Willam Middelkoop – Commodity Outlook While Focusing The Commodity Discovery Fund More On Critical Minerals

February 16, 2023

I am very happy to bring on the show William Middelkoop, Founder and Principal of the Commodity Discovery Fund and Author of The Big Reset. Since this is William’s first time on the show we start with a quick background on how and why he formed the Commodity Discovery Fund. This ties into a discussion on commodities broadly and the individual commodities his fund is focusing a bit more on currently. Critical minerals have garnered a lot of attention and the Commodity Discovery Fund is riding the wave as well.


We also discuss how precious metals fit into the funds portfolio and the due diligence process William and his team undertake before investing in a company.





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    Feb 16, 2023 16:12 PM

    Great interview. Willam is a credible source and glad you guys are making him a regular.