NOA Lithium – Recapping The High-Grade Lithium Brine Discovery In The First Drill Hole at Rio Grande

Taj Singh, President, CEO, and Director of NOA Lithium Brines (TSX.V: NOAL), joins us to review high-grade lithium assay results from the first of 6 drill holes planned in the 3,000 meter Phase 1 exploration program this year at the flagship Rio Grande Project in Argentina.  


We have Taj break down the very high economic grades where this first hole intersected two high-grade lithium (“Li”) brine aquifers of significant thickness; including 71 meters permeable interval with grades averaging 433 milligrams per liter (“mg/l”) Li, starting at a depth of 101 m, and then a second horizon 158 meters permeable interval with grades up to 925 mg/l Li, and averaging 773 mg/l Li, starting at a depth of 311 meters.   One of the points reviewed was how the company is hitting these salars at depth here, under alluvial cover that has not previously been explored around the main basin. 


Next we pivoted over to the exploration plan for 3D seismic surveys and 4-5 drill holes planned later in the year and into early next year at the Arizaro Project, very near Lithium Chile’s project.  Then further down the pipeline is the Salinas Grandes Project, which the team is still very excited to explore as it is located on another prospective lithium salar.   The company is cashed up $8.5 Million in the treasury, which funds them for all exploration for the balance of this year and moving into early 2024.


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    Jun 26, 2023 26:35 PM

    ‘Lithium mania’: How Canada’s energy transition push is changing mining industry’s rush for gold

    Naimul Karim – June 23, 2023

    “A lot more prospectors and junior miners are suddenly taking interest in exploring battery metals such as lithium, nickel and cobalt… A few years ago, the “high payoff” that Gryba referred to could only have been associated with gold mining. Today, however, with the increasing demand for battery metals such as lithium, nickel and cobalt, many prospectors, some of whom have hunted for gold all their lives, are exploring deposits that contain these critical minerals, the production of which is worth about $3.5 billion annually in Ontario alone, out of a total mineral value production of $10 billion.”

    “The situation, however, is changing and many believe the prices of battery metals such as lithium, copper, nickel and cobalt are likely to remain strong for several years as countries look for ways to gradually shift away from fossil fuels.”

    “In addition, western nations such as Canada and the United States are looking to redesign their supply chains, which were hit during the pandemic, away from China and towards friendlier nations…”

      Jun 26, 2023 26:15 PM

      The U.S. is limited to the number of friendlier nations that they can redesign their supply chain around. I can think of South Korea and Japan but Japan has a host of problems of their own. That leaves South Korea and possibly Vietnam, America is lucky the Vietnamese are still friendly towards them. Western Europe is a basket case and Germany is deindustrializing, not a pretty picture if you ask me.

      If you want to get away from China, they control The Bric nations and they can influence their trading partners. America has never been a country to negotiate anything since the end of The Second World War. If they can’t dictate, they use the swift system and/or the military. Both of those options are quickly disappearing from their tool box. DT

    Jun 26, 2023 26:46 PM

    Nothing physical has value so I am only buying into false rhetoric.

      Jun 26, 2023 26:28 PM

      Bitcoin is in a bull market.

    Jun 26, 2023 26:00 PM

    I put my bitcoin by accident in the fireplace. Thought it was the local paper. Then I found out the local paper was electronic. Getting old is hell.