Hour 1 – Central Bank Easiness, Currency Implications, and General Money Flows, Plus an Update From GR Silver Mining

May 2, 2020
Full First Hour

On this weekend’s show I dive into the balance between central banks continuing to remain easy, debt continuing to explode, and how currencies are reacting to this environment. We also address the concept of the “Death of the US Dollar”. There is also a full update from GR Silver Mining which continues to release drill results on the newly acquired Plomosas Project from First Majestic.

I am hosting another webinar next week featuring TriStar Gold. The Company owns 100% of the Castelo de Sonhos gold project, located in Pará state, Brazil. The Company has recently completed a US $8 million finance with Royal Gold Inc. with proceeds used to advance the project to completion of a feasibility study in 2020.

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  • Segment 1 – Mike Larson, Editor of The Safe money Report kicks off the show with a look at a number of key assets that are at key decision levels. The near term moves will determine where the broad averages head from here.
  • Segment 2 – Chris Temple, Editor of The National Investor joins me for a discussion on the possible “Death of the US Dollar”.
  • Segment 3 – Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global ForEx outlines to renewed tension between the US and China and the related currency moves.
  • Segment 4 – Marcio Fonseca, President and CEO of GR Silver Mining (TSX.V:GRSL & OTCQB:GRSLF) wraps up the first hour with insights on the growth of the newly acquired Plomosas Project from First Majestic Silver.

Exclusive Company Interviews and Webinars This Week

Upcoming Webinar – May 8th @ 12pm PDT (3pm EDT) – TriStar Gold. The Company owns 100% of the Castelo de Sonhos gold project, located in Pará state, Brazil. The Company has recently completed a US $8 million finance with Royal Gold Inc. with proceeds used to advance the project to completion of a feasibility study in 2020. Click here to sign up for free and have first access to the live recording.

Mike Larson
Chris Temple
Marc Chandler
Marcio Fonseca – GR Silver Mining
    May 02, 2020 02:05 AM

    Cory, many thanks for your work

    May 02, 2020 02:14 AM

    I think Mike is right with his thoughts about a bear market rally
    We should prepare for another sell-off of the general market

    May 02, 2020 02:23 AM

    Is anybody invested in some shorts. Thinking about it and looking for good ideas

      May 02, 2020 02:55 AM

      Chris if the dollar gets stronger can gold move up with it? How do we working class people who are retired protect our pensions and survive this coming debt crisis that will be next detruction of our encomomy.

    May 02, 2020 02:03 AM

    Paul, as we have seen for the last year and a half or so, gold can indeed move up even in US Dollar terms, even as it moves up these days at an even faster pace in other fiat currencies that are relatively weaker than the dollar. Chiefly, tat is due to gold being the “un-currency” and safe haven, as I have discussed many times.

    At some point, the dollar’s run will be over; and it’s possible then that gold’s rise will accelerate in USD terms, but at the risk of even sharper declines in US living standards and increases in basic living costs.

    As for your pensions, etc. question, one needs to look at what asset classes and dividend-paying stocks will overcome first the debt destruction and then the inflation meant to “fix” that first problem.

      May 02, 2020 02:00 AM

      Now that “The Great Illusion” is over, the best way to survive the coming debt crisis is to realize that the outrageous excesses which were impossible to stop on the upswing for The Reserve Board will also be impossible to stop on the downswing. Prepare as much as you can to live a lifestyle of reduced material pleasure by drastically cutting your expenses. Hard times could be a very good thing as mankind realizes that life is not about oneself but about how we all get along. DT

        May 02, 2020 02:35 AM

        Not exactly the kind of advice that investors like to hear, but markets are built on confidence and when the psychology of confidence dims from hard times, then the markets can turn around. DT

          May 02, 2020 02:25 AM

          The official debt is presumed to be around 30 Trillion US by years end but in reality is probably much closer to 40 Trillion. Have a good weekend everyone, I know I will! LOL! DT

            May 02, 2020 02:25 PM

            As will I Mr. Tracy and thank you!

