Doc’s Outlook For US Markets and Metals Into 2022

December 31, 2021

Doc took time with us today to share his thoughts on how the US markets and metals are set up into next year. As Doc outlines Q1 will be very important for all markets but there are some key levels to watch for gold and the gold stocks.



    Dec 31, 2021 31:34 PM

    Purple Swan : Waning confidence in Cryptos!

    Dec 31, 2021 31:45 PM

    Hi Doc, should I bet on Michigan to beat Georgia? Have you been jabbed yet or you still waiting and watching the data? Happy New Year!

    Dec 31, 2021 31:22 PM

    HI, bonzo; I actually think Michigan has a chance against the Bulldogs especially against the spread. Due to my age, I took the jab. The jab appears to be more of a therapy then a vaccine. It reduces the odds of hospitalization and death for us old geezers and that’s why I took it. If I was a lot younger, I would probably not taken the jab.

      Dec 31, 2021 31:59 PM

      Doc, I agree that Michigan has a good chance of winning and hope it is as exciting as the Purdue-Tennessee game. I am 73 but my immune system is very robust as I have not had a cold for over 12 years, so I am jab free. I don’t worry about viruses. I have had 3 smallpox vaccines, as well as cholera, yellow fever, typhoid, DPT, and the 2009 flu vaccines. That’s enough for me. I believe that Gates and Fauci are sociopaths and I always do the opposite of what they urge. After Luc Montagnier, French virologist and Nobel laureate, said he thinks that 75% of the jabbed will be dead in 3 years, I would not take it if offered $5 million and I hope Matthew and Jerry are jab free.

        Dec 31, 2021 31:14 PM

        Bonzo, I wouldn’t take the shot for any amount of money nor at any age. No one would if they understood the risks.

        In other news, the picture looks great for the gold miners and is improving for our tiny cap explorers and silver miners.
        HUI weekly:

          Jan 01, 2022 01:37 AM

          Matthew, I am so glad you have not been jabbed. See what I said to Rufust right below your response.
          I plan to listen to Dr. Malone’s 3 hour interview from Joe Rogan Fri show as I watch the Rose Bowl on mute.

          Jan 01, 2022 01:21 AM

          wow…should i take serious a trader w that sort of decision path regarding the jab…no

            Jan 02, 2022 02:00 AM

            Live (20220102.0800 NY Time) Amsterdam anti-jab protest:

            Jan 02, 2022 02:37 AM

            “85 percent of the Dutch adult population is vaccinated against COVID-19 whilst less than 9 percent have received their booster shot.​” … Wising up.

          Jan 01, 2022 01:22 AM

          Mr R
          bought the first of three positions in about 18 micro to medium-sized “risky” miners yesterday. He is still turning a little bullish; cautiously of course.

        Dec 31, 2021 31:04 PM

        75% dead in 3 years. ok.
        population of canada is 38 million.
        Vaccines began Dec 2020.
        87% vaccinated 34/35 million people? about.

        So, 75% dead in 3 years beginning Dec 2020 should be, ballparking, about 25 million dead by Dec 2023.

        Its been a year so you would think we should be seeing the die off beginning.

        So far we have not had mass deaths so I guess maybe everybody drops dead at the same time?

        Who knows? The drop dead dates seem to change from time to time but lets see if this one holds.

        In any case we will find out if the antivaxer Luc Montagnier, French virologist and Nobel laureate has a clue.

        Dec 2023, try to remember the date.

        Dec 31, 2021 31:45 PM

        +1. Not on the football game but on vaccines. I’m older than Bonzo, and have been reinforcing my immune system with vitamins and exercise for over 30 years. However I hope Mr. Montagnier’s position is an extreme one.

          Jan 01, 2022 01:30 AM

          There is a doctor in Ireland who thinks that 90% of the jabbed will die in 2 years so Luc is not as extreme. We can expect a tsunami of blood clots, A.D.E., dementia, MS, Parkinson’s, mad cow disease, cancers, TB, liver and lung, and kidney problems. Not to mention that a generation may be infertile. Heed the warnings of Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Dr. Robert Malone who was on Joe Rogan for 3 hours yesterday, Dr. McCullough, Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT, Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Mikovits, and Dr. Ryan Cole. This may be the worst genocide ever.

            Jan 01, 2022 01:58 PM

            We know the risks are numerous and dire regardless of the potential for a huge die-off. We also know that the covid death toll numbers have been wildly inflated/misrepresented in too many ways to count. The masses just don’t have a clue how the world really works.

            Jan 02, 2022 02:35 AM

            I’ll start to believe the vaccine doom & gloom after Trump croaks. He recently had booster.

            Jan 02, 2022 02:23 AM

            Buzz, it’s funny that you actually believe he had it.

        Jan 02, 2022 02:46 PM

        Here’s some reality for you crazy kids. No, French virologist Luc Montagnier didn’t say COVID-19 vaccine recipients were going to die soon.
        A dire warning is being shared on Facebook — that “all vaccinated people will die within two years.”

        “Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier has confirmed that there is no chance of survival for people who have received any form of the vaccine,” the post says. “In the shocking interview, the world’s top virologist stated blankly: ‘There is no hope and no possible treatment for those who have been vaccinated already. We must be prepared to incinerate the bodies.’ The scientific genius backed claims of other pre-eminent virologists after studying the constituents of the vaccine. ‘They will all die from antibody dependent enhancement. Nothing more can be said.’”

        We actually have something to add: This is not an authentic quote.

        This post was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed.

