Josef Schachter – Energy Sector Outlook With A Focus On The Health Of Oil Stocks

July 26, 2022

Josef Schachter, Founder and Editor of the Schachter Energy Report joins us to provide an update on the overall energy sector focused on the pullback in oil prices. We start with the supply and demand fundamentals tied in with the concept that OPEC and the US are unable to ramp up production, while still highlighting a number of individual countries that are upping their output like Libya, Guyana, Iran, and Brazil.


We then focus a lot on the energy stocks starting with some of the higher dividend payers in the oil sector. We also cover some of the smaller growth oriented companies. Next, we look at how poor energy policies have further affected the supply/demand picture, contributed to the debt loads many companies carry from being out of favor, and how this all has impacted the amount the sector has reinvested back into growth. Finally we touch on jurisdiction and where Josef sees opportunity.




Click here to learn more about the Schachter Energy Report.

    Jul 27, 2022 27:55 PM

    Hi guys, interesting interview thanks! BTW the podcasts are still not visible in my Google podcast app.

      Jul 28, 2022 28:45 AM

      Thanks for the heads up Pen. I have updated the podcast distribution link so it should start showing up for you shortly. Please let me know if this does not happen.