Weekend Show – Politics

October 28, 2023

Al is off this week but he guaranteed to me that he would be back next week! I’m not sure what his plan is for Daily Editorials throughout the week but there will be a Weekend Show!


We hope you all have a great weekend. 

    Oct 28, 2023 28:18 AM

    Freedom of speech.
    Your right to say what ever is on your mind.
    Anger is a human emotion. Expressing it is part of the human condition.
    Who doesn’t want you to be human?

    Oct 28, 2023 28:02 AM

    Erasing the Liberty
    The Battle to keep alive the memory of Israel’s massacre on the USS LIberty
    Phillip F Tourney.

      Oct 28, 2023 28:27 AM

      Knowing the above,helps with seeing what they will or might do..

    Oct 28, 2023 28:21 AM

    You may be correct in saying you have a right to say what ever you want, but saying the wrong thing can get you tortured to death.

    George Carlin said you have 1 right, the right to “right this way”.

    Aint democracy great? 😉

      Oct 28, 2023 28:11 AM

      Then you can identify the enemy and demon 😈 running the show…..

      Which I think 🤔 some of us have…🧐

    Oct 28, 2023 28:00 AM

    If our conclusions don’t align with the official narrative, chances are we will be labeled Conspiracy theorists. “These are sad facts. ” However there is only one way in which man can respond to them:
    By never relaxing the Search for Truth.
    Ludwig Von Mises
    Human Action.

    What happened to the Al Korelin I use to know?

      Oct 28, 2023 28:14 AM

      No conspiracy at this point… for me….the history has been been revealed….,
      ,’You will know them by their 🍎 fruits”

        Oct 28, 2023 28:54 AM

        Jerry, I will never understand why that ever needed to be said.

          Oct 28, 2023 28:04 AM

          It is hard to totally express,on a type writer, all we wish in a short comment,
          Using a worthless tracking phone 📱
          Sorry for any misunderstanding

    Oct 28, 2023 28:31 AM

    This financial masterpiece will be written about in history books for time in memorial.
    How the money changers lost power and control.

      Oct 28, 2023 28:59 AM

      Is the earth still flat Chartster?

        Oct 28, 2023 28:33 AM

        The earth is only flat to people that research it.
        As for me, I tried to prove round earth and fell flat.
        There are many globetards that will continue to believe the round ball lie. Won’t they, John.

          Oct 28, 2023 28:48 AM

          Count me as a “globetard” 😉

            Oct 28, 2023 28:00 AM

            At the cost of you having zero proof of a spinning round ball?

            Oct 28, 2023 28:08 AM

            You clowns make me laugh , argueing about wether the Earth is round or flat … It’s square & i can prove it , but not today, OK …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….LOL

    Oct 28, 2023 28:02 AM

    Hi John K ….. ME , I have been a Conspiracy Theorist most of my life. I’m proud of myself for been able to see the truth , & been able to ignore the bullshit.
    As far as the AL Korelin you & the rest of us USED to know , well it would appear to me that his mind got polluted , by his buddy jimmy mc…………… Sad some people pick the wrong hero to look up to.

    Oct 28, 2023 28:12 AM

    I think the remaining few bloggers here…..see what has happened.
    …and can compare…
    The topic of gates comes in mind,
    Poppy Bush comes to mind..

    Oct 28, 2023 28:20 AM

    Al has been controlled opposition ..long…before Jim showed up. You guys should know that.

    No comments about the financial masterpiece I post from spooked blog?
    It’s the best, most detailed explanation of how the fed and Rothies lost control.
    A must watch, and grasp!

      Oct 28, 2023 28:53 AM

      I think I provided that with my statement of him 🦉defending gates and Poppy Bush
      Like how many people have been kicked off this station 4 times 😃

      Are you referring to the Scotty post?

        Oct 28, 2023 28:09 AM

        Yes! The Scotty post has amazing info!

          Oct 28, 2023 28:22 AM

          Hi Chartster …. Sorry but having watched that , ( info & missinfo ) that i have known about for years , then all i have to say is , Beam Me Up Scotty…………….. & why does he have to play that stupid music in the background ?

            Oct 28, 2023 28:31 AM

            OH & BTW …. Were is Q these days , did he take the shot , & kick the bucket ? And what about the White Hats , have they gone accross to the dark side ? And what about all the Millatery Trials at Gitmo for the bad guys , have they all made friends , & are having a ball ?