    May 02, 2020 02:37 AM

    Another solid week of information and input..thank you as always gentlemen…great insights from all the posters as always. Nice to see some new individuals show up with sage advice as well…enjoyed the back and forth of Ex and Josey Wales. Matthew and another poster( sorry can’t remember who it was) talked about another week of possible consolidation for PM stocks. From my limited quantity of plays (Impact,Pure Gold,USA,Roxgold,Orezone,Alexco and Kootenay) this past week played out better than I expected so I’m hoping this consolidation is over and things start to rock in May….cheers all. Enjoy a cold one in the backyard.

      May 02, 2020 02:59 AM

      Wolfster – Good thoughts on some of the new posters coming on the KER lately (that was a fun and insightful chat with Josey Wales), great list of stocks in your portfolio (I have positions in all of those as well), and your last sentence was sage advice.

        May 02, 2020 02:07 PM

        Wolfster, Matthew and I had a small exchange a day or two back talking about a brief consolidation after some ETFs and stocks had run into short-term resistance, and there was a cycles technician expecting a Daily Cycle low this coming week, but then an uptrend starting in Silver and the miners after that. There may have been other discussions he had or charts posted that you are referring to though.

        I’ve got some dry powder waiting to deploy if we see a bit of weakness this next week. I’m also prepared to some stocks if they just hang around present values, just to average into them a bit further.

    May 02, 2020 02:44 AM

    Almost forgot…..Josey Wales brought up the pot stocks…..I’ve been slowly picking away at some of them recently…..they are considered so toxic now that there is actually some good value in some of them…..planet 13 has been fine during the shutdown as their online business has flourished. Slang looks like it is slowly getting a good foothold in its branding plans. The best has been IM Cannabis Corp…it’s already tripled from its march lows and I’m looking for it to still double from here in the next 6 months as it’s valuation vs other Israeli trading pots is so low

      May 02, 2020 02:06 AM

      Right, Wolfster…a couple sleepers among the wreckage that individually are now posting impressive ACTUAL rising revenue and even earnings numbers!

    May 02, 2020 02:46 AM

    At some point the dollars run will be done! Yes I agree it will be. But will it be in one year, 10 years, 100 years??? Ultimately no one knows. So what to do??? At the end of the day this system we all live under is not designed to help the average Joe. So the average Joe is best advised to best quip himself against the system. Diversification is often quoted as key in this scenario. However the $64 million question is: What does one diversify in? At the end of the day, one should do ones due dilligence and make their own choice. These are crazy times! Gold is a safe hedge ultimately. Silver needs time to repair. Cryptos have merit, but also have risk. Real estate is a good bet with a long time frame. Stocks will come back as they always do but when exactly? So the question is what class suits the individual??? And this is then the players roll the dice!

      May 02, 2020 02:07 AM

      Keep in mind, too, that “lifeboat” concept discussion I had with Al recently.

      ALSO be on the lookout for a HUGE on line event I’ll be part of on that same theme…many of the “solutions” to the mess we are in are not to be found in the everyday market environments.

        May 03, 2020 03:05 AM

        Mr T, I’d heard you mention the potential return of Local Currencies again, which is an interesting consideration if certain areas came to some kind of agreed upon voucher system of value.

        A few of the crypto currencies may have a similar value proposition as global and yet community-based currencies. Of course the ease of use, ability to convert back into local fiat, and whether they become stores of value, or remain wild speculative trading tools, are still an area hotly up for debate by many that follow them or despise them. Still, if a few pan out to have value and a good use case, then they’d work in a similar way, as diversifying into different fiat currencies does in one’s portfolio.

        I agree with you that Uranium stocks should be under strong consideration for the next few years as beaten down sectors that will be making a strong comeback.

          May 03, 2020 03:02 AM

          This “Explosive” Metal Set To Skyrocket, And It’s Not Gold – w/ Lobo Tiggre

          Kitco News – April 27, 2020 #VIDEO interview

          “While gold is a stable investment and should be owned during financial downturns, Uranium’s fundamentals look more favorable for a big price move in the short to medium term, this according to Lobo Tiggre, principal analyst of the Independent Speculator.”

          “Tiggre said that the collapse in uranium’s supply has created a real crunch, while the demand for nuclear energy is inherently less volatile than that of oil’s.”

            May 03, 2020 03:04 AM

            Ur-Energy (URE) (URG) – To know it’s not a surprise

            by @CRUXinvestor on 24 Apr 2020 #VIDEO interview

            Interview with Jeff Klenda, President & CEO of Ur-Energy

            “Klenda gives us his take on the US Dept of Energy’s announcement yesterday. The release of the document Resolving America’s Competitive Nuclear Energy Advantage.”

