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January 22, 2022
Full Politics Weekend Show
  • Segment 1 – Big Al and Jim discuss politics with an emphasis on Covid.
  • Segment 2 – We discuss Fauchi and a bit about Davos.
  • Segment 3 – We talk with Dr. Tarek Kteleh about how to make a difference on The Big Stage with worthwhile causes.
  • Segment 4 – We continue our discussion with the Doctor describing some of his major accomplishments on the international level.



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    Jan 22, 2022 22:26 AM

    On a different note. As some of You may know , Sidney Poitier , died on the 6th of Jan. He was one of my favorite actors of all time , who made Fantastic movies with a message. For those who may not have seen it , i would recomend takeing time over the weekend to watch it , & to those who have seen it , oay it a return visit . The movie is … To Sir With Love …( 1967 ) Just google it . It teaches at least three things we need in life . Tolerance Understanding & Respect & this movie has it in spades. Mr Poitier made a lot of great movies over his life . Its sad when the world lose’es a humun such as he . Watch & enjoy.

      Jan 22, 2022 22:35 AM

      I should add that it has a great cast , & LULU the singer making Her first film debut.

        Jan 22, 2022 22:55 AM

        Hi Jim . To answer Your question , there is NO logical answer. IMO They are useing these test’s as one size fits all , in order to keep this sham ongoing for as long as they can.

          Jan 22, 2022 22:03 AM

          Tony, the real problem is that the subject of additional medical negatives is left totally out of the discussion.

        Jan 22, 2022 22:01 AM

        NowI am really looking forward to watching it.

      Jan 22, 2022 22:25 AM

      I did enjoy Sidney………… in Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner…… Hepburn was great also…..

        Jan 22, 2022 22:39 AM

        Oh,………forgot Spencer Tracy…..

        Jan 22, 2022 22:04 AM

        Jerry, tanks for bringing up Tracy and Hepburn Now watching this movie is on my to-do list.

      Jan 22, 2022 22:00 AM

      I will take your advice and watch it tonight. Many thanks Irish.

      Jan 23, 2022 23:56 AM

      I had not seen the movie before and my neighbor and I stayed up until 11 p.m. watching it last night. What a wonderful movie. By the way spencer Tracey and Katheryn H were not in this one. I actually started to cry at the end of this wonderful movie when Sydney tore up the contract he was waiting for.

      Thank you Irish for your suggestion!

    Jan 22, 2022 22:19 AM

    Re. sec 2. AL / Jim. Not only was the Fauchi gang paying bribes, they also stoped the use of Ivermectin , a drug they KNEW worked against the corona virus , in order to push the FAKE vacines , & to keep the CONTROL ongoing. It is my believe that the whole Pandemic thing was a huge SCAM from day one , planed well in advance , by the Davos crowd. The greatest SCAM the world has ever known.

      Jan 22, 2022 22:26 AM
        Jan 22, 2022 22:08 AM

        Just out of curiosity Irish do do you pay Tyler to read his stuff and, if so, do you suggest that I also pay him?

          Jan 22, 2022 22:38 AM

          Hi AL… No i dont pay anything to access Zerohedge , the only time you pay , is if you sign up to read their priemeim content, the rest of the site is free.

            Jan 22, 2022 22:41 AM

            Thanks for the prompt reply Irish.

            Jan 22, 2022 22:17 AM

            Big Al, I sometimes find just simply NOT clicking on a pay tab, but just doing a refresh, loses the pay tab for that page.
            Zerohedge has so many damn pop-up ads, it annoys me and I tend to avoid the site. I us,ed to be a nicer person and click on ads, but only if I have time to spare nowadays.

      Jan 22, 2022 22:39 AM

      DITTO IRISH…………… FROM DAY ONE………… one BIG SCAM……..and HOAX……… some do not like to hear it, because they got duped……… failed to do their DD, and ignored all the material supplied to this site from day one………. starting in DEC 2019…..and the homework started way before that…….

