You have to consider The Press; and, thoughts on Ukraine

Big Al
August 18, 2022
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Give serious consideration to The Press and come to you conclusions.
    Aug 18, 2022 18:59 AM

    I can agree with the american neocons considering people as pawns.

    George Carlin, “they dont give a f##k about you.”

    Aug 18, 2022 18:45 PM

    Of course ,the DoJ just ILLEGALLY got Trump’s tax records from Mar-A-Lago

    Aug 18, 2022 18:51 PM

    You should be SCARED, VERY SCARED, of the New IRS.

    87,000 new trainees.
    5,000,000 rounds of ammo
    Over 100,000 new rifles, shot guns, hand guns
    They are not going after billionaires…..they’re coming for you.

      Aug 18, 2022 18:58 PM

      I’ve dealt with the IRS. There is nothing to be scared of if you don’t cheat on your taxes.
      How stupid.

    Aug 18, 2022 18:59 PM

    Reconciliation bill includes nearly $80 billion for IRS including enforcement, audits

    $80 Billion is a lot of money.

    Aug 18, 2022 18:06 PM

    August 24 marks Ukraine’s 31st Independence Day, which honors the adoption of the Proclamation of Independence of Ukraine granted when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.

    I believe Russia is preparing for a counter attack on August 24.

    Aug 18, 2022 18:41 PM

    I will respond to J McKinney’s comment as to why I snipe at him all the time.

    Al knows who Marin Katusa is and so does anybody who invests money into the resource sector.
    Marin wrote a book in 2015 titled “The Colder War” How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from America’s Grasp.
    This is one of the most comprehensive books written about the early history and motivations of V Putin.
    I will add after attending one of Marin’s seminars, I knew right then and there Marin was one of the most savy and brilliant people when it came to Energy investing.
    Here is a quote from his book.
    The Ukrainian revolution wasn’t just about Ukraine. It was a proxy struggle between Russia and the West. And much about it fits badly into U S officialdom’s standard “white hat ” narrative.
    The Ukrainian revolution was a coup that overthrew a democratically elected President-normally not the sort of thing the United States likes to be seen encouraging.
    The insurgents who drove Yanukovych out of office and out of the country were depicted in Western media as noble fighters risking death to oust an autocrat and build a democracy-which is roughly half the truth. The ranks of the so-called freedom fighters included members of the Svoboda Party, an organization whose story line is told in the vocabulary of the 1930’s-style anti-Semitism. Its leadership includes the founder of the Joseph Goebbels Political Research Center.

    Washington downplayed the neo-nazi involvement of course. But Senator John McCain’s ill advised December 2013 visit to Ukraine didn’t help. He found himself sharing the stage with Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnyok-a man who is quick with a nazi salute, has urged his countrymen to fight against the Muscovite-Jewish mafia,” and has called on the government to halt the criminal activities” of organized Jewry.
    Chapter Five in Marin’s book is titled Ukraine.
    Marin lays it out with history as well.
    Remember this book was written before Putin invaded.

    Why do I post comments you consider as a snipe? It was the Islamic Wahhabi radicals that started the trouble in Chechnya when Yeltsin appointed Putin head of the FSB to deal with this.
    D.Trump has gotten in bed with the same bunch, except these Islamic Wahabi are in Saudi Arabia.
    Al and yourself seem to have a short memory.
    Go back to 1973 and remember what the Saudi’s did when they were unhappy with our actions concerning Israel.
    Do you really believe anything has changed?
    Also I will take being mentioned in the same comment as B Moriarty as a compliment.

    Aug 18, 2022 18:07 PM

    How much more of our tax dollars does J McKinney believe it will take for the U S to declare a victory over Putin in Ukraine?

    Aug 18, 2022 18:13 PM

    John K,
    I am not sure you have a full understanding of the Middle East.
    Islam is not one united faction, but two.
    Iran is majority Shiite, but Saudi is majority Sunni.
    Saudi is allied with Israel, because Shiite and Sunni oppose each other.

      Aug 18, 2022 18:55 PM

      Saudi is not allied with Israel.
      The Islamic Holy book is the Koran.
      All those who do not follow are infidels.
      I thought you were a professor.
      You just copied CFS username didn’t you.
      At least everybody knows who I am. I don’t have to hide.

    Aug 18, 2022 18:14 PM

    Just like when I called you out on the pentagon video.

      Aug 19, 2022 19:02 AM

      Good post John.

      Scott Ritter, a military analyst and former US Marine Corps intelligence officer, told Sputnik on Thursday that NATO’s policy of giving Ukraine billions of dollars in weapons that so quickly get destroyed is “inefficient and counterproductive” from both a political and a national security point of view.
      “The more Europe invests its military capacity into Ukraine, the weaker Europe gets,” Ritter said.

      An interesting article concerning Ukraine today if your interested.

      I’ve followed Mr Ritter for some time now, excellent analysis.

        Aug 19, 2022 19:07 AM

        There is so much corruption in Ukraine, I’m not even sure money is effectively spent on weapons.

      Aug 19, 2022 19:01 AM

      And you were wrong about light poles being clipped.

    Aug 19, 2022 19:54 PM

    Not so fast CFS. I never said anything about the light poles. You better go back and re-check who you were talking to.
    I posted “How come you don’t post a video of what you claim to have watched.”