Here’s how Dave is trading around upcoming drill results for juniors

September 29, 2020

With the larger gold miners trading hand in hand with the US markets Dave Erfle and I discuss how he is investing around drill results. We especially focus on the results that fail to wow the market. We all hold some of those companies…

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    Sep 29, 2020 29:16 PM

    Will NuLegacy hit pay dirt or drill a duster? Will Plugs Biden show up tonight?
    Jerry Lee Lewis turns 85 today and Johnny Mathis turns 85 tomorrow! Who do you prefer, Doc, Matthew, Jerry, Al, cfs, and Tony? Jerry Lee or Johnny?

      Sep 29, 2020 29:27 PM


        Sep 29, 2020 29:36 PM

        BTW….Has anyone else had problems logging into KER….I have been trying for about two hours , & i jus get a banner saying…..Server not responding.

          Sep 29, 2020 29:44 PM

          I told you about shooting yourself in the foot,,,,,,,, 🙂

          Sep 29, 2020 29:47 PM

          I think, bonzo , was asking as a “group”
          The KERTONICS,,,,,

            Sep 29, 2020 29:49 PM

            Or AK and the Sunshine Boyz

          Sep 29, 2020 29:37 PM

          Tony, I also had trouble getting into KER this afternoon.
          I’ll bet Jerry Lee is singing “39 and Holding” on YouTube today.

    Sep 29, 2020 29:01 PM
    Sep 29, 2020 29:10 PM

    Tomorrow will probably be down as the bears use today’s backtest of broken support to press their luck. Whether they manage a new low or not, I am betting that they will run into some serious buying pressure and the smarter ones will hand off their shorts to emboldened retail bears.

    Sep 29, 2020 29:18 PM

    A big pitchfork marked the top for AEM the first week of August (as with others in the sector):

    Sep 29, 2020 29:13 PM

    Matthew thanks for the charts,,,,,,,,
    I think silver is ok,
    I think gold is doing fine.
    I think platinum is way of course……compared to Palladium

    Sep 30, 2020 30:38 AM

    Gold update!

    Since we last spoke remarkably my $1846 monthly red candle low for this month has held. A great call may I toot my horn 😝.. The key reversal came in after the presedential debate and what we have been seeing was nothing more than a bounce. All the ducks are lining up and on target. Today should point to a further low..

    Tomorrow will be day 1 of October and as I mentioned with 100% accuracy that $1800 would be broken with patience. Tranche 3 is getting ready. It’s going to be a grind down into that timing zone I mentioned in October. Get ready folks once that bottom is in, the returns are going to be mind blowing!



      Sep 30, 2020 30:16 AM

      Got to say I was thinking my rose coloured glasses were looking good when gold was pushing $1900 making my short term range bound call very short term(a whole 2 days)….. I still don’t expect $1820 to get broken down before we finally get through the congestion and run to new highs but I’ve been wrong before ……just don’t tell my wife.

        Sep 30, 2020 30:09 AM

        Wolf, gentlemen’s secret lol regarding wife..

        The target low I have had not been mentioned but a few have given the range. I personally don’t think we get to 1750 Gary’s level but we will undercut $1800 to get the bulls to sell.. little bit of a final shake up..


      Sep 30, 2020 30:40 AM

      Thanks for your update Glen. My portfolio is a mixed bag. Some look like they have already bottommed and some look like they could drop further.

        Sep 30, 2020 30:13 AM


        Some stocks could have already bottomed and others need to fall further. You know the game it’s a matter of what your preference is and how much patience you have. I prefer fire sales and if I don’t get it I’m fine with it.


          Sep 30, 2020 30:27 AM

          Gotta love fire sales! If you see any LMK.

      Sep 30, 2020 30:39 AM

      Thanks Glen!

      Sep 30, 2020 30:59 PM

      Glen, I haven’t sold a thing and am awaiting the mindblowing turnaround. I have some dry powder to use once the team here on Ker starts calling a bottom.
      Thanks for the pulse check.

    Sep 30, 2020 30:37 AM

    Roth Capital analyst Joe Reagor resumed coverage of Americas Gold and Silver with a Buy rating and $3.75 price target.

    Sep 30, 2020 30:41 AM

    Alliance Global Partners transferred coverage of McEwen Mining to analyst Jake Sekelsky, who has a Buy rating and $2 price target on the shares.

    Sep 30, 2020 30:29 AM

    It looks like the miners will probably finish down as I guessed they would last night but the action “behind the scenes” is quite good. SILJ is currently up 2.5% versus SLV and that bodes well for the miners when they launch their next intermediate move higher.

    Sep 30, 2020 30:28 PM

    Well, today really stunk. I thought we might get a late day rally, but no such luck.

    Oct 01, 2020 01:23 AM

    I think the low for gold is already in. I cannot see a further low in October.