An energy market overview with a couple companies to watch in the near term

January 30, 2020

Josef Schachter wraps up today with his outdated targets and investing strategy for the energy sector. We discuss how the black swan events this month have impacted the market and changed some of his projection. Even with a lower short term outlook there are still opportunities for investors to take positions in strong companies at lower prices.

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    Jan 30, 2020 30:27 PM

    I don’t eve have to listen to this. Shack has been touting energy stocks for near 4 years. Table pounding buys for almost 3 years a couple went off the board and many are down 70-90%. Blindfolded and a dart board I’m am WAY better than him. They haven’t even started a bull market. Thanks for slaughtering my family with your advise. FOR REAL JESUS!

      Jan 30, 2020 30:21 PM

      He’s been pounding energy stocks for at least twenty years. DT

        Jan 31, 2020 31:19 AM

        Yes its called a commodity cycle…get it wrong get KILLED

      Jan 30, 2020 30:40 PM

      It really depends on where You invested. I put my money into “Torc Oil&Gas” when it got really low end of 2015. Since then I’ve received a dividend and it makes up for the share depreciation. Back then I also invested in the beaten down Russian “Gazprom” because all the bad news about Putin building his “New Soviet Empire” seemed totally exaggerated to me. All the other share prices just seemed to high for me back then. Just recently I put some money into “Freehold Royalties” and “Arc Resources” and realized a nice gain in “Whitecap”. I guess You could invest some money in “BP” either here or very soon. Not all is bad in the energy patch and valuations especially for Canadian companies have gotten so superlow. Just don’t get all in. Good luck investing.

    Jan 30, 2020 30:28 PM

    Hey but you got their $800 a year thats a money maker eh! Guaranteed

    Jan 30, 2020 30:26 PM
    Jan 30, 2020 30:39 PM

    I’d like to hear Josef compare Suncor to Imperial Oil.