        Jan 22, 2022 22:57 AM

        Hi Jerry . I remember You & I & some others back in Dec. Jan. Posting articles from before the so called leak from Wuhan . Articles that pointed out that something was in the works. Yes some of US were awake from day one.

          Jan 22, 2022 22:16 AM

          Irish, I truly have been awake since Day One because of this site and becasuse of my many discssions with Jimmy.

        Jan 22, 2022 22:14 AM

        Jerry, I want you to know that I took all of the advice that was given on this site. I now completely adhear to the vitamin regmin that was suggested by a lot of The Family starting with Larry.

      Jan 22, 2022 22:06 AM

      Tony, eventually the truth will come out and certain people will look very bad even criminally bad!

    Jan 22, 2022 22:12 AM

    OFF TOPIC … AL , could you please do something about the time stamp when we make a comment . I posted 5 comments on this page , 2 show 10 hours ago & 3 , 9 hours ago…. Are we at the KER living in a time machine … lol

      Jan 22, 2022 22:22 AM

      They have to make sure it is you….the REAL IRISH,… not some fake believe guy, ….trying to steal your ideas…. πŸ™‚
      Plus , they need to wake up the squirrel who is running the machinery……
      The squirrel is checked every two four minutes for covid…… . LOL……… πŸ™‚

        Jan 22, 2022 22:22 AM

        Actually we hired an Irishman to check the squirrel every thirty seconds for coved.

      Jan 22, 2022 22:19 AM

      I will bring this up. It does kind of bother me, but at least all of the cmment do appear on the site.

    Jan 22, 2022 22:42 AM

    The test works by testing for 3 sections of protein sequences of the virus present on the alpha mutation.
    Those three sequences are present in all mutations except the omicron mutation and its 2 sub-mutations.
    The omicron mutation has two of the sequences, but not the third (because of the spefic omicron mutation).
    The test, therefore, is stated as positive for omicron if it shows positive for two sequences, but negative for the third.

      Jan 22, 2022 22:24 AM

      Great information so thank you CFS

    Jan 22, 2022 22:03 AM

    Trump’s mistake was that he should have fired Fauci, when Trump came into office.
    Fauci’s crime:
    He funded gain of function research.
    When Congress got wind of gain of function research, they specifically out-lawed such funding.
    Fauci then changed the operation and funded China to do gain of function research; something specifically illegal.
    Then when asked by Congress about it, Fauci perjured himself and denied funding of gain of function research.
    Many advisers to Trump KNEW what Fauci was doing, but were part of the Deep State Trump Haters., so gave bad advice. Trump’s biggest failing was being too trusting.

      Jan 22, 2022 22:17 AM

      Trump got played like a fiddle,……and he sure was not playing 5 D chess……..

        Jan 22, 2022 22:28 AM

        Jimmy and I discussed this topic, off mike, yesterday and we both completely agree with you Jerry.

          Jan 22, 2022 22:39 AM

          Thanks for the comment OWL…………… I am sure a few people will not agree with us……. especially the “Q” group……. who are living in fairy tale land………. We followed for 5 yrs….. the lies trumpster made and all the Askenazi Jews he had in his administration………. Aldelman payed him well $200 Million, just get the Embassy in Jerusalem ……..

            Jan 22, 2022 22:40 AM

            I just called Jim and we will b on with this topic as I said within 90 minutes.

      Jan 22, 2022 22:27 AM

      What exactly is gain of function research?

