Matt Badiali – Toyota’s New Solid State Battery, Is It Really A Game Changer?

August 1, 2023

Matt Badiali, Editor of the New Energy Investor, Published under the Mangrove Investor joins us to focus on the new solid state battery developed by Toyota. The Company claims this battery has a much longer range for electric vehicles, charges faster and is generally safer. We discuss the commodities that go into these new batteries and if it truly could be a game changer for the battery market. 




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    Aug 01, 2023 01:03 PM

    Just something CURIOUS! Maybe the last 6 times I’ve watched Rick Rule over the last several months, I’ve heard him mention only 2 metal stocks in the same sentence. Can you imagine who they are, Yes, SilverCrest Metals and Centaurus Metals, both of which are 20%+ down on the day. I kind of wish he’d leave the airwaves for a quarter or more ! Vendettas are oh so easy for the cabal

      Aug 01, 2023 01:40 PM

      I bought some HL below 5.50 based mostly on some intraday charts but probably should have bought SILV.

      Aug 02, 2023 02:04 AM

      (SILV) (SIL) SilverCrest Metals: Excessive Selloff After Release Of Updated Technical Report

      Aug. 01, 2023 – Bang For The Buck – Seeking Alpha

      – SilverCrest Metals Inc. saw operating costs increase substantially in the 2023 technical report compared to the 2021 feasibility study, even if this was expected and well-advertised.

      – The company also announced a 13% decrease in reserves, which was less anticipated, and due to a combination of factors.

      – However, Las Chispas remains the lowest quartile operation, with opportunities to extend the mine life over time.

        Aug 02, 2023 02:05 AM

        We’re interviewing Chris from Silvercrest in the morning, so stay tuned for that update.

    Aug 01, 2023 01:47 PM

    Hey Gents. Yes still lurking just finding myself extremely busy and not much happening during the summer doldrums. Matthew can we please get a Brixton chart with resistance points. Looks like it’s trying to get some upside Momo. Appreciate you.

    Aug 01, 2023 01:48 PM

    I only wish you guys were as up to speed on issues affecting resources behind EV technology as you are about mining companies in the precious metals arena. I am NOT an expert on EVs, but common sense told me what questions I would have been asking your guest on Toyota’s new battery. Mind you, Toyota recently said some pretty nasty things about EVs as a green solution to the future of transportation. They have, BTW, a hydrogen engine in the wings. Forgetting the pros and cons of that technology for the moment, they suddenly announce a “better” battery for EVs. If you think a shorter charge time, a longer range, and less combustibility are the primary problems in speeding up a faster adaption rate for EVs (and yes, they are serious problems), you couldn’t be more naive. I would have asked your guest simple questions like what about the ongoing need to remake the grid so that EVs would not affect the public’s need for cooling and heating, not to mention the need for electric generation. What about the ongoing problem of recycling these behemoths? Do solid lithium batteries extend the number of charges before recycling? Do solid lithium batteries fit in a liquid lithium car without expensive retooling or adaptation? What will the secondary market be for current EVs, if solid lithium cars are so superior, given the 4 year wait for ready availability? Before such a discussion with an “expert” like Matt Badiali, you need to do some thinking so that your audience know just how much of an expert he is. Better to be late and timely with a discussion of solid lithium EV technology than first and clueless to what really might matter.

      Aug 01, 2023 01:52 PM

      Thanks for that feedback Don. It was an impromptu discussion on the Toyota solid-state battery concept, and Matt admitted before we even started that he’d done a little research on it, but still was trying to learn more about it, and definitely wasn’t an “expert” in it. I didn’t even realize we were going to record on this topic until just minutes before we started recording; so I agree it would have been nice to have more preparation go into it, and in particular, why and how it can actually impact investors. The boys wanted to run with it though, so we did.

      Before we started recorded I actually did pose the question to he and Cory about what the implications were for the energy grid? I made the point that there was no way everyone could just plug in EVs immediately without crashing the grid, and there weren’t that good of answers or solutions back to that question, so I didn’t ask it in the interview.

      The key question really is where is all that energy going to come from to charge all these EV batteries with (regardless of which type is used), which will replace what is currently shouldered by fossil fuels?