            Oct 28, 2023 28:52 AM

            Good , question ❓ Irish

            Oct 28, 2023 28:49 PM

            You are clueless when it comes to real info.
            That spookd blog post from Scotty is the most authentic and real financial explanation of how Trump took down the Rothies and the Fed that you will EVER see.
            And Chartster told you back in 2020 that the Treasury absorbed the Fed.
            Clueless….brainwashed goofs!!!
            What a waist of time..!

          Oct 28, 2023 28:44 AM

          Yes irishtony ! Were is Q Ha Ha ! What’s the next Crap !

            Oct 28, 2023 28:04 PM

            Hi Franky …….. Aliens living under Montanna USA …. Yes 20 foot tall , 3 legs , 4 eyes 2 in the front 2 in the back , purple coloured , & wearing polka-dot bikinis . They are known to hunt domestic cats & hedgehogs………… Be carefull out there Franky , the world can be a dangerious place , if you let it.

          Oct 28, 2023 28:07 PM

          I viewed the video…l did think it made some good points and details…

            Oct 28, 2023 28:32 PM

            The combining of the Fed and Treasury…. is interesting making a statement like,”end the Fed” obsolete…🤔🧐
            Now ,I see where in the past you made some interesting comments .
            “Like we owe the money debt to ourselves, “..or something to that

            Oct 28, 2023 28:03 PM

            I see where you made a comment to Irish…on the video…

            And I do remember you making a statement on the nationalization of the Fed.. I know it was a couple of years ago…

    Oct 28, 2023 28:21 PM

    Elon Musk buying Twitter single handedly was a game changer.
    The cabal has been exposed .
    The only thing left is to pop the popcorn.
    I wonder if popcorn pops in a nuclear detonation?

    Oct 28, 2023 28:44 PM

    Health Canada admits it was duped:

    FDA is CORRUPT………presumably hiding info which would have markedly slowed adoption of covid vaccine.
    Unbelievable political corruption. Yo just have to wonder how many people Pfizer bribed, to get their billions of profits.
    There are going to be a lot of rich lawyers, but it is awfully hard for dead folks to sue.

      Oct 28, 2023 28:14 PM

      Hey b.
      ., would you give us a comment on the jabs in your area of Alberta

    Oct 28, 2023 28:48 PM

    Will the U.N. Get involved in Israel-Gaza War ?

    Oct 28, 2023 28:18 PM

    How True !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Oct 28, 2023 28:36 PM

      At this point 💯👍

    Oct 28, 2023 28:30 PM

    CHARTSTER ………….. I await Your answers , to the three questions i asked you up above. Please dont , keep me waiting , oh wise one.

      Oct 28, 2023 28:13 PM

      Chartster….. how about an update on Irish’s three concerns,
      I am interested because time is running out for the WE THE PEOPLE
      IMO thanks

        Oct 28, 2023 28:42 PM

        Why in the hell would you think I would know why Q hasn’t posted? Ignorant question!

        If you think the white hats don’t exist, why and who put John McCain to death? Who?!

        Just because you don’t see what’s going on at GITMO and Levinrwerth (for that matter) on the main stream news, or here on KER, doesn’t mean squat! You’ll see when the time is right.
        When the brainwashed goofy sheep wake up.

        As a side note:
        Spookd that penned that explanation of Trump and the Fed? He briefed 4 different presidents about intelligence and complex financial issues for decades! The info he delivered is “the best” you will EVER see. Uh yeah! ( your welcome!

          Oct 28, 2023 28:31 PM

          Thanks for the update..

          Chartster you should not get to excited on the questions .
          We are all following different reliable programs…it is impossible to keep up with every pod cast on so called experts , some of which become flakes… not saying yours are.

          Now you,do not forget ,you brought to our attention, Gitmo ,Q, white hats.and thought you might know.

          I think we were more interested in the updated info, if you had any.

          Are you still following Johnson?

      Oct 28, 2023 28:01 PM

      This ties into Israel bad….
      And the blood lines going back,8500 years..

      And congress is a waste of time…

      There is also a comment concerning
      Dr.N.Wolf…which I posted yesterday

    Oct 28, 2023 28:22 PM

    1 Hour Ago: Col Douglas Macgregor – “SHOCKED! How did we even get ourselves involved in this MESS?!”

    Col Macgregor says in this vid that Netiyahoo owns the american congress.

    Says Turkey could attack Israel, that would be war between the U.S. and Turkey.

    Oct 28, 2023 28:57 PM

    “We are watching ARMAGEDDON unfolding before our eyes” Col. Douglas MacGregor | Redacted News

    Oct 28, 2023 28:00 PM

    Israel-Hamas: ‘Insistence on INTERVENTION has created CHAOS’ | Douglas Macgregor

    Oct 28, 2023 28:05 PM

    Col. Douglas Macgregor: How ill-equipped is the US for two wars?