        Jan 22, 2022 22:05 PM

        Gain of Function research is basically increasing the infectivity of a virus.
        In practice it often means taking a virus which infects animals other than humans and adding a chunk of DNA (using CRISPR techniques) so that the virus will attach to a human cell receptor. In the case of SARS CoV-2 the added chunk of DNA attaches to the ACE2 RECEPTOR, very commonly present in lung tissue cells, but also in other cells throughout the body. SARS CoV-2 also attaches to a CD147 receptor (receptor ID quoted from memory and could be wrong). The ACE2 IS THE PRIMARY MECHANISM.
        It was several years after Fauci had been funding the research on gain of function IN THE US that congress found out and made it illegal research (before Trump took office) It was after the research was made illegal in the U.S. that Fauci started paying China to do research, AND HE MOVED MATERIAL ILLEGALLY TO CHINA, via a Canadian research lab. That is proof to me Fauci KNEW HIS RESEARCH WAS ILLEGAL. THESE ACTIONS I BELIEVE CONSTITUTE TREASON.
        Clearly, he had every motivation to lie to Congress multiple times later, BECAUSE HE FEARED FOR HIS NECK.

        Considering the number of people who have died because of his treachury, I would not shed a tear if Fauci was put in front of a firing squad, or hanged by the neck until dead.

    Jan 22, 2022 22:15 AM

    Sec 2…………. We have said for YEARS………….. the plants in Washington…….. do not have the best interest of WE THE PEOPLE………….. THE CIA, under Bush One, and his father before that have abused WE THE PEOPLE……. The US is ran by a GROUP, and it is not the Congress, Congress is the lap dog.
    You guys keep pecking around the edges………. We have pointed this out for 15 yrs….
    American can not pull together until the understand the TOTAL CORRUPTION OF THE SYSTEM…..

      Jan 22, 2022 22:34 AM

      This afternoon I will do some reseatch on this topic and post it as a Daily Editorieal

    Jan 22, 2022 22:21 AM

    Fauci was at the DAVOS meeting with Gates……. on the PLANNED PANDEMIC ………
    We supplied those tapes in DEC 2019……….. all contributes by George Webb……
    You guys never payed any attention to those tapes……….. sorry , just the truth.
    You guys brought on those Drs. who , were warm and fuzzy………
    Thanks Jimmy for talking about DAVOS…….. but, that has been a topic brought up here
    for YEARS……….. finally, you guys might be waking up.

      Jan 22, 2022 22:46 AM

      CIA……… is still working hard……….. and will keep working , …. just like the FAKE FED…….
      We are now REAL CLOSE TO $30 Trillion in debt…………. DEBT IS A REAL PROBLEM….
      And CONGRESS is worthless and hopeless …… tell me how you are going to CHANGE THAT….. πŸ™‚

      Jan 22, 2022 22:38 AM

      Jim and I will discuss this withing the next 90 minutes in a Daily Editorial.

        Jan 22, 2022 22:43 AM

        I will stay tuned………. and follow up later this afternoon…………. WE ARE ON THE EDGE, .. and TIME FOR WE THE PEOPLE ,…..wake up……….. since Ron Paul…….the FAKE GOVT has been playing everyone as FOOLS………… IncludingTrump…….. research shows……. He is part of the Pilgrim Society…… which does not have the best interest for the WE THE PEOPLE.. …

          Jan 22, 2022 22:44 AM

          Thanks Jerry

    Jan 22, 2022 22:28 AM

    Sec 3…………… Electing our leaders……….. not so…….. the system is full of elected by BIG MONEY, not the people………..
    Pompo…….. was CIA………. played trump like a fiddle……..
    I have already changed the situation and environment around me…….. and have for years…….
    I have been doing my DD, for 30 yrs………. ever since the Ethanol Movement, and FAKE PEAK OIL…

    Jan 22, 2022 22:24 AM

    Unfortunately the Deep state will now turn itsattention to carbon credits and climate change before it becomes too obvious that earth is actually about to cool and need MORE CO2.

    Jan 22, 2022 22:58 AM

    Omicron spread in Spain raises fears of deluge of long Covid cases

    Up to 15% of infections leading to long covid. Not the flu or a Democratic hoax

      Jan 22, 2022 22:52 AM

      Yupper AJ

      I’ve known of long term effects for some time now.
      Really sad when children get covid, some will have a life with real challenges.

