Dr. Birnbaum comments on Poland and its Prime Minister

Big Al
March 30, 2022
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    Mar 30, 2022 30:14 PM

    Zelensky is conceding to Ukraine neutrality to help Putin save face! Just keep drinking the Koop-AidWhat is your source that Putin is on a rampage for expanding Domination . Propaganda, all West is good-all Putin bad! 3 yrs ago all Ukraine neo-nazi, now Zelensky is singing baby lullaby’s! A month or so should tell us a lot more for us unwashed to see where it really is at, in my opinion.

      Mar 30, 2022 30:51 PM

      tHE SOURCE is news reports coming out of Turkey and Moscow:
      Kiev poised to forget NATO ambitions, negotiator claims
      Ukraine ready to fulfill key Russian demands – Moscow
      Russian Presidential Aide Vladimir Medinsky attends the Russian-Ukrainian talks at the Dolmabahce Palace, in Istanbul, Turkey. © Sputnik / Sergey Karpuhin
      Russia’s lead negotiator in peace talks with Ukraine, Vladimir Medinsky, said on Wednesday that Kiev has agreed in principle to officially become neutral. ) The country’s bid to join NATO was one of the reasons Moscow said it launched a military offensive last month.)

      Medinsky made his statement a day after the sides held a peace summit in Istanbul, Turkey.
      He said the Ukrainian team presented a draft plan roadmapping a future peace deal.

      ( Of course, looking down the barrel end of a gun.) For the first time, the Ukrainian party announced, not only orally but also in written form, that it’s ready to fulfill a number of the most important conditions for building normal, and, hopefully, good-neighbourly relations with Russia in the future.

        Mar 31, 2022 31:05 AM

        Many thanks for this informationCFS2000

      Mar 30, 2022 30:07 PM


      These are the people we support. nazis.

      Zelensky’s advisor praises ISIS for it’s war crimes and says it’s an example to follow. His position clearly explains why the Kiev regime publishes and widely distributes videos of torture and murder of Russian prisoners of war. ISIS members, when carrying out executions on camera, drugged their victims, according to their pervert understanding of humaneness. Their Ukrainian followers have surpassed ISIS in their atrocities. They are not fighters for the faith, but ordinary Nazis.

      These show torture, what these guys do to prisoners.

      I watched some isis beheadings, these are more difficult to see.

      Its what we support, yea us.

      Mar 31, 2022 31:02 AM

      Ukraine filled with Nazis? Who’s drinking Putin’s Kool-Aid?

      Mar 31, 2022 31:04 AM

      Good morning FIH,
      Please listn to what Jimmy and I said in our Daily Editorial today. Appreciate your comments.

    Mar 30, 2022 30:58 PM


    A rag not even fit for wrapping fish and chips, since even its print ink bleeds.
    Pravda contains more truth than wapoo.

      Mar 31, 2022 31:08 AM

      I certainly agree with your comment CFS2000

    Mar 30, 2022 30:11 PM

    Justice miscarried – as Usual.

    A $100K fine for lies that led to an impeachment costing $36 Million.

      Mar 31, 2022 31:10 AM

      A greatly lower fine than should have occurred.

      Mar 31, 2022 31:12 AM

      Fantastic comment on the media

    Mar 30, 2022 30:11 PM

    Hey CFS…………….. the book I mentioned.. I would give you the title ……… on DEMOCRACY………….
    Beyond Democracy
    byFrank Karsten and Karel Beckman……

    Mar 30, 2022 30:17 PM

    I mention the book….. because it lays out the Myth of Democracy…………..
    there are 13 myths…… that are covered in the book……. a real heads up for those living in dream world…

    Mar 30, 2022 30:35 PM

    Möglicherweise habe ich bereits eine ältere deutsche Version ,Jerry.
    Wenn Die Demokratie Zusammenbricht: Warum Uns Das Demokratische Prinzip in Eine Sackgasse Fuhrt

      Mar 30, 2022 30:02 PM

      Thanks for the OLDER VERSION of the book…………
      I had my son translate the above….
      German , Greek and Latin…… is his main stay…. 🙂

        Mar 30, 2022 30:10 PM

        I think , I will start listing the 13 Myths of Democracy………….
        from the book……. Beyond Democracy…. 🙂

          Mar 31, 2022 31:51 AM

          Jerry that would be good…I am a bit busy to have time to read?…the main points at least….democracy is like mob rule anarchy when propaganda and misinformation are used to steer the masses?…basically

          rulers like that chaos of reason below the point of total revolution….

