Carlson on Joe Biden and his age.

Big Al
February 28, 2023
    Mar 01, 2023 01:28 AM

    Gay Lightfoot ….OUT…… Chicago………Bye,Bye….. THE PEOPLE SPEAK……
    You know it is bad , when the Chicago Bears leave.

      Mar 01, 2023 01:57 AM

      Good point Jerry… the BLM riots (mostly peaceful protests) hurt the city with the looting… and continued with failures of law enforcement in all neighborhoods at all times of day… car jacking was, maybe still is, rampent… i suspect MSM has been told to reduce reporting such things… you know in the interest of equity… and attempting to get tourists back.
      And Lightfoot pushed those draconian covid restrictions, masking, mandates, jab passports… all done for your safety and to save lives. Lol.

        Mar 01, 2023 01:29 PM

        I will think twice…before I ever go to Chi Town,/ Windy City again…….
        Use to go there all the time…. was a lot of good times

          Mar 01, 2023 01:19 PM

          Same here Jerry… Use to visit the city at least once a year for some tourist activity… not since BLM… wife has a doctor at UChicago Medicine, use to go about every six months… last time we went was over a year ago… lost some of the safe on campus feel… have not gone since… doc not much help anymore anyway.

    Mar 01, 2023 01:52 AM

    I wonder what the percentage of the people is on this site that believes it’s the “real Joe Biden” we are watching on the daily news?
    Most probably believe it’s Joe.

      Mar 01, 2023 01:47 AM

      We already know there are body doubles and masks.
      So, with that idea in mind.

      One should be able to come to a LOGICAL conclusion .

      Extend and pretend…..the front man is the puppet real or unreal,,
      and the real criminals behind the scenes will never be caught
      as long as we have FAKE EVERYTHING….

        Mar 01, 2023 01:48 AM

        I’m not sure this “double” topic is as nefarious as it looks.
        Doubles have been used for a long time.
        1 that comes to mind is the germans killing a double of churchill.

        Doesnt mean the gov is not as evil as can be, I’m watching a presentation on Chomsky, it mentions 50-60 million murdered by the americans since the 2nd war.
        Pretty darned evil.

        Chomsky is lookin like a gov shill with all his misinfo concerning 911.

          Mar 01, 2023 01:29 AM

          This interview goes as far as zionists bankers, Israel, Kenedy assasination, the Ukraine war, using nazis and Putin fighting these people that did 911 etc.

          It sure puts together alot of the info that has been mentioned here.

        Mar 01, 2023 01:53 AM

        Remember how everyone was so solum at the Biden (alleged) inauguration on 1-20-21?
        Like they were at a funeral or something?
        Well, they were at Joe’s funeral. It was at Arlington cemetery instead of the Capitol!
        And… he got a 13 shot volley which is a military funeral service for a rank of lesser class.

        Wait until the Biden people find out this truth.
        And an actor wearing a mask has been going around acting a fool.

        People are…. goofy..

          Mar 01, 2023 01:01 AM

          wow…that i was not aware of at alllll!..thank you Chartster…you are saying the military as an institution was not recognizing his inauguration?…right?

          that is a positive

            Mar 01, 2023 01:05 AM

            Correct! Donald Trump got a 21 gun salute and was sang ‘hail to the chief’ at joint base Andrews and flew out on Air Force 1 the same day.

            When the Biden procession rode by the National Guard at the Capitol, they all turned their backs.
            They knew.

            Mar 01, 2023 01:43 AM

            Chartster you say:
            “Wait until the Biden people find out this truth.
            And an actor wearing a mask has been going around acting a fool.”

            If, we have body doubles and mask………. NO ONE REALLY KNOWS,
            that ALL CONGRESS is NOT wearing masks., That is WHY, I say to

            b…………… that is potentially, ……Why the sheeple might be concerned on the
            “mask and doubles”……….. do you really think everyone is not playing the same
            ..JUST OOTB…. lol………… have a great one.

            Mar 01, 2023 01:06 AM

            title says inauguration…site looks like whitehouse…confused chartster…glta


            Mar 01, 2023 01:27 AM

            Nutty, ain’t it?


            The Capitol was fenced off and had over 10,000 national guard.

          Mar 01, 2023 01:04 AM

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          And thanks to all my Patrons for your support

          “It’s Coming.” That’s what Elon Musk said a while back apropos of the Twitter files that show all the US government suppression of Covid-19 information mis-labeled as “misinformation.” Think of whatever the truth is as mis-misinformation. Get it? You might have to read that sentence more than once to comprehend what went wrong with the American consensus the past three years. And then you’ll begin to understand why the operation is called mind-fuckery.

