Ed Moya – Has The Market Just Confirmed The Recent Rally Was Just A Dead Cat Bounce?

August 22, 2022

Ed Moya, Senior Market Analyst at OANDA joins us to share his thoughts on the market roll over in the last couple trading days. After over a month long run higher for almost every sector we are now seeing a roll over that is reminding everyone we are most likely still in a bear market. We discuss a wide range of markets including energy and cryptos.




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    Aug 22, 2022 22:53 AM

    And down the tubes they go again!
    PMs heading back down strong and we’re not even close to the next .75 rate hike.
    Just wait until then, PMs will BLAST down below their July lows.
    The 10 year cup and handle you all we’re looking at is broken.
    It’s OVER for PMs.
    SELL NOW!!!!

      Aug 22, 2022 22:28 PM

      Amazing insights Joe.

      Can you please post a chart showing your technical work that the larger cup & handle pattern is broken?

      Can you also post a chart and show your technical work where you generated your pricing targets that we’d be going down below the July lows in September, when the Fed hikes again?

      To what level are we going down to for support, and how did you generate those pricing targets?

      > Also, that is good information that “It’s OVER for PMs.”

      You should call Asia and tell China, Russia, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, etc… to stop buying the pet rock.

      You should also warn India not to start buying gold during wedding season, which kicks off in mid September-October and runs through year end. No point in those new couples starting out life having their families buy them a bunch of gold if it is over. 😉

        Aug 22, 2022 22:19 PM

        Most people will never see the crash coming, it happens so fast that is usually over by the time they figure it out. The public here bought Real Estate when it was way overpriced and now it is cracking under the debt gong. Today the Dow fell over 600 points, we have been seeing a dead cat bounce. Now is the time to keep a very close watch on what is happening, I m not saying sell but don’t be one of the unwary. When it happens it will quickly spill over into the foreign stock exchanges, the lesser American exchanges, and the grain market.

        Once the brokerage houses start calling in the margin accounts, the banks will start checking their loans. Don’t let a wave of reassuring statements from The Fed influence you, think for yourself. DT

        Aug 23, 2022 23:42 AM

        Oh what a surprise, Joe didn’t post any charts backing up his pricing claims.

        Also, after one of his dire warnings yesterday, the PMs are once again up and running in the green today.


      Aug 22, 2022 22:54 PM

      Hi Joe. What’s your expert oppinion on buying physical silver ? Thank You.

        Aug 22, 2022 22:49 PM

        My guess, is that Joe is short GDXJ

    Aug 22, 2022 22:14 PM

    UK inflation on track to hit 18.6% inflation due to high energy prices, Citigroup warns…..

      Aug 22, 2022 22:52 PM

      I wonder if they still think its covid causing the inflation.

    Aug 22, 2022 22:45 PM

    Hi guys, podcasts are still not available in the Google podcast app, anything that you can do to resolve? Thanks

      Aug 23, 2022 23:43 AM

      Hi Pen. We were told by a few other folks that they had to do a new search for the show on Google and on I-Tunes for “The KE Report” or “The Korelin Economics Report” and that all the show are there. If you are still looking under the old category then they will not show up there.

    Aug 22, 2022 22:34 PM

    The World Economic Forum (WEF) is waiting for the crash to happen so they can institute the final phase of The Great Reset! DT

      Aug 23, 2022 23:45 AM

      Yes, it all sounds like a controlled demolition of the current system doesn’t it?

      Klaus Schwab has the plan outlined in plain sight, and most will not like it. (even though he claims we will all own nothing and like it).