            Mar 31, 2022 31:54 PM

            Hello larry………… thanks for the reply…….
            I will start doing that just for you….
            Some still think democracy is great…. especially, if you on the govt payroll… lol..
            The Lucky 13 Myths…… will start to appear…. 🙂

            Mar 31, 2022 31:59 PM

            I might do it , like the 12 days of Christmas….. One per day…. lol……..
            Starting on APRIL 1…………. may as well have it start on a FOOL’S DAY….. 🙂

            Apr 01, 2022 01:00 AM

            DAY ONE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 🙂
            OOTB Jerry
            9 hours ago
            Today we start the ………………… MYTH of DEMOCRACY…………….Series……

            April 1………….

            Myth no. 1…………………………. YOUR VOTE COUNTS…………………
            the claim your vote counts……. only 1 in a 100 million

            OOTB Jerry
            9 hours ago
            And actually it is worse………. because the vote you cast is not for a specific policy or decision, it is a VOTE FOR A CANDIDATE who will make decisions on your behalf,
            But you have no influence whatsoever on the decisions that person or party takes!
            You can not control them……

            OOTB Jerry
            9 hours ago
            Voting is the illusion of influence in exchange for the loss of freedom…….

            OOTB Jerry
            9 hours ago
            Of course the ruling class….. continually urges people to vote. They always emphasize that by voting people really do have influence over government policies, but, …what actually matters to them is that
            …a high turnout gives them a STAMP OF APPROVAL……. a moral right to RULE OVER PEOPLE.

            OOTB Jerry
            9 hours ago
            PLEASE NOTE………….. all the above is taken directly from the book
            BEYOND DEMOCRACY………by Frank Karsten …2012

    Mar 30, 2022 30:37 PM

    Meanwhile hospitalized covid patients maybe being murdered.

    Really ? All for a few extra bucks ?

      Mar 30, 2022 30:52 PM

      Yep………… all about the bucks……….. USSA……. has failed the test….

    Mar 30, 2022 30:25 PM

    When i was growing up, i remember how we were killing thousands of Viet Cong and losing only hundreds of Americans. How did that conflict turn out? I listen to the propaganda on todays conflict, and i am pretty convinced that main stream media is full of it. Listen to and consider the Russian position. Putin is not losing here, in my opinion. Those bioweapon facilities have been and are being exposed. The ethnic Russian areas in the east are being liberated. Putin was pushed into a corner and is finally pushing back. If he wanted to restore the Russian empire, he would have started 15 years ago when he was much younger. Diplomacy and peace require understanding the other side. War is ugly and both sides are suffering. But the US loves throwing money and resources into a proxy war.

      Mar 31, 2022 31:52 AM

      I agree………..
      This is what we have been saying for about 4 weeks…… check the notes…

      Mar 31, 2022 31:15 AM

      Yes, America certainly does throw money in that direction.

    Mar 30, 2022 30:38 PM

    I agree, Tommy. It is a mistake to think of Ukraine in only black and white.

    Are there not at least fifty shades of gray?

      Mar 31, 2022 31:21 AM

      Yes, it certainly appears that Farage is one smart and insightful dude! I do enjoy Tucker.!

    Mar 30, 2022 30:24 PM

    God Almighty rules all 50 shades of gray. Russians pulling back because of cadaver effect. Biden criminal enterprise wants Ukraine to go away.

      Mar 31, 2022 31:13 AM

      Now there is some wisdom Buzz – My take: The Biden regime handlers want’s Zelensky and truth about corruption to go away, they want him dead as much as Putin, if possible.

      But Biden’s puppet masters are caught in their own trap – now they can’t let him die or they have a martyr. And then remaining Ukrainian gov who know the truth about Burisma, Biden, Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs’ criminal relations will spill the beans – there is always more to the story.

      Mar 31, 2022 31:28 AM

      This crap is what turned Virginia Red – Parents are fed up with the BS in union schools. The anger is real, and changing the way our system will work, hopefully toward more transparency and focus on real education, not woke political indoctrination.

    Mar 31, 2022 31:43 AM
      Mar 31, 2022 31:25 AM

      Yes, Houston we havea huge problem!