          “It” comes out in weird ways now. For instance, Woody Harrelson’s little prank on Saturday Night Live. The A-List actor opened the show acting stoned, talking about how much he likes weed and getting stoned, and, at the very end of his routine, spoke of a “movie script” that spun out in his stoned head:

          The biggest drug cartels in the world get together, and buy up all the media and all the politicians… and force all the people in the world to stay locked in their homes… and people can only come out if they take the cartel’s drug… and keep taking them over and over. I threw the script away. I mean, who’s gonna believe that crazy idea?”

          One can also imagine the NBC lawyers’ iPhones lighting up and emitting a cacophony of ring-tones in the late-night hours following Woody’s little gaucherie. After all, this is the TV network that still employs the likes of Rachel Maddow, Misinformation-Informer-in-Chief of the whole USA who, for years, has performed as the icon representing how the political Left thinks of itself, and what it thinks. What the Left thinks of itself, of course, is that it’s collectively the smartest person in the world. And what the Left actually thinks is exactly what Woody’s movie script implied: believe everything that the government, the news media, and the drug companies tell you, and act accordingly, and destroy anyone who says otherwise.

          Woody’s gag offended the news media hugely and instantly, said media being scaffolded on the Internet. The response was wildly censorious. Vanity Fair’s insta-bulletin said, “Uncle Woody… taking the stage to float conspiracy theories disguised as provocative humor is both intellectually dishonest and tedious.” Tedious? As if you’ve heard that come out of A-list actors’ mouths a thousand times? I doubt it. Who is being “intellectually dishonest” exactly?

          Rolling Stone, likewise headlined: “Woody Harrelson Spreads Anti-Vax Conspiracies During SNL Monologue.” (Just how anti-anti-establishment now is the old counter-culture rag I once worked for?) The Daily Beast, The Left’s house organ, echoed that: “Woody Harrelson Spews Anti-Vax Conspiracies in Rambling SNL Monologue.” Notice, “spews,” as in the most vile and disgusting bodily function imaginable, you revolting piece of filth….

          Now, what Woody actually didn’t say in that little riff, if you’re paying attention, is that the vaxxes in question are ineffective and dangerous. Yes, he actually left that part out, though there were enough dots in the monologue to connect that message, if you were of a mind to. The problem for the smartest people in the world is that their minds stopped working about five years ago — mainly when a certain DJT stepped onstage to declare that the Left’s management of national affairs was corrupt, depraved, and dangerous. This enraged the management class to the max.

          Graduates of Yale, Brown, Harvard, and the rest of the elite service academies went nuts over that and, in a bizarre switcheroo for the ages, became the staunchest defenders of anything the government decided to impose on the people of this land, starting with a series of political hoaxes — RussiaGate, Ukraine phone call impeachment — cresting with the Covid-19 hysteria and its vaccination cherry-on-top. The smartest people in the world were all-in on all of that, and knocked themselves out enforcing and defending it.

          And now… it’s coming… out. They were played. Absolutely snookered. All. These. Brilliant. Morally unassailably upright. Good. People. Taken for a ride. Spoofed. Put-on. Conned. And they sold out their country in the process. And now they cower on the verge of being unmasked for the mendacious fools they are. One might empathize at how horribly painful this is, the ethical wreckage of a whole social demographic! But don’t confuse empathy with sympathy. They are about to sink in historic disgrace and ignominy, and that’s why their official interlocutors react so harshly.

          Another part Woody left out is what happens after the suckered people take the cartel’s drug over and over. They get sick and many of them die. We are just getting started with that chapter of the story and, as statistical investigator Edward Dowd said recently, the mRNA “vaccines” have already killed more Americans than all the wars this country ever fought. This is the kind of mis-misinformation that the managing elite really don’t want to face. But get ready. It’s coming.

            Mar 01, 2023 01:26 PM

            I don’t think it was quite as you portray, Larry.

            The problem was the length of the learning curve. We just did not know for mRNA.

            Trump should be praised for how fast he got things moving.
            Pfizer should be condemned for skimping on safety and efficacy testing.
            And most of the scum in the main stream media are biased

            Mar 01, 2023 01:08 PM

            If you only understood CFS…glta

      Mar 01, 2023 01:07 AM

      “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” He’s pulling strings and pushing buttons on the corrupt demented muppet in WH as a surrogate for his third term.

