When a discovery is made when is it too late to become a shareholder?

April 28, 2021

Steve Todoruk, Investment Executive and Geologist at Sprott Global Resources joined me to discuss his strategy of investing in an exploration company that just made a discovery or is working on growing the discovery. We also address the close-ology plays where new companies tie up land around discoveries. To wrap up the interview I have Steve weigh in on a recent M&A transaction in the PM sector.

If you want Steve to look at your metals portfolio or share some of his thoughts on any stocks that are on your radar he offered to share his insights. All you have to do is email Steve at, or myself at

    Apr 28, 2021 28:37 PM

    I added to a few positions today (and yesterday) including IPT, KTN and SGN. I wonder if Glennfidish bought.

      Apr 28, 2021 28:48 PM

      Ouch…..I’m hoping galleon pulls back more but there’s good sized bid at .125 that says no to that plan

      Apr 28, 2021 28:02 PM

      Matt…Thanks for sharing

      Apr 28, 2021 28:00 PM

      Speaking of…. where has Glenfidish been lately?

      I haven’t seen him posting much the last few weeks, but hope everything is ok.

        Apr 28, 2021 28:02 PM

        Also, where has OOTB been lately? I haven’t seen him posting much either.

          Apr 28, 2021 28:06 PM

          While I’m filing missing person reports, where have Marty, Charles, and Dan, calgary been lately?

            Apr 29, 2021 29:11 AM

            And Chris Temple?

          Apr 29, 2021 29:35 AM

          HELLO EX………… I have been very busy over in the political section.
          I think things are about to change…..JMO…. Big Owl gone missing.
          No need posting here, for you guys are doing a great job, filling in the blanks.
          Keep up the great work.
          Everything going forward, is GUESS WORK, as long as we have a screwed up GOVT.

            Apr 29, 2021 29:37 PM

            Hey OOTB. Good to hear from you buddy. I’ll need to pop over the political section and see what you’ve been getting into lately. (likely mischief… Haha!) 🙂

            Yes, agreed that the government is pretty screwed up indeed. Cheers!

            Apr 29, 2021 29:49 PM


        Apr 28, 2021 28:16 PM

        Ex..Wasn’t Glen and the wife heading to the mountains,going off the grid for a week or so?Thought he mentioned something about a getaway.Really hope everything is OK also.

          Apr 28, 2021 28:08 PM

          Hi Ann. Ah, that may be it then, and I must have missed that. I remember David mentioned he was going to the mountains for a week, but didn’t see that Glen was taking on the great outdoors. It just seems like he hasn’t been posting much the last few weeks, not just for a week, but there have been more daily threads on the KER lately, so I’ve likely missed some of the conversations.

          There just seems to be a lot folks missing for the last few weeks, but then again, Spring fever is upon us, and people are finally getting out and about and planning trips. Just as long as nobody went rock climbing…. 🙂

            Apr 28, 2021 28:10 PM

            Speaking of folks that at one point went rock climbing for a long time… only to disappear.


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            Apr 28, 2021 28:57 PM

            Ex- I think you are correct.. And I stand

            Apr 28, 2021 28:41 PM

            No worries Ann. It’s quite possible that folks are out and about more. I’m noticing traffic patterns getting more full, public places getting more congested, people are out traveling around, and even some more remote natural places I’ve been frequenting are getting more and more crowded. After more than a year of lockdowns, people are getting restless, and now that nicer weather has arrived, many are getting away from their glowing computer screens and heading back out into the real world again. That’s refreshing.

            Also, even though there has been a nice bounce in the metals and miners in the PM space, the sentiment still seems pretty bearish to indifferent on most the resource message boards, on twitter, on youtube comments, etc… It’s really odd because with Gold in the high $1700’s and Silver over $26, those are fine prices for producers and developers to advance quality projects, so the low participation and soured sentiment seems to be a bit overdone. This is not $1100 Gold and $13 Silver, but based on the gloomy outlook seen in comments on many different websites for months in a row, that is how it feels folks are reacting to current prices.

            It is also strange that there isn’t more excitement with Copper hitting all time highs this week, and Copper stocks surging higher and higher. People have been waiting for years for Dr Copper to put on his dancing shoes, and now that the prices and stocks are breaking out, nobody seems to care. Very weird.

