Gold, Palladium, and Copper Stocks that have John’s attention

April 30, 2021

John Feneck, President of Feneck Consulting joins me to share some of the stocks he likes in the gold, palladium and copper sector. With gold lagging but palladium and copper breaking higher there are stocks that have been left behind that John thinks will start to draw investor’s attention.

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    Apr 30, 2021 30:11 PM

    Good interview with John F. Yes, while most of the larger producers of the base metals like Copper, Nickel/Platinum/Palladium, and Zinc/Lead have already been running, there are still plenty of the more under-the-radar junior developers and explorers that have not joined the party yet, and may represent better upside at this point in the cycle.

    Personally, I’m still a bit worried that the US Dollar may turn around and bounce a bit higher in the near-term. which would put a lid on the moves higher we’ve seen in many of the commodities, and the larger base metals companies have already gone on quite a run higher and may be at risk of correcting. Medium to longer-term I expect that the Dollar will still plumb lower lows and get into the mid to low 80s, which will be a boon to the whole commodity sector.

    Apr 30, 2021 30:56 PM

    (AG) (FR) First Majestic Completes Acquisition of Jerritt Canyon Mine in Nevada, USA and Private Placement with Eric Sprott

    by @newsfile on 30 Apr 2021

      Apr 30, 2021 30:00 PM

      The trend of Silver producers diversifying further into Gold production has been a things for the last few years…. Like SSR, Pan Amercian/Tahoe, Hecla, Coeur, Americas Gold & Silver, Great Panther, and now First Majestic and Fortuna.


      (FSM) (FVI) Fortuna and (ROXG) (ROGFF) Roxgold Agree to Business Combination Creating a Low-Cost Intermediate Global Precious Metals Producer

      by @businesswire on 26 Apr 2021

        Apr 30, 2021 30:05 PM

        Even Silvercorp tried to buyout Guyana Goldfields last year, but luckily that deal didn’t work out, and they got paid millions in the contract break fee, and put their focus on acquiring another Silver mine in China out of an auction for pennies on the dollar.

        SVM does still have a big 1/4 stake in the Bolivian Silver company New Pacific Metals (NUAG), but also took out a 19% stake in Volcanic Gold in Guatemala, so maybe they’ll still diversify into gold like most of their peers.

        I’d think with Silver’s chart looking more constructive the last 2 years and with so many interesting silver developers, that more companies would be looking to beef up their pipelines of Silver projects, and focus less on the Gold companies, but a trend is a trend… until it isn’t.

          May 01, 2021 01:58 AM

          SVM could do a listing in HK and start soaking up some of that Chinese money like Zijin does.

    Apr 30, 2021 30:36 PM

    Always enjoy listening to John…….he’s definitely top 3 and worthy of always being on the weekend shows so no one missing him

    May 01, 2021 01:44 AM

    Bought FSM THE LAST 2 days @$5.90, BIGLY!