 24, 2020 24:37 AM

            Just ribbing ya man. Everyone needs to decide for themselves their unique investment path, and pick the companies they feel are best after their own unique due diligence, and based on their risk tolerance and investing approach. Investors should not rely on other peoples picks or opinions as the basis to hit buy or sell, and all joking aside I wouldn’t ever presume to know what is in any other investor interest but my own.

            As for the ceo stock picking contest my 3 for 2020 were: IPT, SCZ, and DV, so I’m betting big on Silver miners having a great year.

            Jan 24, 2020 24:57 AM

            No worries. I took it that way. I’m as fascetious as they come….and I don’t have one of your picks yet am hoping for a big move in silver as well. Lol

            Jan 24, 2020 24:39 AM

            It’s not too late to stock up on them πŸ™‚

            I believe you have Americas Silver though right? What other Silver stocks do you own?

            As always, I wish you the best of luck in your investing and hope you have a very prosperous year Wolfster. Ever Upward!

            Jan 24, 2020 24:15 PM

            Yes I have Americas along with Kootenay and Alexco so far. Good end to the week at least.

            Jan 24, 2020 24:00 PM

            Nice. I’m with ya in those 3 as well – Americas Gold & Silver, Kootenay, and Alexco.

            Silver should break up through the 2016 resistance at $21.23 later in 2020, and then these stocks will soar.

      Jan 23, 2020 23:40 PM

      IPT looks very interesting on the Weekly. Carving out a nice rounding bottom.

      Jan 23, 2020 23:52 PM

      Gold (Physical)- Move above 1,605 that ‘sticks’ for 48hrs ignites next leg up into 1,700 – 1,750 zone.

    Jan 23, 2020 23:38 PM

    Phase III of Gold secular bull, that began in early ’00’s, is underway after breaking out of 6yr base. This will be a powerful phase resulting in new ATH’s for physical as well as 5/10/20X returns in select mining equities. This is Not 2016. Best of luck to all. Enjoy the ride.

    Jan 23, 2020 23:52 PM

    Gold rose 64.8% and added $567.90 from it’s Major Low in Dec 2015 at $1045.40, to where it surged on the recent high of $1613.30.

    The 2016 breakout was the bell ringing, and was not a counter-trend rally or “dead cat bounce” by any stretch. That was the beginning of the new bull market, taking out 4 prior significant peaks & troughs, and breaking up through multiple key moving averages it hadn’t gotten above for years (since 2012). Silver and the miners took a little longer until late January to confirm the breakout, and many of the Jr Producers and Developers went up 500%-1000%. 2016 was a fantastic year as the break out Baby Bull.

    After that initial 8 month surge from Dec 2015 – August 2016, Gold did need time to consolidate those gains (and it was drawn out in sideways channel for 2 years), but there were a number of great tradeable rallies in the miners for the Q1 Run in 2017, the fall rally of 2017, the Q1 run of 2018, and the Q1 Run of 2019. People act like 2017 and 2018 were all doom and gloom but there were some really great rallies in the miners for shorter to medium term traders.

    During that consolidation phase, Gold bumped it’s head on key resistance in the $1360-$1377 several times, all while putting in a series of higher lows = bullish. At the time some negative nancies kept claiming Gold was still in the bear market from Sept 2011, but it never came close to putting in a new low, much less ever getting back down to where it put in it’s Major Low at $1045.40 in Dec 2015. Instead it had added $200-$300 the entire time which was bullish.

    Gold put in an intermediate low in Oct of 2018, and then started it’s next leg higher heading into Q1 2019 (where it made a higher high than 2018’s high). Then after rising a few months and then dropping into May 2019, Gold turned and really rallied hard in the summer of all times (counter-seasonal) and broke above the $1377.50 surge high from 2016 last year, confirming a new impulse leg higher.

    Once that 2016 high of $1377.50 was taken out, creating a 2nd major impulse leg higher, then that was just further confirmation of the continuation of the bull market that had started in 2016.

    >> Gold chart showing the bottom clear as day in 2015, and the bull market in gold since then.

      Jan 23, 2020 23:04 PM

      50-year chart shows how cheap gold price still is relative to stocks

      Frik Els | January 23, 2020

      “The gold price was drifting sideways on Thursday, down some $50 an ounce from a brief (but glorious) near seven-year intraday high above $1,600 an ounce a fortnight ago.”

      “But the metal remains firmly in a bull market with a 20%-plus rise over the past year. Go back 20 years, and the rally is even more spectacular considering at the turn of the century gold was trading for a relative pittance of $270 an ounce.”