            1:56 – US Nuclear Working Group Announcement: interpretation and Market’s Reaction
            5:36 – Important Report Yet Little Specifics: What This Means for Uranium Miners
            10:46 – Devil’s in the Detail: Ur-Energy’s Future Involvement
            12:38 – Concerns of Geopolitical Security: Agreements with Russia
            17:26 – Spot Price: How Will the Announcement Affect it?
            22:46 – Next Piece of News: When and What Should be Expected


            May 03, 2020 03:05 AM

            Energy Fuels (UUUU) (EFR) – I Believe in New Beginnings

            by @CRUXinvestor on 29 Apr 2020 #VIDEO interview

            Interview with Mark Chalmers, President & CEO of Energy Fuels (NYSE: UUUU).

            “Off the back of the promising NFWG report, Chalmers was keen to talk about what this could mean for US uranium producers and Energy Fuels. The report talks about restoring America’s competitive nuclear energy advantage.”

            “Chalmers states it not very often that a sector can be this impacted by something like a report from the US government, but uranium is a unique case. Was the document what Chalmers was expecting? He thinks it’s the boldest position the US government has taken on the nuclear fuel cycle in decades. Many uranium retail investors have been concerned at the lack of detail in the document, but Chalmers is clear: this is a policy document. There are still things that need to be filled in, but the language and narrative that is being created appear to be strong: American uranium mining and operations must be supported.”


          May 03, 2020 03:22 AM

          I am still looking at uranium stocks and you are still talking about them. I am thinking I like Iso Energy, but if I have some spare change, which of the following might have an edge going forward if any (ones you have mentioned in the past): Anfield Energy, Sky Harbour or Purepoint. These 3 are all cheap and so am I.

            May 03, 2020 03:37 AM

            Quick read of says Sky Harbour except insider buying of Purepoint is positive.

            May 03, 2020 03:52 PM

            Hi David – It depends on what you are looking for as far as exposure to the Uranium sector, and the risks you are willing to accept with a position on any of the earlier-stage companies.

            For those investors with little Uranium exposure at present, none of those 3 would be my preference coming out of the gate in this sector, but everyone needs to make their own choices and I don’t like to tell others what to buy. I just discuss companies that I own and why I like them, and other companies I find interesting, noteworthy, or newsworthy.

            Personally, my preference with resource stocks is to first be positioned in the medium to small producers of the given commodity, or to have a position in the advanced developers where they’ve found a known deposit that will be economical and get re-rated higher.

            > So whether it is Gold, Silver, Base Metals, Uranium, Lithium, Oil, etc…. I start with getting a good position in the producers & key developers first. I dabble in the exploration plays as well, but not with the same kind of weighting or conviction, because by definition the “discovery” plays are still waiting to prove up that their exploration can be tied together into a resource that makes sense to pursue. Only 1 in 3000 targets ever becomes a legitimate mine, so that means Las Vegas has better odds than an explorer finding an economic mine.


            For Uranium stocks, I’ve never been a fan of Cameco as the big boy producer, and as bloated Sr with deep mines and water mitigation to contend with, it has been swirling the drain for some time with longer term structural and growth issues.
            There aren’t many publicly traded U producers, and Paladin shuddered it’s mines, and I never liked Energy Resources of Australia, so I opted for the 2 main US producers (UUUU) (EFR) Energy Fuels & (URG) (URE) Ur-Energy because they’d be the first to get a bid when things started to recover (like they have on each of the small rallies that commenced since late 2016). In addition they are front and center with the Nuclear Working Group, and will benefit directly from whatever actions the US government does decide to take. Both Energy Fuels & Ur-Energy are also dual-listed, like Cameco, UEC, Dension, and Nexgen, which I prefer to find when possible for a more liquid and widely followed company in this niche’ markets.

            (PEN.AX) Penninsula Energy is Aussie company and relatively new producer operating in the US using the ISR extraction method for a small time, but last I heard they had put their producing wells on care & maintenance waiting for a better pricing environment, and just bought in the spot market to fulfill their current contracts like Ur-Energy and Cameco have also been doing.

