Blackrock Silver – Unpacking The Tonopah West Maiden Stope Optimized Resource Estimate Of 42.6 Million Ounces Silver Equivalent Grading 446 g/t AgEq

Andrew Pollard, CEO of Blackrock Silver (TSX.V:BRC – OTCQX:BKRRF), joins us to unpack the Tonopah West Maiden Stope Optimized Resource Estimate; 2.9 Million Tonnes Grading 446 g/t AgEq for 42.6 Million Ounces AgEq, which was announced on May 2nd.   Andrew addresses the inflated expectations of the retail investors, and contrasted their interpretation with institutional investors that were quite on-board with growing such a high-grade silver deposit of size, over 40 million ounces, in less than 18 months of drilling.  Andrew mentioned that in the next month a more detailed report will be released to the market showing sensitivity to different grades and costs, and it will highlight how many ounces could be added to the resource using different metrics that will be useful for investors to see other areas of growth


This resource estimate incorporated much of the exploration results from the 110,000 drill campaign at the Tonopah West Property, in Nevada. The majority of the drilling has been focused on infill and step-out drilling around the DPB Target and Victor Targe in a grid of 800 meters x 800 meters over 6 different veins.   Recently the company has been drilling 250 – 300 meter step out holes at Denver vein, along with some larger discovery step out holes over 1km away from known mineralization which are still at the lab and awaiting results to come back.  


In addition, the Company is currently drilling their recently acquired Tonopah North project on BLM lands, with 7 holes drilled so far from the targeted 9,000 meters and 12 hole scout drilling program to continue expanding resources at this new target.

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    May 04, 2022 04:58 AM

    Eric Townsend, former gold bug, ain’t a bug any more: Hansen interview. Is he right???

      May 04, 2022 04:25 PM

      No, he is not right. He will change his tune again. Gold bug? He was never a gold bug. He is a macro economic commentator who is not distinguished in any way. He is not an expert on PM/commodities or much of anything outside of macro economics. A talking ME head. Anyone on this site following his views on gold is on the wrong side of the sentiment trade. Take note.

    May 04, 2022 04:27 PM

    I sure hope AP has learned some lessons this week about over-hyping his company. He over promised and under delivered. He set false expectations. Stock was punished . Please learn, Andrew. Try to be humble.