      My daughters brother in laws child is 1 I know of.
      Kid cant play sports anymore.

      What really doesnt matter is if the antivaxers are right or not, cures and preventions need to be found.

      Sputnik v has excellent effect on the omicron variant apparently.

      If the “want the population dead” corrupt evil medical community only want money west wont find positive results with their vaccines the east will.

      There is still hope.

      The lizard people dont have us yet. πŸ˜‰

        Jan 22, 2022 22:43 AM

        Thanks southfrontfan, I appreciate your opinions.

        Jan 22, 2022 22:53 AM

        Did the kid……… get a shot…….. how was he treated in the hospital……….. ventilator……..and preexisting conditions…….. .
        Tell us a little more on the situation………… I am sure a few anti Jabbers would like to know the details,…. instead of general comments.

        Jan 23, 2022 23:15 PM

        You’ve failed yourself bigtime if you think covid is even close to being as dangerous as the fraudulent vaccines. Furthermore, giving kids the jabs is criminally negligent. πŸ˜‰

      Jan 22, 2022 22:59 AM

      Hi AJ … I dont get the connection between , covid / omicron / & long covid , could you please explain it to me . Let us go back to the beginning. First off all Flu dissapeared , & has done so for two years .
      The corona virus comes along , but the powers that be changed the name to covid , that sounds more scary. The na at the end of corona is a very soft sound , so they changed it to covid , which has id at the end , which is a very sharp sound , more scary. We dont accutally know if omicron is a varient of the corona virus , it may just be a new seasonal flu strain..So what i would like to know is whats the connection to long covid.

        Jan 22, 2022 22:14 PM

        Irish, the sequence (and thus the specific mutations) of omicron ARE KOWN.
        I have published them here. I also cited a paper out of S. Africa

          Jan 22, 2022 22:28 PM

          Thanks CFS… But whats the connection , to long covid ?

    Jan 22, 2022 22:59 AM

    OWL………… here is one for you to not miss in your readings………
    Isaiah 63:10
    β€œBut they rebelled, and vexed his holy Spirit: therefore he was turned to be their enemy, and he fought against them.”

    Jan 22, 2022 22:15 AM

    AL … I left a note for You up the page, You dont have to pay to read the articles on Zerohedge , just click on the article you wish to read. They do have a Premium page that you do have to sign up to , in order to view , everything else is free.

    Jan 22, 2022 22:51 AM

    The Test a False positives ! The Test a the False numbers makers !

      Jan 22, 2022 22:31 PM

      For the record, there are now many tests for covid-19.
      Some involve Nasal or throat swabs; some involve blood tests.
      The PCR tests produced first, using nasal swabs, required careful cycling to increase the detectacle amount of virus. Some labs were notoriously bad and produced many false positives.
      That is rarely the case today.
      Quality is improving as competition between some 20 manufacrurers of tests have driven price down and quality up.
      PCR tests are currently running around 90% and a positive first result usually now gets a second test, with the double testing only giving about 1% false positives.
      The serum tests for antigens do not give false positives, but can miss minor infections.

    Jan 22, 2022 22:41 PM

    Since I fully believe this to be true, I consider Biden a traitor to the USA.
    (and pure scum, in destroying the US as we know it)
    Having stated that, I am not anti immigrant. I favor legal immigration and would increase it above current amounts, but restore many of previous requirements; medical and educational/job related.

    Jan 22, 2022 22:43 PM

    US Embassy Orders Evacuation Of Non-Essential
    Staff & Diplomats’ Family Members From Ukraine

      Jan 23, 2022 23:57 AM

      Police are overpaid? No, I don’t think so!

        Jan 23, 2022 23:34 AM

        Some are……………..retired CHIP………….. with $100,000 pensions are OVER PAID………. πŸ™‚

    Jan 28, 2022 28:48 PM

    The power of continual repeated propadanda is immense