Can gains in base metals lead to money coming into the precious metals?

April 29, 2021

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder of The Daily Gold joins me to share a quick update on the gold and copper charts. With base metals continuing to run higher is it possible for investors to start rotating gains into the lagging precious metals markets? We also discuss one red flag that you should be aware of when investing in junior stocks.

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    Apr 29, 2021 29:07 AM

    Great interview with Jordan. Also, great webinar with the Royalty guys yesterday. One of the CEOs mentioned it, but I found it interesting that all CEOs were relatively young.
    FWIW: I was reading Doc Jones site and he was discussing Emerita Resources in Spain. I picked up a few. It just came out on the winning side of a court case. It appears to be in the same area as Pan Global for those that follow that company.

    Apr 29, 2021 29:08 AM

    Doc Jones’ site.

    Apr 29, 2021 29:36 AM

    PMs bottoming. Platinum out. Others topping?

    Apr 29, 2021 29:56 AM

    (WM) (WLBMF) Wallbridge Intersects 17.79 g/t Au over 16.40 metres in Newly Discovered Eastern Extension of the Gabbro Zones

    29 Apr 2021

    Apr 29, 2021 29:02 AM

    My account still holding in the upper range of the alternating day pattern. Not sure news matters much today. However, still early.

      Apr 29, 2021 29:26 AM

      My account is still up near it’s all time highs, but it is diversified across a number of sectors many of which have been outperforming the PMs. (Copper, Zinc, Platinum/Nickel, Uranium, Lithium, Cannabis, Cryptos, Battery manufacturers, etc…).

      However, my portfolio is still more heavily weighted to Gold & Silver stocks, than any other sector overall. The good news is that many of the quality PM stocks have climbed back higher again since the March double bottom, and as previously stated I had deployed most of my dry powder most heavily in February and early March, and many of those buys are already nicely in the money. I may trim back some of those positions again if Gold can get up into the low $1800s on this rally, just in case we see the May weakness that many technicians have been projecting.

        Apr 29, 2021 29:37 AM

        Ex, do you find any usefulness in my tables?
        I am going to restructure this weekend
        Any suggestions are appreciated.

          Apr 29, 2021 29:42 AM

          P.S. This goes for anyone else here at KER.

          Apr 29, 2021 29:47 AM

          Hi BDC – I have looked at your tables, and absolutely appreciate all the work you do on the maxstats and the 7 factors that go into them, but I’m just not quite understanding how to use the different numbers correctly. In my mind, a number of 6 or 7 should mean a commodity or ETF is most saturated, and near a key turn, but it doesn’t seem like that is the case or how to use it correctly. I’m still confused when I see a reading of 6 (4) 4 (5) what the ( ) is for — I believe you mentioned it was the previous high or low number, but I’m not sure what that means, or exactly how to use it. I’m sure it is my lack of understanding that is the issue.

          Personally, I primarily just use old-school charting (simpler concepts of trendlines, moving averages, and key chart momentum and strength indictors is often best for me), for entries and exits. Other times I just see a fundamental news driver as key, so I’ll average into positions on weakness, or just to get an initial tracking position in place.

            Apr 29, 2021 29:41 AM

            Generally, what I’m planning to do is create a linear calendar table using rows for each Index/ETF etc. sectioned per sector like this:

            GDX … …
            GDXJ … …
            HUI … …
            XAU … …

            SIL … …
            SILJ … …

            PLTM … …
            PPLT … …

            etc. etc.

            The cells will contain the number (up to 7) of Maximum Saturated Factors, if any, and will be appropriately colored High or Low per date when qualified. This way little interpretation will be necessary.

            Is there anything else you might like – maybe presentation-wise…or?

            I now have a partially complete backlog of data which will enable a decent beginning. Currently I have no way to back test beyond about two weeks.

            Thanks much for any feedback!

    Apr 29, 2021 29:50 AM

    “resumption of the bull…” or, the bull has ended, looks logical to me, my PM stocks have done pretty much nothing lately.

    Sell in May could be in play.

    Apr 29, 2021 29:54 AM

    “””Every dog has its day””” gold has only corrected about 10% from its highs. Precious metals may be out of favor however I see it as an opportunity for long-term.

    Liquidity crisis is fading. That’s really a positive for gold equities and precious metals I believe.

    1920s prosperity boom is looking more likely because they can keep this up for a very long time all this money printing including free handouts and inflation is not a concern to the Fed.

    Quite possibly, gold could run to $5,000 the FED is not going to blink an eye.

    It’s all suicide economics however we could be in this for a few more years. McEwen mining looks extremely undervalued and I have no problem holding that particular stock at all.

    We’ll see what happens. There’s no price discovery anymore and it’s all make believe with the FED just buys anything they want with unlimited money printing. No margin calls, they can do anything they want. They own the printing press.

    Apparently, they want everyone in this bubble before it ends. That’s when everyone will be crying to the government for help. BINGO !!! Mission accomplished. People are under full control and you’ll have nothing to say about it. If you do, you won’t eat or work. This will include the change in everyone’s DNA. THE END GAME. Figured that out yet ?

      Apr 29, 2021 29:14 PM

      Rents are soaring out of control last 30 days. As much as 20% in some areas in one month. The institution type landlord’s are making up for deadbeat tenants not paying rent under the covid moratoriums. Positive for precious metals. Inflation is picking up lots of steam. FED is out of control.