    Judge Napolitano – oct 25

    Oct 28, 2023 28:08 PM

    Monumental Oversight: Unveiling a Colossal Miscalculation | Scott Ritter

    Jews are “chosen” true? or antisemite hmmmm

    Oct 29, 2023 29:44 AM

    Weekend Update #52: Avdiivka, ATACMS, Mike Johnson

      Oct 29, 2023 29:40 AM

      I was reading your post AJ, obviously very pro Ukrainian but still thought there migt be some info…until he mentions he gets info from and praises “Oryx”………
      all credibility lost I’m afraid.

    Oct 29, 2023 29:19 AM

    Is Islamic jihad Vs. The West the end of the world ?
    Probably not without going nuclear, but it could be the end of the world as we know……

    No freedom of travel
    No freedom of speech
    No democratic elections
    No abundance of goods
    Not enough food.

    Oct 29, 2023 29:25 AM
    Oct 29, 2023 29:29 AM
    Oct 29, 2023 29:39 AM

    To the best of my knowledge…..

    Did you know Hamas, despite all their tunnels, lacks adequate supplies.

    So much so that often they fabricate rockets out of available materials…..such as road signs.

    Consequently almost 30% of rockets fail in flight.
    It was one of these such “rockets” that hit the hospital.

    Oct 29, 2023 29:42 AM

    Many, many more will die before thus war of extermination (on both sides) will end.

    Oct 29, 2023 29:02 AM
    Oct 29, 2023 29:03 AM
    Oct 29, 2023 29:39 AM

    You don’t think there are THOUSANDS of potential terrorists already in the U.S. !

    Time to wake up….

      Oct 29, 2023 29:30 AM

      Your so called terrorists in the U.S is more fear mongering . Thats the problem with people that have no faith. Once you accept God and Jesus, fear no longer is part of your life. What is there to fear? Death?
      With that being said CFS, I look at terrorists in the U S as another hunting season for those of us that own firearms and are not afraid to use them. My front door is unlocked, cmon in.

    Oct 29, 2023 29:03 PM

    Europe and Australia are gone……

    Just listen to the apologies up front.

    I admit I’m biased, but I believe the culture of the West happens to be better.
    I believe Capitalism, moderated by anti-monopoly laws IS MORE INVENTIVE.
    Heck even China adopted it, after communism failed.

      Oct 29, 2023 29:31 PM

      Moral standards.

    Oct 29, 2023 29:01 PM

    New Contracts fore Us Military Complexs Explode ! It’s all a Scam !

    Oct 29, 2023 29:35 PM

    Biden is an economoron….
    He is breaking the rules of capitalism….JUST LIKE THE EXTREME SOCIALIST, or just like authoritarian communism THAT ALWAYS FAILS.

    Oct 29, 2023 29:46 PM

    Biden ignores the Constitution….

    And has appointed enough Soros-backed judges and prosecutors to stall an over-turn of his unconstitutional behavior.
    The good news is that after Trump goes to jail, Biden’s opposition will delight in Biden spending the rest of his life there, for his ignoring CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF CITIZENS.

    Oct 29, 2023 29:56 PM

    France was always slow to withdraw from colonies…… it is scared not to.

    Oct 29, 2023 29:44 PM

    Sometimes I wonder about the Christian Zionists and their end times theology.
    Just like Gods chosen people.
    Where does it say in the Bible that the indiscriminate killing of innocent women and children is ok?
    Just like M Albright said it was ok to kill 500,000 in Iraq.

      Oct 30, 2023 30:11 AM

      Problem with christian Zionist is failure to rightly divided the word and
      Time periods, but few see

      Paul makes that clear..

      Oct 30, 2023 30:57 AM

      God commands to Israel to wipe out of the Canaanites, Perizzites, Jebusites and others.

      Deuteronomy, Joshua…I forget, but the god of abraham has never been too concerned about killing innocent people.

      As far as I can tell anyway. I’m sure there are other people that would disagree entirely. 😉

        Oct 30, 2023 30:40 PM

        Like I said..
        They are dead …wrong…

          Oct 30, 2023 30:42 PM

          We are not under the law ..

            Oct 30, 2023 30:10 PM

            Wasnt the time of “Deuteronomy” the time to simply obey god?
            He/she/it told them to genocide upon many people, children included.
            Many innocents died.

            The god didnt care Just kill ’em was the instruction.

            Kinda obvious I would say what the thought of innocent means.

            I actually dont know of a time the murder mass murder and genocide of innocents was ever stopped by any god either.

