Steve Penny Provides Technical Analysis And Charts On Platinum, Gold, Silver, The Dow, and Copper

Steve Penny, Publisher of the SilverChartist Report, joins us to share a handful of charts (all posted below so you can follow along) starting off with the longer-term platinum : gold ratio chart that has an interesting technical setup.  Next we look at the platinum : silver ratio chart highlighting the price action building energy in the compression triangle and the potential for a break out.  Then we look at a platinum to commodities chart, showing just how undervalued it is relative to almost all the other resources.  Steve shares the ways he likes to get exposure to the platinum sector.


We turn our attention next to the precious metals with a gold : Dow ratio chart and a silver : Dow ratio chart, and review the key fundamental catalysts that may provide the impetus for the PMs to outperform the general equities markets.  We wrap up with a look at a copper : gold ratio chart, and discuss how oversold Copper was from a longer term perspective, and that the more recent bounce in copper relative to gold was not surprising.  Steve believes a reversion to the mean is quite likely in all the charts shared.

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    Jan 05, 2022 05:13 PM

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    Jan 06, 2022 06:43 AM

    Anmol Singh on Kitco News likes silver and gold but gold more so. He also likes cannabis stocks for 1-2 years out.

      Jan 06, 2022 06:17 AM

      Pretty safe prediction, who will remember his call 1-2 years from now. LOL
      The same is true with most of these pundits.

        Jan 06, 2022 06:22 PM

        Agreed. On 2/1/2021 on Stansberry, Jeff Clark predicted inflation would double, to 3% and silver would double in a year from 26.50. Of course, we still have about 3 weeks left on the silver prediction. However, it’s beginning the year looking more like the Challenger mission.

      Jan 06, 2022 06:50 AM

      Yeah, the Cannabis stocks were absolutely pummeled in 2021 down about 70-80%, and we’ve had some interesting chats with some pundits lately that also believe this is a good place to be acquiring them for a bounce. I’ve been growing a position in the ETF (POTX) for months and just adding in tranches to accumulate a larger position at a lower cost-basis, and wanted to have a fishing pole in that pond as a position-trade for 2022.

    Jan 06, 2022 06:46 AM

    Same set-up as yesterday in the miners. Intervention seems to be growing in its market dominance. I remain convinced that criminals remain criminals and we must persist in non-acceptance and voice intolerance when and wherever one can. “I am mad as hell and won’t take it anymore”. Added to CGX Energy yesterday and been listening to speeches today.

    Jan 06, 2022 06:03 AM

    It’s interesting how technicians can look at the same charts, and come up with different conclusions. On an interview, Peter Brandt is uber bullish on Silver for 2022. Looks like Penny is in the same camp with possibility of $50 in 2022, but Jordan/Doc not on the same page with them for 2022. Personally, I’m tired of the Gold/Silver are going to the moon predictions. It just gets tiring hearing the same thing year after year/month after month. I side with Jordan/Doc, and their conservative views.

      Jan 06, 2022 06:18 PM

      It’s funny how the majority is more forgiving of wrong “conservative” predictions even when they are spectacularly wrong. I’ve noticed that for many years and it’s strange because it isn’t logical. Following either side gets you into positions that come with similar risks and opportunity costs.

    Jan 06, 2022 06:02 AM

    “USA Rare Earth to Produce Nearly Half of New U.S. Government Critical Minerals List”

    Rare earth TMRC moving near 20% up. Is it time for rare earths to get moving again?

    Jan 06, 2022 06:33 AM

    I don’t know who is technically right about where everything is headed. My problem is that I can’t trust technicals that appear to have a basis in intervention. If technicals try to predict the future by what history is telling us and out of the blue some daily, weekly, monthly event occurs like exceeding position limits or running stops by the commercials or those with large capital, then history is telling me, the charts are being altered to drive direction.
    That forces me to try to combine the technical with fundamentals and those are largely conflicting and confusing causing no confidence about direction or duration.
    Knowing charts can tell direction, we are often left with having to accept a “fictional universe” and although it tells us a direction it is often counter intuitive and therefore makes us pawns in markets that serve someone else’s agenda. Historically market manipulation and intervention have been illegal, at least not to a level of dominance. That has changed and sends the message that we have no right to our personal property or our future economically. That is of concern.

    Jan 06, 2022 06:36 AM

    Speaking of Copper Lake, I have no idea why it is going up. Might be gamed or …Do a lot of Due Diligence.

    Jan 06, 2022 06:48 AM

    Emerita on the move again.

    Jan 06, 2022 06:56 AM

    PGE & SBSW holding up pretty well this week.

    Jan 06, 2022 06:57 PM

    SILJ has more than filled its big 12/16 gap and is probably close to a low. A key reversal tomorrow would not be surprising.

    Jan 06, 2022 06:59 PM
    Jan 06, 2022 06:11 PM

    Thanks Matthew. Looks like they have to go up to fill those gaps and have a line to jump up off of. Time to reverse this party.