            For the developers there are a lot to choose from, and (NXE) Nexgen is my favorite as it is the highest grade/largest undeveloped Uranium development project available, and won’t have the water issues of most companies in the Athabasca, like Fission, Cameco, Purepoint, UEX Corp, ALX Uranium, etc… I’m not sure if Nexgen will take it into production on their own, or if Cameco or Rio Tinto or BHP or some other larger producer will take them over, but the Arrow deposit will eventually be a mine. They are like the Mag Silver or Seabridge of the Uranium space.

            Denison (DNN) (DML) will actually be the first developer to make it into production in the Athabasca basin, also using the ISR mining method, and they also have a few key hardrock deposits with known resources. I don’t currently have a position in Denison, but have owned them off and on for years. They also have a reclamation business, they consult and manage the Uranium Participation fund, they have a 20% interest in the mill that processed Cigar Lake’s feed and could process other mining deposits, and they have a large stake in GoviEx since Denison spun out their African assets to GXU. I’ll likely be buying back my DNN position soon.

            In the US the developer closest to production, [besides Peninsula temporarily on care & maintenance], is Uranium Energy Corp (UEC). UEC had done some trial mining a few years back, but mostly have just worked on permitting their ISR deposits around their processing center in a hub and spoke pattern in TX, and have a few projects in WY, NM, CO, etc… They also bought 2 big ISR projects in Paraguay, but I’m not sure what the timeline on bringing those into production is. Many knock UEC because the ceo Amir Adnani is seen as a blowhard, hanging with Katusa & Rule & Casey, but at least he gets out there and promotes, and since they are dual-listed, they have far more liquidity for trading in and out of their stock, so I like trading around my UEC position.

            (AZZ) (AZZUF) Azarga Uranium Corp will be up to bat next for ISR production in the US after UEC, and is well along the way in development and is a solid pick for future production.

            The next closest US developer to go into ISR production after UEC and AZZ, is the often overlooked (AEC) (ANLDF) Anfield Energy Inc. AEC bought up most of the US-based U assets from Uranium One, that everyone was so stirred up about in the Clinton scandal. What is funny is if people were so worried about these assets leaving, then why didn’t they give a care when the assets came back and are now, once again, controlled by a Canadian entity. Uranium One has already got agreements in place to process Anfield Energy’s ISR projects once it makes economic sense to do so at their mill that is on care & maintenance. In addition, AEC also has one of the few permitted hard rock mills in the entire US, with the only active one being with Energy Fuels. That is why I selected a position in them, because of the major partner with Uranium One and pathway to production, and their mill, which would need to be refurbished, but they are nearly impossible to permit these days so that gives AEC a huge advantage strategically.

            (LAM) (LMRXF) Laramide Resources has a few nice development/exploration projects that they picked up from Uranium Resources (before URRE went into Lithium, shelved their Uranium projects and became Westwater Resources WWR). I sold URRE back in the early 2017 surge in Uranium miners because I was pissed they sold their assets to Laramide, and jumped ship to get into Lithium as the bubble was bursting and with no history of Li mining but decades of experience with Uranium production in previous cycles. Now I’d rather own (LAM) Laramide since they have the goods.

            (WUC) (WSTRF) Western Uranium& Vanadium has some of the properties spun out from Energy Fuels, since CEO George Glassier helped build (UUUU) back in the last cycle, and had some interesting ablation techniques to upgrade their ore, but the process got blocked by local opposition, and they ran into permitting issues on their mill, and I’m not sure where things stand now, but they may still surface as a developer.

            There really aren’t any other good developers in the US besides UEC, PEN.AX, AZZ, AEC, LAM, and WUC.

            As for Canada, the main developers with a chance to get into production are DNN, NXE, and FCU.

            There are the Aussie developers Bannerman, Boss, the Spanish developer/producer Berkeley, the Peruvian developer Plateau Uranium, and the African developers GXU and DYL.AX, but I’m not the biggest fan of those.

            The rest of the Athabasca U stocks like Canalaska, Purepoint, UEX, ALX Uranium, Isoenergy, Fission 3.0 corp, Skyharbor, etc… are really still exploration companies trying to prove they’ll have an economic deposit for a major to develop, but really the world is awash in Uranium discoveries, so the explorers are much further down the food chain for me personally. That doesn’t mean that the explorers can’t move bigly on good news like IsoEnergy after their initial exploration success, or Purepoint’s discovery success on trend with Fission and Nexgen. Like all explorers they can really run hard while they have the wind in their sails.