            You would have a hard time convincing me it has to do with “rightly” dividing words.

            What can I say? Just how I see it.

            Oct 30, 2023 30:13 PM

            It’s the Inqubators story how Dewitt to us evry time ! Fan ?

            Oct 30, 2023 30:10 PM

            Point was..
            .. history 2000 years… before Christ
            God had one plan
            Now Christ comes….and there is another plan…

            The Jews and Gentiles are on the same level.

            Oct 30, 2023 30:25 PM

            Could be Jerry, I was just answering where in the bible does it say that indiscriminate killing of innocent women and children is ok?

            Oct 30, 2023 30:33 PM

            It doesn’t say that ,so you are on the right track

            Oct 30, 2023 30:37 PM

            Convenient for the Zionist to Not accept the New Testament
            At this time

    Oct 29, 2023 29:57 PM

    Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Kalisher:
    Jews must proactively work to hasten the coming of the messiah by emigrating to Israel and building a third temple on the temple mount.
    Chris Temple who use to be a contributor here on the KE recommended reading this book “Forcing Gods Hand-Grace Halsel.

      Oct 30, 2023 30:21 AM

      Jew mind set…it is God’s timing and will not happen until the fullfilment of the gentiles…

      Promises to believers are trustworthy, then why is He not keeping His promises to Israel? It is to answer this concern that Paul writes Romans 9—11, as he introduces the ideas of a partial hardening of Israel and the fullness of the Gentiles (Romans 11:25).

    Oct 30, 2023 30:00 AM

    Deceit, Dread, and Disbelief: The Story of How Ukraine Lost Its Nuclear Arsenal

    Biggest mistake Ukraine ever made – believing the security guarantees of the West and Ruzzia.

    Oct 30, 2023 30:08 AM

    ‘We Are Afraid’: Scientists Issue New Warning As World Enters ‘Uncharted Climate Territory’

    On Trump’s “Chinese hoax”

      Oct 30, 2023 30:33 AM

      What absolute B.S..
      First weather. Is not climate.
      Second 15,000 scientists NVER signed anything about climate.
      Third, WE HAVE RECORDS of much more climate extremes, from which most knowledgeable
      Farmers and agriculturalists have confirmed that INCREASED TEMPERATURES PROMOTE MORE not less crops.

    Oct 30, 2023 30:36 AM

    US to develop nuclear weapon 24 times more powerful than Hiroshima bomb
    The 360-kiloton bomb will “credibly deter” potential threats, a top defense official has claimed

    The US Defense Department has announced that it will develop a new version of the B61 nuclear bomb with 24 times the destructive power of the one dropped on Hiroshima.

    Our leaders are brilliant.

    It sure looks like the 6th extinction event is becoming more likely.
    Well, speeding it up anyway.

      Oct 30, 2023 30:41 AM

      South front, are you reading 1950s magazine articles? (So out-dated is your info)
      The Hiroshima bomb was tiny, compared to what could be built…….but WHAT is the point?

      Oct 30, 2023 30:58 AM

      The biggest nuke was Soviet built (and exploded underground) at about 2,000 times the size of 16 kiloton Hiroshima.

      Oct 30, 2023 30:36 PM

      The WW3 nerative is TV NWO BOLL ! Stop Looking Western TV Neratives day play US 24 / 7 ! Fan (( ALL TV is playing us even the Russians day all work fore the same cool !

      Oct 30, 2023 30:58 PM

      I think ur missing my point cfs, the point is simply money is being spent on nuclear bombs at a time when they have(as you say) far more powerful bombs and thousands of them.

      Its just brilliant.

        Oct 30, 2023 30:10 PM

        Maybe ! ? The Atomic Bombs are in the TV incubator story ! Wake up MAN !

        Oct 30, 2023 30:13 PM

        The point is money is being spent on STRATEGIC NUKES……i.e. small, light nukes.

        Using depleted uranium shells (tank-killers, a tank or artillery piece can carry 5 to 15. They are heavy.

        But with a small, light strategic nuke, even a humvee can carry dozens. A helicopter likewise.

          Oct 30, 2023 30:32 PM

          Well, if your going to end all life on earth you need options I suppose.

            Oct 30, 2023 30:52 PM

            Ukraine Army has over 5,000 tanks in theatre; Russia ?

            The most effective way to kill a tank is depleted uranium shell or tactical nuke.
            What other wea;pon would you use?

            Do you really want to have to get in close range of the tank with a tow missile or aMolotov cocktail?

            Oct 30, 2023 30:18 PM

            Drones are popular now.
            most of the vids destroying armor and or anything are either drones or artillery.

