Politics Weekend Posting

May 18, 2024

Here is the weekend political posting!


I hope you all have a great weekend!

    May 18, 2024 18:11 AM

    Just one way THEY waste Your hard earned tax dollars, & You have no say on what Your money is been spent on. Next year Americans need to have a tax revolt , dont give the wasters a cent.

      May 18, 2024 18:06 AM

      Most local gooberment bond measures and tax increases pass when put on the ballot. The Ameroconned sheeple will never rise up on their hind legs and do anything. They are ignorant, apathetic, brainwashed fools played for suckers every time.

    May 18, 2024 18:50 AM

    Need more than a tax revolt………. the system of taxation needs changed….get the money away from the
    central banker cabal..

      May 18, 2024 18:09 AM

      …never happen…the Amerconned sheeple will let their evil goobement get away with anything…knew this over 20 years ago when the Ameronned sheeple allowed their gooberment masters to porno scan and molest them and their kids just to get on a plane…

        May 18, 2024 18:21 AM

        Change…….. what you can change……. dumb will most likely remain dumb….
        Help those who ask for help…. avoid the time wasters……… kick the dust off your feet…
        Impossible to educate anyone with closed ears…

    May 18, 2024 18:54 AM

    It might be a good idea to stop supporting the government thru taxes, but how does a person do that?
    Own your own business and I can see doing that until your charged with tax evasion.
    Work for someone else and tax comes off every cheque.

    I just dont see not paying taxes as an option.
    Besides, all thats needed can be printed.

    There has to be a different answer.

    The only 1 I can see wont happen until the collapse and for that to happen a person simply needs to wait.

    On the other hand, Armstrong is saying war is coming, which may have already begun, the issue is it could go nuclear.
    Might be an incentive to come up with an answer people could agree with.

    I just dont think not paying taxes even if that could be done would work.

    Quite the delema we are in.

      May 18, 2024 18:17 AM

      I don’t think most people would ever even consider not paying taxes even as taxes continually rise. I see it where I live at the local level. Local tax increase and bond measures (just another tax increase with interest) continue to win in the elections.

      Not only will the sheeple not consider not paying their taxes, they won’t even vote against taxing themselves more. Most don’t bother voting and of those who do, enough vote for these tax increases so they pass. Typically, the special interests spend a lot of money to get their members to vote for these tax increases and to scare the rest of the voters into passing the tax increase measures.

        May 18, 2024 18:29 AM

        Most don’t bother voting…

        And not only that, most have no idea how taxes get raised. Many don’t even know the tax rates. When a local sales tax increase was passed I was shocked that most people I talked to had no idea what the sales tax rate was even though it is printed right on the receipts (along with the tax amount) they get at the checkout stands in the stores.

        Amazingly, I talked to some cashiers at local stores who hand out receipts all day long with the sales tax rate and amount printed on the receipts and even they had no idea what the sales tax rate was. I asked one how she could not know what the sales tax rate was when all day long she hands out receipts with it printed right on the receipt. I just got a blank stare.

      May 18, 2024 18:55 PM

      It seems to me illegal aliens that entered the U.S on visitors visas, but overstayed and started cash business for themselves are VERY SUCCESSFUL in evading taxes. e.g. yard maintenance, lawn mowing, etc.
      For females part-time cooking cleaning. I know several cleaning ladies working several jobs at $15 to $20 an hour. They won’t get rich, but not paying taxes helps the bottom line and sure beats working in Mexico.

    May 18, 2024 18:44 AM

    Thats people Eb, I find it interesting cashiers have trouble with cash.
    I used to point out errors, now if the error is in my favor I just take it.
    Change isnt worth the time to bother with it imo.

    People dont really have a clue, people believe anything they are told often enuff, and everything their told before 6-7 yo
    In their entire lifetime the may never shake what their parents and community beliefs were.

    I used to wonder how people could believe some things, especially the fantasy issues, now I understand its just human.