            Currently my Uranium holdings are as follows:

            (UUUU) – Energy Fuels – Producer
            (URG) – Ur-Energy – Producer
            (UEC) – Uranium Energy Corp – Developer with a processing center
            (AEC) – Anfield Energy Inc – Developer with access to processing & hardrock mill
            (NXE) – Nexgen Energy – World Class Advanced Exploration & Development project


            My next acquisitions will be:

            (DNN) Dension Mines – closest Canadian Developer to ISR production, 20% interest in one of the 3 Uranium Mills in Canada, consulting for Uranium Participation, remediation business, strategic position in GXU

            (AZZ) Azaraga Uranium – Near term ISR Producer in US

            (LEU) Centrus – Uranium enricher/processor/reseller in US

            (LTBR) Lightbridge – Nuclear fuel rod cladding – better fuel, avoids meltdowns, more efficient, and they have the French nuclear giant Orano (formerly Areva) as partners

            (ISO) IsoEnergy – best Uranium discovery of 2019, and connected to team at Nexgen

            If money allows, then I’d grab (PTU) Purepoint or (SYH) Skyharbour. SYH is more of a Uranium Prospect generator, like UEX or CVV.

            That’s my 2 cents on the Uranium Miners, but everyone has their own approaches, goals, biases, investing rules, and perceptions on any sector.

            May 03, 2020 03:06 PM

            Wow! Back to the drawing board. More info than I could hope for. I read a bunch of comments about the Uranium area is full of pumpers and have to be careful. I also read that when uranium runs, most any of them run. I think Rick Rule has something similar about the metals. I was thinking Denison at one time just because they seemed established but then with Cory’s interview and Gwen Preston’s interview of Craig Perry it sounded like Iso was about the best thing going in the Canadian hot spot of the Athabasca. Wonderful info you gave me. I think there is general agreement there is a world wide shortage of uranium, but there is also a world wide shortage of successful economies,

            May 03, 2020 03:01 PM

            Hi David,

            I’ve seen comments like that from a vocal minority about the Uranium stocks being full of pumpers, but most of those comments are directed at Fission (due to Dev), Denison (because they think David Cates is sell out — I actually believe him to be a very sharp CEO and much better informed than these retail investor punks), and many Uranium investors love to hate on UEC due to a dislike of Amir Adnani as a pumper that they claim doesn’t do anything, (which is not true either).

            The reality is that many Uranium bulls feel are completely full of bull.

            Then of course there are the overly proud Canadian only Uranium investors that love to hurl insults as the US companies, which doesn’t really make any sense, unless they are just mad that the US companies kicked the Canadian companies butts the last few years. Even then, there is nothing wrong with owning both the high grade Canadian Athabasca companies and the lower grade US in-situ miners. It would be like Canadian high grade gold miners hating on the lower grade, but often more economic Nevada Gold producers. Makes no sense.

            The reality is the biggest area of ridiculous pumping is still in the Gold sector and the specialty metals sector like Lithium, Cobalt, Graphite, Rare Earths, and there are an insane amount of pumpers still in in the Cryptos and Cannabis sector.

            Most of the remaining U companies are the survivors that are still around because they actually have something real they are working on advancing or legitimate exploration targets.

            Then there are those pumping the African large/low grade deposits like GoviEx and DeepYellow, that the Canadian high grade miners love to trash talk and so those African investors returned the favor to the stalled Canadian sector.

            The worst offenders are the tunnel-vision Uranium investors with an obsession with NXE Nexgen as the “only” company to buy, and feel all other projects are “fake Uranium companies”. (WTF??) These NXE bulls were dead wrong the last few years where the US companies kicked the Canadian companies butts, so it just created more conflict among the U investors, and it gets really ugly over sometimes, and even uglier on Twitter.

            I’m not sure why there is so much conflict among U investors, but it is likely because there are so few choices, so instead of rooting for a sector rebound, the investors are trying to one-up each other and trash talk the other companies.