            Also Zinc/Lead, and Nickel, and Platinum, and Oil and Lithium, many commodities are doing quite well all things considered and traveling higher, so one would expect to see a bit more enthusiasm there…

            The larger base metals companies have been ripping higher, the commodities ETFs have been moving higher, and even many oil companies and ETFs have been starting to move up, so the lack of positive investing sentiment is quite odd.
            Maybe folks don’t have much exposure to other sectors other than gold or silver (??)
            Who knows?

            Apr 29, 2021 29:07 AM

            What are my chances of getting some shares of NVO for sub $2CDN? Any thoughts on this, Exlax?

            Apr 29, 2021 29:31 AM

            Ex.No traveling around in British Columbia where I live.Travel restrictions were put in place last Friday to at least May 25 th.The province is split into 5 health regions.No one is allowed to travel out of their region.Spot checks and random roadblocks are apparently in place periodically to ensure we do not leave our region.$570 minimum fine if caught traveling outside of your region.Its a mess!!!

            Apr 29, 2021 29:47 AM

            Ann…….that stinks.. LOCK DOWNs…….govt OUT OF CONTROL.
            Ding Dong BIDEN ….Has GONE MAD.
            I would say more, but, this is the mining section… 🙂

            Apr 29, 2021 29:42 PM

            Terry as for Novo Resources, I believe Matthew outlined a potential path for NVO under $2 on a recent chart he posted, but wasn’t suggesting it had to take that path. Obviously today NVO was up over 6% on the news update regarding it’s operations at Beaton’s Creek.

            However, if the metals prices do pull back down in May as some technicians are expecting and projecting, then it wouldn’t surprise me to see Novo get back down sub $2 and if so I’d be a buyer there myself.

            Apr 29, 2021 29:44 PM

            Hi Ann. Wow, that doesn’t sound like Canada is going the right direction at all with further lockdowns, travel restrictions, and a further trampling of individual rights. Hoping things turn around soon where folks everywhere can get out and enjoy the fresh air and some much needed community and fellowship with family and friends.


    Apr 28, 2021 28:27 PM

    Back in March I bought shares in a company called Neo Battery Elements, the reason being they secured financing from a company for $8 million that had previously invested in Aurora Cannabis when it was a start up, quite a few years ago. Read this news release and decide for yourself.

    Apr 28, 2021 28:17 PM

    Off topic: Biden not looking for conflict with China which means he’s in the bag to donate Taiwan. Why not? Keeps the Green New Deal green

    Apr 29, 2021 29:45 AM

    Closologie plays are not my thing to be honest. however there might be good properties now and then. Better to go for explorers/developers with potential or with a low profile with good grades and if possible, low outstanding shares. Look at SLZ, for 50 years no exploration in the Slave lake region, and low outstanding shares. It has just done an airborne survey to start with. I really like those under-explored locations, with also good roads, etc to get things going. Worth to follow or to start a position. Zinc/Lead.

    Who’s following Tin by the way? it’s around 30k per T. and there aren’t that many companies with exposure in this metal. In the UK there is a company who’s drilling right now for Tin and Copper. CUSN, Cornish Metals. Since their Copper grades are stellar as well, really worth to take a look at CUSN, especially with exploration results coming in every now and then this year. (United Downs)
    As in their NR: ”Cornish Metals Inc. (TSX-V/AIM:CUSN) (“Cornish Metals” or the “Company”), is pleased to report that it has commenced diamond drilling at its United Downs copper-tin project in Cornwall UK. As stated previously, the objective of the drilling program is to follow-up the high-grade copper-tin mineralisation in drill hole GWDD-002 that intersected 14.69 metres (“m”) at 8.45% copper (“Cu”) and 1.19% tin (“Sn”) (see news release dated April 6, 2020)” This at 100m depth.

    That is a stellar result, converted to gold.
    Add to that the exposure to Lithium in those UK based mines, rights to work/explore/develop to an other company, CUSN still holding a 20% free ride Net smelter return on all lithium and geothermal production from Cornish Lithium on Cornish Metal’s properties.

      Apr 29, 2021 29:47 PM

      Hi Argentum good thoughts and suggestions of companies to check out.

      As for Tin, my only exposure at present is through Tinka Resources and Eloro Resources, which both have Silver/Zinc deposits, but have also located Tin resources further down at depth.

      Ever Upward!