          Jan 02, 2022 02:32 PM

          The worst of history repeats because of people like you. The fact that you don’t understand the dangers of thought-controlling censors in this age of easy self-education is pathetic. Yes, I know, the censorship is “for the greater good” but if you had a handle on history, you’d know that censorship is ALWAYS claimed to be for the greater good. It’s just the big loveable politicians trying to protect the serfs that they care so much about. You are one horrible character if you’re a fan of the way FB and the rest have blacked-out those who’ve had their lives destroyed by the vaccines.
          It is inexcusable the way you and millions just like you have avoided looking at the facts for almost two years now. There’s fraud everywhere you look that somehow remains invisible to the cowardly and dishonest majority. Every important statistic and related newsworthy item has been thoroughly and purposely corrupted if not otherwise hidden by the corporate/government media. When will you snap out of your lifelong hypnosis? What’s it going to take? My bet is that you never will since you haven’t yet. The facts haven’t mattered to you so far; why would that change? It won’t matter how many vaccine injuries or deaths you witness, you’ll tell yourself they’re completely unrelated.
          Hopefully you’re against forcing the shots and prefer to rely on persuasion but I’d be surprised if that’s the case.

            Jan 02, 2022 02:43 PM

            Luc Montagnier states the only common factor amongst patients who have developed an extremely rare prion disease, is that they had taken the Pfizer mRNA vaccine.

            Jan 02, 2022 02:10 PM

            Well said ………… Matthew…..

            Jan 03, 2022 03:30 PM

            You’ve earned yourself a new name Misinformation Mathew. M&M…congratulations. Well earned.

            Jan 03, 2022 03:15 PM

            On some level you must know that your claim isn’t true but your childlike flailing in an effort to cope is mildly amusing and obviously something you’ve practiced your entire life.

          Jan 02, 2022 02:03 PM

          Joe Rogan interviews vaccine scientist, Dr. Robert Malone and Alex Jones reports on the interview on his Sunday program.

    Dec 31, 2021 31:33 PM

    I can’t complain about the way gold ended the year. It put in its 2nd highest yearly close, 3rd highest quarterly close (and highest of 2021) and finished the month $1.70 above its highest monthly close of 2011.
    The 5 month EMA never crossed below the 25 month MA and the former is again rising along with the latter. The month also ended with gold above its widely followed 20 month MA. And speaking of the 20 month MA, some became worried when gold closed below it in September and asserted that it was bad news but the MA to watch was/is the 25 month MA which gold never closed below despite dipping below it during each of the last 5 months.
    Frankly, gold looks superb as we head into 2022 and it’s funny that many don’t see it that way.

    The HUI, GDX and even the silver laden XAU also look superb and ended the year with huge monthly bull hammers. Based on several factors, we are looking at the healthiest start of a big move since the sector bottomed 6 years ago. The miners are technically on firmer footing now than at the ’15/’16 low, the ’18 low or the ’20 low.

      Dec 31, 2021 31:51 PM

      Agreed. Also, as Jeff Christian pointed out, this was the highest average annualized price of Gold on record near $1800, so it was actually a very solid year for the yellow metal.
      Gold futures closing the month and the year at around $1830 is not too shabby.

        Dec 31, 2021 31:52 PM

        Despite the negative sentiment in the resource sector for most of the year, many commodities and their related mining stocks still had nice runs at various points which were profitable for those properly positioned to harvest those gains.
        Looking back on the year there are sectors I would have preferred to have been more overweight in during certain periods, and other sectors that should have had reduced exposure in my portfolio, but still overall it was a nice positive year in my portfolio of resource stocks, finishing 2021 substantially in the green. Looking forward to more green on the screen in 2022.

        Wishing the listeners and readers of the KE Report a very Happy New Year, and a very prosperous 2022!

        Jan 02, 2022 02:15 PM

        Ex………… I said I would go out on a limb…..a couple of months ago….. and called gold to be $1930
        year end….. what is a $100 ………. lol

    Dec 31, 2021 31:55 PM

    I posted this yesterday on Erik’s blog, but thought I’d repost it here as Ira laid out the bullish technical set up in the metals, and that was before today’s follow through move to the upside in Gold, Silver, Copper, and Platinum.

    Ira Epstein’s Metals Video (12/30/2021)
    Technical Analysis, Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum

    Dec 31, 2021 31:46 PM

    I just received my copy of “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. A Second Look at The Federal Reserve.” The fifth edition, it is used as this book is no longer in print. One of the reviews states, This is a murder mystery about the financial murder of the middle class.” The elites don’t want to share their power with an enlightened public. BEWARE! DT

    Dec 31, 2021 31:54 PM

    Silver vs gold has closed above its 30 day MA for the first time in 5 weeks and also close above short term Fibonacci fan resistance…

    Dec 31, 2021 31:59 PM

    Watch 920-ish next week for GDM (about 2.5% above today’s close)…

    Dec 31, 2021 31:24 PM

    Geez Doc, you have a way of getting a PM investor excited.

    Jim Rickards says he is expecting a deflation, maybe he’s right.

    Dec 31, 2021 31:13 PM

    Wishing everyone all the best that life has to offer for 2022! Prosperous, happy, joyous and free for all! I am looking at a catch-up play starting January 2022 for the Newfoundland plays that have drill results coming in that have been backed up due to slow processing problems. In the cases of NFG, NFLD and LAB I understand that a substantial amount of drilling in Q3 & 4 results are coming. I got some great buys prior to the New Year, intended to be speculative. We’ll see!

    Jan 01, 2022 01:24 PM