Orogen Royalties – An Introduction To This New Hybrid Royalty and Prospect Generator Company

Shad Marquitz
October 26, 2021

Paddy Nicol, President and CEO, and Marco LoCasio, VP of Corporate Development, at Orogen Royalties (TSX.V: OGN – OTCQX: OGNRF) join us to introduce this hybrid royalty and prospect generator company formed in August of 2020, from the merger of Evrim Resources and Renaissance Gold.


 We start off discussing their 2% royalty on the Ermitaño West  project held by First Majestic and how the near-term production will impact the company with incoming revenues. Next we review the 1% royalty on the Silicon deposit, and the Merlin Zone, which is being explored and developed by Anglogold Ashanti in Nevada.


We highlight a few other partner exploration and development projects out of their portfolio of 11 royalties, at Kodiak Copper’s Axe Project and Heliostar’s Cumaro Project, in addition to reviewing the spin out of the Ball Creek Project in the Golden Triangle.


If you have questions for Paddy or Marco on Orogen Royalties, then please email us at either or

    Oct 26, 2021 26:51 PM

    Wrong symbol for TSX.V

    Oct 26, 2021 26:10 PM

    You’ve got the Vancouver ticker wrong above, it’s OGN..not ORGN

    Oct 26, 2021 26:18 PM

    Sorry everyone, they symbols are fixed now.

    Oct 27, 2021 27:56 AM

    Great interview gentlemen……things are slowly falling in place. Unfortunately for me,I need a lot more to fall in place just to break even from the Evrim days.

      Oct 27, 2021 27:22 AM

      Thanks Wolfster. I’ve only somewhat recently gotten positioned in Orogen, after we discussed it with Brian Leni, and I considered the potential value of Silicon that Anglogold Ashanti is developing, in tandem with the cashflows that Ermitaño West will bring in when First Majestic gets it into production in the next few month, and gives OGN their first paying royalty.
      As for the Silicon deposit that (AU) is developing, I’ve been interested in that part of Nevada for a long time. I was a shareholder in Northern Empire at Sterling before Coeur took them over and now I’m current shareholder of (CDE). I was also a somewhat recent shareholder of Corvus earlier since earlier this year anticipating that either Coeur or Anglogold Ashanti would take them over, and then (AU) did exactly that and scooped up Corvus. It’s unlikely that they would have tacked on Corvus unless they really liked what they saw at Silicon/Merlin. As a result, I expect that whole area to be a mine down the road, and believe the royalty held on Silicon will eventually be quite substantial.
      Also I’m a shareholder of both Kodiak and Heliostar and like that Orogen have NSRs on both Axe and Cumaro as well as other earlier stage exploration projects.