HelioStar Metals – More information on the exploration program starting at the Unga Project

March 26, 2021

Charles Funk, President and CEO of HelioStar Metals (TSX.V:HSTR – OTCQX:HSTXF) joins me for a follow up discussion on the news released yesterday outlining the start of the exploration program at the Unga Property in Alaska. I have Charles explain the 3 main targets areas as well as the other new targets that will be tested. We also discus the Company’s goal of growing the resource in this drill program to over 1 million ounces of gold.

If you have any follow up questions for Charles please email me at

Click here to read over the full news release outlining the exploration program at Unga.

    Mar 26, 2021 26:08 PM

    i do follow gdx pretty close…no volume but it does have a bullish sash candle so far…it will need that confirmed…….resistance is at 32.50 the oscillator unchanged line and next TD9 breakdown level at 32.69

    Mar 26, 2021 26:37 PM

    Precious Metals Miners Setting Up For A Breakout Rally – Wait For Confirmation

    March 26, 2021 – The Technical Traders – Chris Vermeulen

    Mar 26, 2021 26:41 PM

    Just think of this, Columbus, Washington, Franklin, Edison, Marx, Kennedy, Livermore, Buffet, Raskob, had all been speculators. The way to wealth is in risk. The gateway to fortune is elusive at best. If you aren’t in it you will never win it. DT

      Mar 26, 2021 26:43 PM

      Ditto Dick…………

        Mar 26, 2021 26:24 PM

        Thanks Jerry, I am glad you called me Dick! DT

          Mar 26, 2021 26:30 PM

          I thought when I posted it, …I thought I should change it…..
          For some reason, it just did not sound right…..
          Hope there was no offense……

            Mar 26, 2021 26:34 PM

            Jerry, you knew what you were doing, you enjoy it, you aren’t alone! DT

            Mar 26, 2021 26:49 PM

            Jerry, Al has kicked you off this site two times but you keep coming back, when will you learn that you are being played! FOOL! DT

            Mar 26, 2021 26:01 PM

            Thanks for the insightful though DT……..

            Mar 26, 2021 26:02 PM

            Oh, DT…….not two times but four…..No to bad, when you consider I get to express what I am thinking…. 🙂

            Mar 26, 2021 26:21 PM

            I can see you are too stupid to figure it out, If someone doesn’t want you around why do you persist, you think that you are so brilliant that it doesn’t matter. Don’t think again you won’t get it! DT

            Mar 26, 2021 26:45 PM

            Sorry , that you are having such a bad evening…..
            I will ponder on your great wisdom…. 🙂

          Mar 26, 2021 26:56 PM


          Mar 26, 2021 26:01 PM

          Listen Dt,

          I get your overall point! Today we are dealing with computers and shorts and it has many including and i wont name them because they will come out with ther claws so confused.

          you said it best two weeks a go im trading this shit.

          listen to glen he has the pattern!

          Jerry is ther anyonme out there to match my pattern in the last 6 months?

          remember if you come at me with doc he said up into end of march and i say down 🙂


            Mar 26, 2021 26:31 PM


            You to funny with the oldie videos 😬🤣
            Dt not I silting you just the video to funny I do think Jerry likes you and is kidding. Please understand sense of humor

            Jerry don’t push’s more al is going to send you off lol

            On a different note, did anyone hear about a story of a guy who dug up 10 million worth of gold I his back yard. Just came across it? A customer told me today

            I can’t even Inagine how much gold is out there not accounted for


            Mar 26, 2021 26:07 PM

            Thanks Glen………DT, does not think so.. 🙂

            Mar 26, 2021 26:10 PM

            Is there anyone to match your pattern in the last 6 months, Glen? With all due respect, you were still focused on your bullish H&S bottom way less than 6 months ago.
            I told you a week ago that you have about two weeks for your plunge to happen and now you probably have just one. I also told you weeks ago that these miners should be played individually since many have probably already bottomed. Brixton, for example, bottomed two months ago and finished this week up about 10% even versus gold. There are many others of all sizes that have also bottomed.

            Mar 26, 2021 26:12 PM

            Today, Brixton put in its highest close versus gold since last year:

            Mar 26, 2021 26:17 PM

            How do you ignore Newmont’s impressive and impulsive move of the last month? The stock remains a bellwether…

      Mar 26, 2021 26:56 PM

      I would tend to disagree in todays world. Go in to quick your in a deep world of hurt.


    Mar 26, 2021 26:44 PM

    Hi DT……Why are you been nasty , have you got PMS…..Perhaps you should change your handle to ….PT…or CT….Or better still , quit with the insults…..Come back at me if you will.

      Mar 26, 2021 26:50 PM

      Hi IT, I don’t have any reason to come back at you, this is not about you or me. DT

        Mar 26, 2021 26:00 PM

        Hi DT….Fair enough , i will let You & Jerry sort it out amongst yourself’s…..I just thought you were out of order , i was just sticking up for a friend.

          Mar 26, 2021 26:04 PM

          He has a ballsy stand but has not really proven it to me.. Irish i stand with you and jerry.

          dt yikes what can i say…


            Mar 26, 2021 26:09 PM

            Hey Glenfidish……..Thank you very much……and you are spot on…..
            I think you read me 100 %…..

            Mar 26, 2021 26:12 PM

            Jerry, you are wimping out now, I do not want to wait till tomorrow, maybe you should go to bed ! DT

            Mar 26, 2021 26:18 PM

            I have already prepared a space for you in the other section….
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          Thank You IRISH…….Appreciate the thought………
          I do not need any help handling this light weight…. 🙂

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            Mar 26, 2021 26:12 PM

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            Mar 26, 2021 26:36 PM

            You better start learning that life is more than conspiracy theories, this has nothing to do with my wife or the way I live my life. You can’t win an a discussion by trying to demean my personal life. DT

            Mar 26, 2021 26:41 PM

            Dt just calm down Jerry and Irish are legends and good guys.. you have been around forever. Let’s all relax man. Sound good?