            For the Canadian U stocks, IsoEnergy did have a solid discovery and was rewarded handsomely. Nexgen is FINALLY starting to bounce a bit on the rising spot Uranium prices, and Fission is still trying to find a way to finance and advance their development project.

            As for the US companies, they outperformed the Canadian companies for over a year on the expectations of the Section 232 decision last year, but when that disappointed they sold off just as hard where the Canadian companies didn’t.

            The latest news on the Nuclear Working Group in the US is still more bullish for the US producers & developers, but the rising spot prices due to global supply destruction is bullish for all the companies.


            Over the last few months things have equalized across the Uranium space, and as the spot prices have risen out of the $24-$26 range, and finally broke higher in the high $20’s and low $30’s most of the main Uranium stocks have responded nicely.

            This 2-Month candleglance #Chart of the #Uranium miners shows the nice bounce off the March lows and into the rising spot price environment up to $33.30 from further supply cutbacks



      May 03, 2020 03:52 AM

      Ozibatla – Good points on diversification as a healthy strategy to survive the coming ripples and waves in the financial system.

      You stated:
      “Gold is a safe hedge ultimately. Silver needs time to repair. Cryptos have merit, but also have risk. Real estate is a good bet with a long time frame. Stocks will come back as they always do but when exactly? So the question is what class suits the individual?”

      Agreed on all points, and I’d add that there are defense assets like dividend-paying stocks the pay you to wait out the carnage (although certain sectors are cutting dividend rates into the recent hardship). There are also different types of bonds to diversify a bit more conservatively, or some REITs still offer some value.

      With real estate, I’m not sure how it works in the land down under, but in the US another often overlooked area for safer returns is with Tax Liens, where a county guarantees a certain return (often 10-15%) over a fixed period of time to pay the lien. If the holder of the real estate pays up, that is the late fee they pay, which allows an investor that pays the county early to be able to guarantee the return to the investor. If they don’t pay, then in a deed state (there are close to 20) one can actually take over the deed to the property after a certain amount of time. One must be cautious not to get swamp land or a terrible property of course, but it is a way some successful real estate investor pals of mine have accumulated properties for pennies on the dollar. My initial point though was just to get the percentage interest on the tax liens themselves as a conservative wealth building strategy.

      Another thing that can be done with a portion of one’s assets if they want low risk, are various types of annuities, where you can put a rider on to protect one’s capital from losses, but still participate in either a fixed or variable upside return. In early 2009 (at the tail end of the Great Financial Crisis), in my prior life, I opened up a few variable annuities for folks, with income protection riders, and allowed them to participate in upside of the markets for a 5 and 7 year stretch. Needless to say by 2014 and 2016, after I was out of the business, those folks got a hold of me to thank me, as they had participated in the upside of the market while sleeping at night. Even the agent that cashed out those annuities when they matured, was stunned at some of their returns, and said he wished he could go back in time and do that with a big piece of his book of business. So if there is a further market crash, that gets drawn out for a year or two, then that may be a good approach to take once again for conservative passive gains, but it does tie up the money and makes it illiquid for that period of time.

      Personally, I believe being a good stock picker, using technical analysis to buy into weakness, and sell into strength is still a good strategy, especially in the Precious Metals and Energy Sector over the next few years. Cheers!

    May 02, 2020 02:54 AM

    Interesting piece from Alasdair Macleod this week re global politics and the dollar going forward. It feels as if we live in very uncertain times.

    May 02, 2020 02:27 AM

    Thx Cory
    Glad to hear Chris, thx Chris.

    May 02, 2020 02:34 PM

    This was a great listen,Cory.

    The discussion of asset-backed currency has hardly any comments. It really is , unbelievable.
    Great weekend show! Better than most.
    Thank you!

    May 03, 2020 03:57 AM

    Global Market & Gold Price Update + Stock Crash?

    iGold Advisor – Christopher Aaron – May 1, 2020 #TechnicalAnalysis #Chart #VIDEO

    May 03, 2020 03:22 AM

    Cabin Fever and the Price of Gold

    Bob Moriarty – May 1, 2020

    “These are all the same chumps who just opened the floodgates at the Federal Reserve. They are going to print money until they make Robert Mugabe a leading candidate for the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.”

    “I want to see a correction in gold and silver and the mining stocks. I get twitchy when everyone is talking about how high gold is going to go and how Comex is about to default.”