    If the nukes dont get us the plastics will and if that dont get ya maybe AI does.
    Hmmm, what I miss? 😉

    Might as well just enjoy the time we have.

      May 18, 2024 18:05 AM

      The schools and media make sure the sheeple don’t know things people should know like how taxes get raised. And when you try to inform the sheeple they could not care less. The vast majority of people are ignorant and apathetic, and they have no interest in changing that even when it is in their self interest. That is what I have learned first hand trying to push back against the never ending local tax increases.

    May 18, 2024 18:33 PM

    The EXIT / DEPORTATION GAZA PIER is COMPLETED………………………….. Aid pier , my ass.

    May 18, 2024 18:03 PM

    This guy is going to wind up like Schiff’s dad….

      May 18, 2024 18:40 PM

      I seriously doubt… Peter pays FEDERAL INCOME TAX… since he does not have a FEDERAL JOB>.. lol
      When DID WE DECLARE WAR… humm….lol… for the WAR TAX…. lol

        May 18, 2024 18:58 PM

        What’s the old saying? War is the health of the state…

          May 18, 2024 18:01 PM

          health of the state… wealth of the state connected…

            May 18, 2024 18:16 PM

            💯 💯 💯

            May 19, 2024 19:48 PM

            Cool Jerry ! Keep Busing !

          May 19, 2024 19:51 PM

          I think you’r AAA rating analest Ebolan !

    May 18, 2024 18:03 PM

    Appalling vaccine injury

    Well, at least the poor lady still has her nice dog…the dog walks out when she starts describing the symptoms…probably didn’t want to go through it again…

      May 18, 2024 18:35 PM

      …dang…I will say John Campbell has done a 180 on the kill shots…he is completely black pilled…and on the profession he has spent his whole adult life in…you can tell he is seething with anger and disgust…he certainly had his come to Jesus moment…and understands just how evil our rules are.

    May 18, 2024 18:14 PM

    CFS…never showed up for work today…last post from yesterday…

    Putin keeps trying to warn the American Neocons that they are playing with World War III, which will be nuclear. They issued a Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) that they will be firing missiles in a test just off the coast of northern California coast, thereby alerting pilots of Russian missile launches to LAND / IMPACT in the Oakland Air Route Traffic Control Center ((ARTCC). This will begin tomorrow and continue for 10 days. This is 300 miles offshore in international waters

    Maybe Uncle Joe Brandon’s thugs had his Internet cut…talking about the Rooskies and nuclear war too much…

    May 18, 2024 18:30 PM

    It has been said many times…….
    ………going back into bondage……..

    May 18, 2024 18:47 PM

    Uncle Joe Brandon told Bubbly NuttyYahoo they were going to have a come to Jesus meeting…

    May 18, 2024 18:36 PM

    Boys! You are going to get millions more new friends…thanks to Uncle Joe Brandon and his handlers…

    Border Patrol Agent Blows Whistle: ‘Cartels Have Taken over Border, We’ve Lost Control’

    So get back to work…to pay those taxes…friends don’t come cheap…

      May 19, 2024 19:33 AM

      Just go to the 2:30 min mark………….
      Raiklin is using social media, his website, and his Rumble channel to publicly ask any and all “sheriffs out there” to support him by deputizing as many patriots as possible to assist him in arresting the traitors. Remember that Raiklin is a Flynnboy. You do your own research on that as well as on everything that you see and hear online, including from me and from videos on this channel. Ivan Raiklin seems to be a bit narcissistic and attention starved.
      The Q iteam ndicated that the National Guard will be deputized as U.S. Marshals in order to carry out the arrests of all of the traitors.

      For those not informed…. as to FLYNN or NOT…..
      WAS HE (FLYNN).. a designer of the J6 insurrection , to screw TRUMPSTER….????

        May 19, 2024 19:38 AM

        NATIONAL GUARD…….. vs.. using Sheriff Depts… for the Enforcement, …against those who have
        FAILED their OATH OF OFFICE (traitors) and the Constitution of the US
        Some sheeple may not be following what has happened to the govt. of the US , your eyes should be wide open by this time… if, not, get another JAB….

