Troilus Gold – An Introduction To This 8 Million Ounce Gold And Copper Development Project In Quebec

Justin Reid, President and CEO of Troilus Gold Corp. (TSX: TLG) (OTCQX: CHXMF), joins us to overview the opportunity at the Troilus Gold Project,  an advanced stage exploration and early-development company focused on the mineral expansion and potential mine re-start of the former gold and copper Troilus mine. Troilus holds a strategic land position of 142,000 ha (1,420 km²) northeast of the Val-d’Or district, within the Frôtet-Evans Greenstone Belt in Quebec, Canada.  


We start with the history of how the Company  was able to pick this asset and $350M of above ground infrastructure up from First Quantum minerals a few years ago debuting on the market in 2018.  The team at Troilus Gold has grown the resource by 350% since inception from over 2 million ounces to now over 8.1 ounces of gold in all categories.   We discuss some of the figures like a 22 year mine life producing around 250,000 ounces per year of gold production and 17-22 million pounds of copper per annum from the PEA which is over a year and a half old now. Justin unpacks that since then the company has drilled another 150,000 meters and greatly expanded the Southwest Zone, and all of this will factor into the Pre-Feasibility Study due out by July of 2022, and it will be completely and open pit project moving forwards, with plenty of room for further expansion of resources.


Next we have Justin outline some of the key members of the management team and board of directors, outlining that they attracted a qualified team that can execute on permitting, development, and implementation  of production in the medium term.  We wrap up with some of the financial information on the company and key stakeholders.


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    Mar 17, 2022 17:01 PM

    Quite a story and worth following. Quebec a good place for miners.
    Thank you

      Mar 17, 2022 17:22 PM

      Thanks for that feedback Terry. Yes, with 8 million ounces of Gold in the ground in addition a huge amount of Copper, and after 150,000 meters of drilling the last 2 years, they are likely going to be pushing a 10 million ounce deposit when the upgrade their resource estimate as part of the PFS later this summer.

      I was also impressed when Justin reviewed all the infrastructure that they already have in place, and as you mentioned, Quebec is a great jurisdiction for mining. Cheers!

    Mar 17, 2022 17:46 PM

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    Mar 18, 2022 18:43 AM

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    Mar 19, 2022 19:49 AM

    This company is being valued with a total market cap around $140mm US$… seems a bit ridiculous to say the least…However full disclosure I am an investor. But just do a little digging on this company and I think most will come to the same conclusion