    “There is a measure named the Gold Miners Bullish Percent Index. Right now it is exactly as bullish as it was bearish in mid-March at the very bottom after the biggest decline in stock market history. People are way too bullish for my blood. They are more bullish than they were in July of 2017 after a monster gold stock rally. We can’t have that.”

    “But the idiots pulling all the levers have guaranteed gold and silver are going to go places even the most bullish cannot imagine. All that the President and VP, and most of the doctors and the media, and the Fed, and the FBI/DOJ, and YouTube/Vimeo have accomplished is to prove just how useless and clueless they are at heart.”

      May 03, 2020 03:48 AM

      $Gold price set for biggest weekly decline since March
      Jackson Chen | May 1, 2020

      “The gold price soared to a seven-year high in late March, with the performance linked to government responses to the pandemic. The precious metal benefited from an injection of cash from stimulus packages and uncertainties of the ensuing economic fallout led investors to pile in on safe haven assets.”

      “The optimism that markets could begin to return to normalcy, however, has given investors more appetite for risk, sending the price of gold, which has historically been a safe haven asset during economic turmoil, on a gradual decline.”

    May 03, 2020 03:29 AM

    Ross Beaty – So You Want to be an Entrepreneur?

    CRUX Investor – May 2, 2020

    2:27 – Making of A Businessman: Ross Beaty’s History, Childhood and Influences
    7:56, 45:24 – Lessons to Learn From: Traits for Success
    20:34 – The Beaty Bandwagon: Opinions on Investment Followers
    26:47 – Doing it All Again: Different World, Same Strategy
    29:35 – Money Makes the World Go Round: Funding Potential
    32:57 – Business Isn’t for Everyone
    34:40 – Equinox Gold: Bringing the Team Together and End Goal
    42:32 – Plans for Lumina Gold
    43:13 – A Look at Pan American Silver
    49:23 – TSX & TSX-V Quirks: Should You Delve into the Detail?
    51:25 – Ratio Between Gold & Silver: Possibilities for Silver
    55:37 – Economical Nationalism and Its Effect on Commodities

      May 03, 2020 03:51 AM

      Speaking of Economic Nationalism…. Papua New Guinea, which has been questionable towards miners for the last few months, just got served in court to knock it off and look again at the permitting process for Barrick’s Gold mine there. Win one for the miners for a change, and this should be sympathetic good news for K92 Mining as well also operating in PNG, but without all the drama.


      Court orders PNG to negotiate Porgera permit with Barrick

      Cecilia Jamasmie | May 1, 2020

      “Barrick Gold $ABX (GOLD) welcomed on Friday a court ruling ordering the government of #PapuaNewGuinea (PNG) to review a requested lease extension for the Porgera gold mine.

      “The world’s second-largest gold producer and its Chinese partner, $ZIJMF Zijin Mining, temporarily halted operations at the mine in Enga Province last weekend, following Prime Minister James Marape’s decision not to renew Porgera’s long-sought lease.”

    May 03, 2020 03:00 AM

    Ex, I’m beginning to believe that you are an automaton that arrived here on a gas ray from a comet. It’s enough that man has to survive the coronavirus but now man has to deal with the arrival of an alien whose origins are of a cosmic nature. After reading quite a few of your posts I don’t think you were born on this planet. LOL! DT

    May 03, 2020 03:04 AM

    Thought I posted this already but don’t see it so I’ll try again

    Could be an ugly Monday as the sheep run for the exits following their gurus lead.

    May 03, 2020 03:54 PM

    So many differing opinions of where metals are heading. Since silver never goes anywhere, I am watching gold. If Jamie Dimon gets indicted, then I will watch silver also.

    May 04, 2020 04:03 AM

    Anyone thoughts on this swap line theory as jurisdiction risk????…. and any chance Argentina could nationalize resources like New Guinea is threatening to do

      May 04, 2020 04:40 AM

      Wolfster the good news on PNG, and they just got ordered to not nationalize Barrick’s mine and to look at granting their permits on Porgera. That was really good news for companies operating in PNG like K92 MIning.

        May 04, 2020 04:08 AM

        Sweet spot for GREAT Bear this morning. New drill results, every hole reveals gold continuation as well as multiple high grade/m hits. Last day to participate in 1 for 4 royalty spin out.