    Oct 30, 2023 30:18 PM
    Oct 30, 2023 30:32 PM
      Oct 31, 2023 31:16 AM

      Week end warriors …

        Oct 31, 2023 31:23 AM

        The Muslim protest in Russia is a Setup Falls ! Jerry !

          Oct 31, 2023 31:48 AM

          I posted a good summary below , for the sheeple to understand, this is good fast summary of 😈💩

            Oct 31, 2023 31:00 AM

            Is the summary you mention the vid of people talking about god? or did it evaporate as so many posts do?

            Oct 31, 2023 31:11 AM

            Oops look like

    Oct 31, 2023 31:24 AM
      Oct 31, 2023 31:56 AM

      🪖 being Intel. Sould have known and pasted this on to 🦉,,,,, absolutely no excuse …..
      over the past decade of hard work of a lot of great bloggers…this info was shared….way ahead of the above video..

        Oct 31, 2023 31:59 AM

        Not Pasted….. passed sorry 📱

    Oct 31, 2023 31:53 AM

    “We may have already passed the point of no return on the rush to World War Three. The West has contributed a hundred or more ships. In the past 24 hours the US has made over fifty flights of transports delivering both troops and ammo to Israel for their supposed “Self Defence” that is anything but self-defence. At the same time, Turkey has sent over one hundred combat ships to the Med. China has ships on the way. This is spinning wildly out of control.”

      Oct 31, 2023 31:58 AM

      No, I do not think Bobby is correct on that…
      “May”is an open word, and some sheeple skim over or look past it or do not even see it.
      I do think sheeple better wake up
      And say No to the MIC

        Oct 31, 2023 31:19 AM

        You read the article Jerry?
        He is accurate as to how wars begin.
        Why Chinese,American and Turk fleets in the same pond?, notice the moslem people reaction to the Israeli actions?

        Maybe they getting together for tea? 😉

        Ya never know, maybe nothing happens and peace breaks out.
        Possible I guess.

        I hope your right.

          Oct 31, 2023 31:33 AM

          I agree with Bobby’s statement Of being in bed with Satan…

    Oct 31, 2023 31:03 AM

    The morons running the country spend (waste) too TOO MUCH MONEY.

    Why should we spend a dime in Israel or Ukraine ?

      Oct 31, 2023 31:52 AM

      “We”.….. the people are not in control

    Oct 31, 2023 31:45 AM

    ‘Nobody Believes in Our Victory Like I Do.’ Inside Volodymyr Zelensky’s Struggle to Keep Ukraine in the Fight

    Ukraine looks doomed, in the end the West just doesn’t want Ruzzia to lose.

    Oct 31, 2023 31:52 AM

    Fauci GUILTY……..missing linkage found……bats to lab documentation.

    Oct 31, 2023 31:58 AM

    It gets worse from here……..if you think integration will occur LOL.

    Oct 31, 2023 31:13 AM

    Are you awake yet?

    Hamas HATES you unless you’re Islamic.

    Oct 31, 2023 31:23 AM

    National Archives Sued, Reveals Existence Of 82,000 Pages Of Joe Biden Emails Using Pseudonym
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    TUESDAY, OCT 31, 2023 – 06:55 AM
    Thanks to Hunter Biden’s laptop, we learned in 2021 that while serving as vice president, Joe Biden used several private email accounts from which he would sometimes forward or receive government correspondence.🤪👻👻👻👻👻👻👻

    Oct 31, 2023 31:41 AM

    Big US banks get downgraded today.

    Israel’s land lease with the Rothies expires today.

    CNN is moving out of Atlanta home office today.

    China just removed Israel from its on line maps.

    The new SOTH Mike Johnson was introduced at the house of representatives by Steve Scalise as the “45th SOTH” instead of the ‘118th SOTH’, because we are no longer under the corporation.

    Three year delta with Q today.
    Q Post: October 31, 2020.
    “ Are you ready to finish what we started?”
    Nothing can stop what is coming is not jus a catch-phrase.

    Oct 31, 2023 31:17 PM

    Proof AGAIN government FAILS REPEATEDLY.

    English National Health or U.S. Dept. of Health……….does not matter which.

    Oct 31, 2023 31:42 PM

    Rat behavior……

    America “loved”
    McDonalds apparently symbolizes America.

      Oct 31, 2023 31:57 PM

      Super Size Me .


    Oct 31, 2023 31:45 PM

    Why the f’ are the U.S. giving Ukrainians cluster bombs.

    Or anything, for that matter.

    Oct 31, 2023 31:29 PM

    American Grand Strategy…..

    (We’ve lost focus, because we have an idiot puppet president.)