Erik Wetterling – A Focus On Post-Discovery Junior Exploration Growth Stocks

Erik Wetterling, Founder and Editor of The Hedgeless Horseman website,  joins us to discuss the stage of mining stocks on the Lassonde curve that he is most attracted to; which are post-discovery exploration growth stories.  While investing in junior mining stocks, he is keen on managing risks using diversification, but also focusing on stories with known discoveries or high probabilities of discoveries due to favorable factors. Erik points out that compared to riskier pre-discovery grass roots drill plays, or larger mature development stage optionality companies, that he is stacking the odds in his favor with highly probable post-discovery growth stories.   Some of the stocks discussed that Erik feels meet this criteria are Snowline Gold (SGD), Timberline Gold (TBR) and Goliath Resources. 


Other stocks that were discussed during the course of the interview were Gold Standard Ventures (GSV), International Tower Hill Mines (ITH), and Great Bear Resources (GBR). *


*Shad has an active position in Gold Standard Ventures, and had a position in Great Bear Resources prior to the takeover by Kinross.



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    Jun 30, 2022 30:05 PM

    We Are Beyond Spoiled (i-80, Timberline, Aurion, FireFox)

    Erik Wetterling – The Hedgless Horesman – June 29, 2022

    “The biggest lay up just gets bigger.”

    0:00 Market commentary
    17:03 Nevada: i-80 Gold & Timberline Resources
    23:52 Finland: Rupert, Aurion & FireFox

      Jun 30, 2022 30:47 PM

      Thanks for posting that Shad 😀

        Jun 30, 2022 30:58 PM

        Sure thing amigo. You shared lots of good insights there, for investors to consider. Cheers!

    Jun 30, 2022 30:27 PM

    We could have a low in a few days but that’s plenty of time for a big plunge.

    Jun 30, 2022 30:43 PM

    Silver finished the quarter at a big fork support down a large 19% yet volume was lower than any quarter since the first quarter of 2016.

      Jun 30, 2022 30:35 PM

      just a normal correction…it is good for the long game imho

      you reminded me Mathew…The ABC down in the GDX is NOT confirmed w volumes…The B is on 5/12 w 36 million but the eventual close below is on 6/23 w only 31 million…So that means other patterns will try to truncate the potential ABC 1:1 target of 21.58…glta

    Jun 30, 2022 30:03 PM

    Now is the time to get a shopping list ready. Electric Royalties got bombed out yesterday and fell as low as 0.13. That was a market cap of about 10 million and essentially have 8 million in cash and a small but decent royalty portfolio. I bought a bunch at 0.15 yesterday and today it was a 50% gainer, topping the tsxv. The market has been brutal but it can be the best time also.

      Jun 30, 2022 30:18 PM

      Great point Jetty. Sometimes bottom-fishing these companies during waterfall declines, can lead to sharp reversals where one is sprung immediately back in the money. They can be wonderful short-duration trades, or just nice spots to accumulate and add to existing positions.

      Yeah, we need to reach back out to Brendan from Electric Royalties and get him back on the show again, as we’ve not had him on since last year. It would be nice to get an update from them. Cheers!

        Jun 30, 2022 30:55 PM

        Ex, having Brendan on would be great. I am curious about the buyer of the lithium royalty. Perhaps Lithium Royalty Corp? Rumor has it that they may IPO soon.

          Jun 30, 2022 30:12 PM

          10-4. I’ll see about reaching out to him and maybe getting something set up in the next few weeks and ask about that.

      Jun 30, 2022 30:29 PM

      Yeah, not a surprise to see Argonaut drop down to where the financing is, as that is pretty par for the course with any company and is usually triggered by selling from existing shareholders that wanted to get in on the financing. What is shocking is to think of AR with a $0.45 price though… I remember selling a big portion of my position in $2.80’s – $3.80’s throughout 2021, except for the final tranche which came after the nasty news dropped.

      It’s such a shame to see what played out with Argonaut ever since that fateful announcement in December of last year of the massive cost overrun at Magino and then sacking Pete the CEO and founder without any explanation. For most of the previous 5 years I’d thought of AR as great example of a turn-around to a best-in-class mid-tier producer. They had been delivering on everything so well from exploration to development to production to their takeover of Alio, etc…. They were doing so very well, were still undervalued, and had so much room to still grow and blossom, and then they completely imploded in an instant. So sad to see.

      I had been in trading Argonaut since 2017, and probably did about 2 dozen trades in it during 2017, then another half dozen in 2018, then another half dozen in 2019, then more than a dozen trades in 2020, but then 2021 was the year of exiting Argonaut for good. My last 2 purchases were in Feb of 2021, then (thankfully) I sold tranches in April, May, and November, but the rest of my remaining core position I sold in December after the bad news broke, and I’ve never looked back since then. I knew when that cost overrun news hit and they got rid of Pete that it was a different story from then on.

