Regency Silver – Exploration Update On 2 Holes Drilled At The Dios Padre Project And Ongoing IP Survey

Shad Marquitz
February 28, 2023

Bruce Bragagnolo, Executive Chairman of Regency Silver (TSX.V:RSMX – OTCQB:RSMXF) joins us to discuss the visual mineralization over good widths on 2 more holes just press released in the ongoing drill program at the Dios Padre Project, in Mexico, that started at the beginning of January.


The current 3 hole, 3,000 meter program has been focused on follow drilling around the discovery hole #REG-22-01 announced on October 11th, which had yielded 35.8 metres of 6.84 g/t gold, 0.88% copper and 21.82 g/t silver along with 13.97 g/t Au, 50.25 g/t Ag and 1.11 % Cu over 9.8 m. The company is still waiting on the actual assay results to be returned but did announce on February 23rd that drill hole# REG-23-14 intersected 32m of pyrite-specularite-chalcopyrite supported breccia from ~454-486m and drill hole# REG-23-15 intersected 120m of specularite-pyrite-chalcopyrite supported breccia from ~400-520m, with both holes being down dip 25m and 85m respectively from drill hole #REG-22-01.


The Company is also now about 80% complete with the  IP program   over Dios Padre, anticipating the program results and interpretation before the end of March.   Once the drill assays are returned in March and the IP data is overlaid, this will help to further isolate future drill locations.


If you have any follow up questions for Bruce, then please email us at and




Click here to visit the Regency Silver website to learn more about the discovery and current drill program.

    Feb 28, 2023 28:33 PM

    The takeover drums keep banging, Manitou Gold Announces acquisition by Alamos Gold at a 100% premium to market.

    Feb 28, 2023 28:45 PM

    Noticing by the feed or the post to be more accurate, the Bearish feed continues to tell the tale I’m on the other side.

    I will say this, there are some monthly candles that have left a gap, so remains to be seen if those gaps will be filled.

    And as a sidenote, we are now into a 30 month correction in the miners on a handle of if there was ever a time to buy I would think it would be now, or at the very least very soon.

    From my own indicators, I have Xau/hui
    Going higher from here. If there was one thing, I wanted to see was a monthly red candle leaving a good amount of wick at the bottom.


      Feb 28, 2023 28:37 PM

      Thanks for weighing in Glenster. I always appreciate your insight.
      I’ve been awaiting a further dip from here.

        Mar 01, 2023 01:58 AM

        Thanks Canuck,

        I also appreciate your comments. Let’s see what gives, but one thing is for certain once we really start moving it’s going to be a good ride. Bull mentality will really kick in. At the very least 24 months of up is what i will be looking at. Hard to tell so far away.

      Mar 01, 2023 01:57 AM

      That “handle” gets to long….. it breaks on it’s own weight…………
      Silver is way over due for a break off and a break ……. UP………….

        Mar 01, 2023 01:22 AM

        Lol yes indeed Jerry!

        If she keeps going it will be as long as the cup just a shorter version

        It’s the handle that keeps on giving 😃

        Remember the longer the base the higher in space 😂

          Mar 01, 2023 01:52 PM

          Good point GLEN…………… on” Remember the longer the base the higher in space 😂”

    Mar 01, 2023 01:08 AM

    Regency Silver is one exciting company. A few more weeks until drill results. Very, very to see what Bruce will give us in ways of news then.