            You have posted many thoughtful insight but seriously bring the jock down and that’s no disrespect. I myself can get anal as well.

            We are talking about Jerry and Irish respect has to be there sorry man.. just let’s all chill


            Mar 26, 2021 26:32 PM

            Rowan and Martin are funny, they understand people, you Jerry are just an idiot that doesn’t have a life other than posting criticism of others and society on this board. Finding real solutions to the problems that we all face is not something you are able to address because it requires real thought. DT

            Mar 26, 2021 26:53 PM

            I will get back to you tomorrow……D……

            Mar 26, 2021 26:57 PM

            Maybe….I will not waste my time….

            Mar 26, 2021 26:59 PM

            I am not interested in tomorrow that is a cop out! DT

            Mar 26, 2021 26:01 PM

            If you want to have it out, let’s go over to the political section….
            And not waste the space in Cory’s section…..

            Mar 26, 2021 26:06 PM

            I’m not interested in the political section, you are here and now, let’s here what you have to say. I rarely post there because it is so divisive and nothing ever gets resolved but you in your mind believe it does. DT

            Mar 26, 2021 26:09 PM

            Now who is the wimp…….

            Mar 26, 2021 26:00 PM

            You guys are great. No need to bicker.

            You are the few informed individuals in a sea of sheeple.


    Mar 26, 2021 26:55 PM

    Gold update!

    Gold is really pissing me off! My point is this, it is taking way to long to go in the direction that my pattern says. Just sucks… regardless we are headed lower and there is a high probability that we meet with $1764 instead of my original call $1775-$1780. So remember that!

    If you like my call Ann lol give me a holler…

    Please hold your cash better buys below still short 100%


      Mar 26, 2021 26:00 PM

      GLen………thanks for the update…..

    Mar 26, 2021 26:58 PM

    Sorry let me elaborate on previous call! I think gold has a good chance of going up and tapping $1764 before getting crushed down.. The bears are still in control gel told you..

    But please give me a holler and Cory are you alive acknowledge glens calls?


      Mar 26, 2021 26:32 PM

      Hey Glen thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ve send you a few emails over the past month. If you want to summarize your thoughts on the metals I’m happy to post your work in an individual posting.

      I’m with you, seems like more weakness ahead for gold.

      Have a great weekend.

    Mar 26, 2021 26:45 PM


    Yes you have and you have been a gentlemen! By the way I will take this time to tell you that you are greatly appreciated in your interviews! You do it well and your a champ I’m my books.. Inakso know your technicals are pretty good.. I think what we should all learn from you Cory is that you are open ears and open mind.

    Thank you for this channel as well as al to allow us to speak free mind!


    Mar 26, 2021 26:47 PM

    Dt stop!

    That’s enough let’s not insult each other jerry and Irish are good guys you are as well.I’m done for tonight.

    We have short term pain as doc and me have stated.. keep your powder ready. Once we turn, it will be the best run ever and money will be made like crazy..


      Mar 26, 2021 26:10 PM

      As you can Now tell……..DT can not give it up…..

      Mar 26, 2021 26:17 PM

      It is not me who doesn’t want to give it up, you wanted to carry over to tomorrow. Go to bed, Jerry

        Mar 26, 2021 26:19 PM

        Better read the note moron…

          Mar 26, 2021 26:20 PM

          On March 26, 2021 at 6:53 pm,
          OOTB Jerry says:
          I will get back to you tomorrow……D……

          On March 26, 2021 at 6:57 pm,
          OOTB Jerry says:
          Maybe….I will not waste my time….

            Mar 26, 2021 26:42 PM

            Jerry let it go please?

            Dt let it go!

            All said and done.. let’s all focus on the metals and what brings. Again we have a bit of short pain and matt as well as doc actually discussed levels which I appreciated. Matt thanks for those levels you metió es with Fibonacci retrace. For the audience who did not see Matt if you could post the charts again regarding the potential retrace I personally found them intriguing. Which means if they are hit, there are really great points of adding powder. Again we are so close to a low that get ready when we turn I believe in May it’s going to be insane.


            Mar 26, 2021 26:50 PM


            Mar 26, 2021 26:23 PM

            Glenn, here’s a slightly different chart that probably contains more important Fib retracements (specifically, the red ones based on the 2018 low that really cleaned out the weak hands):

            I hope it was clear in my posts with Doc that I was not predicting new lows for gold but only entertaining possibilities in the abstract.

          Mar 26, 2021 26:20 PM

          I already did, JERK!

            Mar 26, 2021 26:23 PM

            I invited you over….

            Mar 26, 2021 26:24 PM

            I already explained it to you, go to bed!

            Mar 26, 2021 26:28 PM

            GOOD NITE DICK….. pathetic…..

            Mar 26, 2021 26:31 PM

            Sweet Dreams!

            Mar 26, 2021 26:48 PM

            You bet

    Mar 27, 2021 27:35 AM


    Just to answer your above post. I was bullish but then abandoned the pattern. I understand you have fib retracements to doc and that you don’t see gold going lower only that if it did those would be some options. That’s cool. I do see gold going lower and many miners heading lower as well.

    In regards to your chart thank you. It is greatly appreciated and it’s exactly what I was looking for and wanted to pick at your brain for thoughtful insight.

    Have a good weekend