      After making money in Argonaut for a number of years the tables had suddenly and drastically turned. I got spanked on that last position to some degree, but had made multifold returns on it since 2017 in about 4 dozen trades. I remember talking to Dave Erfle that next day and him asking me what I was going to do and saying “I’m out until I see them get the mess fixed…. which will likely be a long time.” Thank goodness I made a quick decision, as the stock has fallen by another 82% from where I sold it since then…. What a freakin’ train-wreck that has been since last December. Again, so sad to see that happen as they’d been slaying it for years and had such a bright future. Oh well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

        Jun 30, 2022 30:55 PM

        Upon further reflection, I’d possibly consider getting back in Argonaut once they finally get Magino built (whatever that ends up costing them) and then once that mine is officially in commercial production. Also, I bet at one point to attract larger institutional investors they’ll probably need to do a reverse stock split.

        If all that plays out, where they’ve transformed the production profile with Magino, and tightened up the shares again, then it may be worth another look. Still, most of the upside that was unappreciated and on the table leading up to last year has now been completely destroyed by the recent and still on-going dilution. That pretty much poisoned the well, and I can’t imagine it will ever have the appeal to PM investors that it once did. One should never say never, but still it would take a lot of things happening and going right to get me to put capital to work in it, when there are so many other growth-oriented gold producers with much brighter futures and more potential growth in store.

    Jun 30, 2022 30:22 PM

    It’s not over yet, the selloff in the markets has only just begun. We are in the 4th inning and it won’t end until the summer is over. If you haven’t cashed up yet, there is still time but it’s running thin.
    Cash… you will need it.
    Cash… if you don’t have it, get it now.
    Sell now. If you don’t, you’ll be selling at lower prices when you will is broken and you can no longer take the pain.
    Sell now, the pain you feel today will be mild in comparison to the pain you’ll fee a month or two months from now.
    SELL NOW!!!!

    Jun 30, 2022 30:06 PM

    Here is an interesting video from James Flanagan at Gann Global Financial, on the technical picture he sees unfolding after Thursday’s month-end and quarter-end closes in the PM sector for the HUI, GDX, and Gold.

    Jun 30, 2022 30:32 PM

    Gold futures currently trading @ $1797 (after tagging $1795 just a little while ago)

    Silver futures currently trading at @ 19.91 (after tagging $19.84 just a little while ago)

    Copper down to $3.62

    Platinum down to $881.45

    Hello July…. 😮

    Jul 01, 2022 01:18 AM

    According to GoldSeek, silver precisely hit its 2019 high of 19.75 and is now trying to take back the 233 week MA at 19.88…

    Jul 01, 2022 01:58 AM

    Silver at 19.54 down 4% and gold at 1786. Thought the quarter would start off with a bounce.

    Jul 01, 2022 01:31 AM

    Trends :
    New month. Negative ISM at 10am.
    NatGas hammered yesterday.
    PM slide continues.
    Added alerts.

      Jul 01, 2022 01:10 PM

      PM pop. GDX above 28.89-96 zone will make it significant (possible turn).

    Jul 01, 2022 01:43 AM

    Silver absolutely smashed today and GDXJ +3 ATM. Ahh markets

      Jul 01, 2022 01:05 AM

      Likely ‘weekend wash’ for PMs.
      This may be the current turn!

        Jul 01, 2022 01:25 AM

        Maybe not “Likely” considering the June 10th bullish engulfment trap.

          Jul 01, 2022 01:28 AM

          saw that BDC///candles fail or false message in between the market extremes…but at the extremes as we are approaching they are everything

    Jul 01, 2022 01:28 AM

    This first slide slide below 1800 for gold in quite a while, will likely generate a pop above, it’s the subsequent slide to worry about if 1800 turns from former a support level to resistance.

    Jul 01, 2022 01:28 AM

    Smashed………… lol……….. Silver is so far behind , it will take another century for the sheeple to figure out the cabal does not want the “people’s money ” to exist…….
    People really, need to do a history lesson…… start about 1890…… same crap.

    Jul 01, 2022 01:12 AM

    No worries, Jerry, silver has extreme upside and will not be denied. Today is a gift to those looking to buy the metal.

      Jul 01, 2022 01:50 PM

      Hello Matthew……….. I would have to agree with you on the “extreme”……..

        Jul 01, 2022 01:43 PM

        Just another FREAKY FRIDAY……………………..

    Jul 01, 2022 01:34 AM

    Canada Day today. US criminals distorting things more than normal.

    Jul 01, 2022 01:48 AM

    GDX finally tested (and pierced) its anchored VWAP based on the 2018 low (when gold was well under 1200). This volume-weighted average price of all trades since the post-2016 correction ended is important so it’s a good thing that GDX looks like it will finish the week well above it (currently 26 cents above it).

    Jul 01, 2022 01:03 PM

    Tom Luongo with The Duran on Oil and Economics

    Jul 01, 2022 01:10 PM

    The HUI caught a bid where it should have and finished 5% off its low:

    Jul 01, 2022 01:12 PM

    GOEX also turned where it should have and delivered its best volume since December:

    Jul 01, 2022 01:21 PM

    SILJ finished the week down less than SLV and silver which is bullish for the miners since they “should” deliver significant leverage to the metal in the direction the metal is moving.

    Jul 01, 2022 01:01 PM

    Silver at $19.91……………… lol…………. time to stock up…………
    with gas at $5 per gallon……… lol……… give me a break……..