      I’ve also asked a few guests about the disposal of EV batteries (which don’t have a very long life span) and the impact that is having that counteracts any “green” narratives around EVs, and most people don’t have good answers, or know much about that part of the end-of-cycle battery disposal. We did discuss with Matt in prior episodes some of the battery recycling companies and he named a few companies on that directly, so we didn’t rehash that on this call.

      Another point would be if people are all jacked up about their carbon footprint, then what is the carbon footprint of the manufacturing of these batteries or the potential renewable energy solutions like solar pannels and windmills, as those are often conveniently not part of the narrative being shoved down everyone’s throats in the main-stream media.

      Thanks for listening and offering feedback on this episode of the show.

        Aug 01, 2023 01:38 PM

        By the time we build out the infrastructure to accept mass use of electric cars (15 to twenty years) they will become obsolete, technology is “like rust it never sleeps”. Toyota is moving fast with innovation and in another year, it could be something totally different. China produces 25,000 automotive engineers in one year. DT

          Aug 01, 2023 01:07 PM

          Good points DT. Technology does get obsolete very quickly and often replaced by something nobody even envisioned a decade or 2 before it.

          For example, think about the journey from vinyl, to the 8 track, to cassette tapes, to CDs, to MP3/WAVs, to music streaming,…

          For all we know, we may go from internal combustion engine, to hybrid, to electric vehicles with lithium ion batteries, to solid-state batteries, to hydrogen fuel cells, and maybe to fusion powered hovercars…

          The battery debate and which ones will make it out on top the next few years may be a short-lived discussion indeed. Any number of innovations or different ideas companies are working on for energy storage could flip the script on it’s head and much of the scramble for certain types of resources may be overcooked if things change or those materials are substituted in new iterations.

    Aug 01, 2023 01:02 PM

    Mike Maloney on China’s digital prison society that America’s leftists want to copy:

    Aug 01, 2023 01:14 PM

    Gold’s pullback today stopped at an interesting level but will it hold tomorrow (at least on a closing basis)?

    Aug 01, 2023 01:12 PM

    “Planned obsolescence” and blocking change has always been the Corporate Way. It is about money … yours going to them.
    It is refreshing that you guys are ahead of the curve. Ever upward is appropriate.

    Aug 01, 2023 01:39 PM

    This EV push by current administration is nothing more than govt intrusion on free market economy. Should Trump win back presidency, he’ll trash all build back better garbage & pump oil again.
    Fascists be gone!

    Aug 01, 2023 01:51 PM

    IPT update:
    “Significant progress has been made at Plomosas as the team nears operational status at the mine. Since closing the acquisition of Plomosas, our experienced team is nearing a major milestone with all rehabilitation efforts in the final stages both on time and within budget. We are excited to bring the mine and plant back online after a near one year hiatus” said IMPACT Silver President & CEO Fred Davidson.

    Aug 01, 2023 01:46 PM

    (KRR) (KRRGF) Karora Resources: Another Record Quarter

    Aug. 01, 2023 – Taylor Dart – Seeking Alpha

    Aug 02, 2023 02:21 AM

    Recently, in my account, it appears that there is an opening attack against miners. This means that prices are possibly lower in the morning…except. I notice that when the low side goes down the high side could go up if you try to buy. The spread widens and price appears to change on a single trade or Bid (yours). The other thing is, opening prices as a batch are not to be trusted in the morning either as it appears that full reporting is selective and limited. It is possible there are no bids on some of my Juniors, but as the first hour, the overall account may be reported. Not reporting doesn’t necessarily correspond with potential as stocks like i-80, NFG or Snowline could be in the slow to respond pile. I have found recently that the as the day progresses, the direction shows more clarity. Trades become more consistent with the “exchange” prices but the “exchanges” are not necessarily in correlation nor is after markets. But there is a tendency in some of the more speculative stocks of taking the 4PM NY closing price and dropping the close at EOD. In the morning, there are false gains shown because of differences in “closing Price” used by whoever is reporting your personal account. So when ever it looks like a Junior gets an early price pop, check sources to verify it is not just a discrepancy in reporting the previous days close with other sources. Again FWIW.

    Aug 02, 2023 02:18 AM

    News out on Aston Bay about possible copper discovery. Storm Project in Nunavut.

    Also News out on Nine Mile Sampling results.

    Aug 02, 2023 02:16 PM

    GDXJ bounced precisely at an uptrend support today (the chart was created last week so there was no “fitting” of the support line to price)…