A pre-interview to the televised hearings

Big Al
June 28, 2022
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    Jun 28, 2022 28:00 PM

    Trudeau Panics as Fully Vaccinated account for 9 in every 10 COVID-19 Deaths in Canada over the past month; 4 in every 5 of which were Triple Jabbed

    Jun 28, 2022 28:22 PM

    Search discord in america…we have been lied to for decades by the medical establishment the political the finance the media the philanthropy the corporations in general…this is reaching that level of intolerable almost eruptive proportions…..what happened to live long and work hard live well…be happy…remember Clinton…’it depends what you mean by this’…or what ever…forgot..LAWYERS have been breaking out for decades now…lol….nothing is connected to reality….when it gets really real, people will be shocked by how ugly that will be…glta….corruption begets corruption…i agree w Jerry on his passages from the last blog…thanks…all have a good evening…

    Jun 28, 2022 28:26 PM

    In my opinion, this excellent discussion hits the nail on the head except for 2 things. Trudeau is a bought and paid for new wold order globalist as well as that poor excuse of a finance minister of his. I believe Eastern Canada imports most of its oil from the middle-east at world prices, which ignores the abundance that is in virtually land-locked western Canada at much lower prices. All the mainstream issues are diversions, in my opinion. The cess-pool of poverty is ravaging our societies, neatly hidden as a result. I wonder if a poor person in Russia is worse off than our disenfranchised? The warning sirens re who counts the votes seems to be totally ignored! I think history will now view the last elections as legitimate as the next election is lmminent. Just sayin’.