        Mar 01, 2023 01:47 AM

        Obama./Micheal,….. was wearing more than a masks….
        see Joan Rivers….. 🙂

          Mar 01, 2023 01:23 AM

          Been there, seen that. Unfortunately, after that brief video news interview in 2014 outside her townhouse, she succumbed to a supposedly simple outpatient surgical procedure.

            Mar 01, 2023 01:41 AM

            How Convenient……….. 🙂

            Mar 01, 2023 01:47 AM

            Wonder if we could pull up some pictures of Barry smoking weed , and holding hands with
            his other boy friend…. setting on the couch…. 🙂

      Mar 01, 2023 01:00 AM

      That is a great one……… lot of meaning in that
      Uncle Ben/Yellen face mask…. lol

    Mar 01, 2023 01:40 AM

    Over the target again.
    Comments being censored.

    Mar 01, 2023 01:45 AM

    Who traveled with Trump to the Ohio disaster?
    Who’s the only person that can activate FEMA?

    BINGO: your president!

      Mar 01, 2023 01:58 AM

      When is ROUND UP TIME………….???
      Who is at Gitmo Now… and is the remodeling done….?

      You know Anna never covers this…..

    Mar 01, 2023 01:20 AM

    No idea who’s at GITMO, but flights go there every day. And there is a lot of people in congress wearing masks.
    And a lot of people with big ego that can’t shut up are nowhere to be found.

      Mar 01, 2023 01:47 PM

      Now……. that is some good thoughts…….

    Mar 01, 2023 01:29 AM

    I found conflicting information regarding that A-50 Russian aircraft in Machulishchi, Belarus… damaged or unharmed ?
    I wonder if Jimmy can provide the true facts based on his sources.

      Mar 01, 2023 01:42 PM


      I would like to see the sources also.
      Just so we can get the FACTS straight…….
      IF, the radio people are just listening to ONE SIDE,…. that is not really a fact finding situation.

      If, anyone that listens over the RADIO to the KER…… are you on this BLOG….. thanks.

    Mar 01, 2023 01:01 PM

    Wait until the end. … Suprise-No Suprise.

      Mar 01, 2023 01:44 PM

      Dang that is a good one on CONGRESS…………… 380 ……… WAIT TILL THE END……
      Need to make a list of the offenses…. in hard copy form and post it…..

    Mar 01, 2023 01:06 PM

    CLIF HIGH…………….writes……..
    They are lying about Ukraine, and the Queer War being waged there now.

    We KNOW that ALL of it was DELIBERATE!

    Wait until the Normies, your constituents, wake to this understanding, that the whole thing was deliberately trying to kill them, and YOU were in on it. At least that’s how it looks from the outside.

    Mar 01, 2023 01:07 PM

    THIS IS A FIND FOR AL……THE LAST PERSON BELIEVING 9/11 was not a controlled demolition/missile hit/ plane hit missile intrigue…false flag to achieve immediate political targets…glta …enjoy…it is history now….

      Mar 01, 2023 01:13 PM

      The Architects and Engineers……. of 9/11 report was covered over and over again
      John K…… pounded the table on this on for years…..
      Of course that was years ago……….. sheeple just passed it by….glad to see it resurface…

    Mar 01, 2023 01:21 PM

    This site appears to be as thorough regarding 9/11 as geoengineeringwatch .org is on climate engineering….

      Mar 01, 2023 01:34 PM

      I bet the MANAGEMENT……… will not say a thing but a ONE LINER….. 🙂

      Mar 01, 2023 01:37 PM

      Thanks for posting the page……….

    Mar 01, 2023 01:43 PM

    This Is A Must Listen To . IMO… 8 & a half minutes . . The Spanish Flu/ Covid … Rockerfeller/Gates. Vaccines, Mass Killing.

      Mar 01, 2023 01:55 PM

      I am watching it now…………….
      Present day facts…….here in the USA…..since 1971…..
      Planned Parenthood……..Has KILLED ABOUT 40 MILLION BABIES…

      Mar 01, 2023 01:02 PM

      First time I have heard of A.Bell associated with the scam….
      larry , would like this one…..goes along with what he has been saying for TWO YEARS or MORE.

      OWL………….. You should watch it….. YOU MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING…..pass it along to your
      Assisted living Friends…. you might save their life….

      Mar 01, 2023 01:13 PM

      some/most here get it….a great post….the 1918 concoction moved quick…modern science has mastered the slow burn contemporary jab….

    Mar 02, 2023 02:47 AM

    It is Thursday MARCH 2………………..

    The part truth TUCKER, FOX …….. goes to show the scammers are eating their own…. lol

    Mar 04, 2023 04:48 PM