Organto Foods – Record Q2 Revenue and Income, Acquisition of Additional Product Lines and a Processing Plant Agreement in the last few months

September 15, 2021

Steve Bromely, Co-CEO and Chairman of Organto Foods (TSX.V:OGO – OTC:OGOFF) joins us to recap a flurry of news released by the Company over the past 3 months. The news reported everything from Q2 financial results, new product lines added, a processing line agreement, and a base shelf prospectus to assist in any further acquisitions.

We start with the Q2 financial results that reported record revenue and income. This is 8 consecutive quarters of record revenue growth versus the same quarter in the prior year. Next up are the additions of new fruit and vegetable product lines and a processing line agreement, all of which will help generate more revenue for the Company. We also get an update on the Company’s internal Brands, that are higher margin, and any further acquisitions.

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