          May 19, 2024 19:54 AM

          It should not come as a surprise to those sitting on the fence, watching the BS,…(fake govt , fake courts, fake lawsuits, fake 9/11, fake Ukraine funding, fake J6 , fake FED BANKERS), & FAKE JAB,,,that some should take action against a CORRUPT GOVT(FAKE)..since 1871….

          As called for UNDER THE ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION,,(not the hijacked version)
          You are not going to vote the bastards out, when they control the machine, and
          bring in ILLEGALS to vote….. think about it………..

          May 19, 2024 19:01 AM

          I think when the hammer drops, and it will be event driven. We will see a military shut down of the country. The emergency broadcast system will be disclosing events. The fake news will be gone. Some sheriffs that have not committed treason will be brought in to help with their communities.
          A lot of the sheriffs and AGs that have seen the election fraud proof and done nothing will be GITMO’ed.

          Ivan is bringing awareness that the pain will be coming from all sides. Think Brunson, then deep state reaction, then hammer.

            May 19, 2024 19:16 PM

            Chartster ,…….thanks again for the reply…..

    May 19, 2024 19:40 AM

    Thirty seven thousand years ago, it is pretty obvious than hominids were living in the U.S.
    Out of Asia. Theories, while probably true, has been PROVEN BY GENETICS, not to be the only source of hominids in America.
    Mammoths were common in North America at that time (37,000 years ago)
    Large mammals disappeared from North America about 20,000 years ago.
    I believe that was due to a solar flare, although a comet impact is a possible, but less likely cause.
    At some time, thousands of years ago, carbon dioxide dropped to its lowest level, indicating plant life was at a very low level…….i.e. solar flare/coronal mass ejection damage.
    (It was lack of food that wiped out (starved) the large mammals)

    May 19, 2024 19:44 AM

    I agree with Steve Quayle that our leadership is traitorous. (But not Satanic, as he proposes.)

      May 19, 2024 19:22 PM

      (But not Satanic, as he proposes.)
      I guess you have never done a deep dive….
      How about those Weiner Tapes… and the NYC cops comments and reviews of the INSURANCE POLICY….

    May 19, 2024 19:47 AM
    May 19, 2024 19:48 AM
    May 19, 2024 19:04 AM
    May 19, 2024 19:37 AM

    Ussian manufacturing capability is currently producing between 50,000 and 100,000 drones per MONTH, DEPENDING ON DRONE TYPE. They are NOT DESIGNED TO LAST LONG – each drone is considered cheaply expendable………TYPICALLY EVEN COSTING LESS THAN ANY ROCKET THAT MAY KNOCK IT DOWN.

    May 19, 2024 19:34 PM

    The cost of U.S. military drones can vary significantly based on their size, capabilities, and technology. Here are some examples:
    Insitu ScanEagle: This small, low-altitude, long-endurance drone is primarily used for reconnaissance by the U.S. Marines Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, and Australian Army. It has an operating empty weight of 35 pounds, a flight life of over 24 hours, and can fly to altitudes of nearly 20,000 feet. The cost per unit for the Insitu ScanEagle is approximately $800,0001.
    Chengdu Pterodactyl I (Wing Loong): Classified as a Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAV, the Pterodactyl I is designed for aerial reconnaissance. It has a maximum speed of 180 miles per hour, reaches a maximum altitude of 16,500 feet, and can remain in the air for almost a full day (20 hours). The cost per unit for the Chengdu Pterodactyl I is $1 million1.
    The U.S.DominatorXP can cost anything between $700,000 and $25 million plus actual armament..

    May 19, 2024 19:40 PM

    The Iron Dome usesTamir missiles. Each missile costs approximately $100,000, but some sources report the cost ranging from $20,000 to $100,000. The total cost for a full battery is approximately $100 million.
    Russian drones, with bomb-carrying capability, are claimed to cost less than $20,000.

    May 19, 2024 19:55 PM
    Meanwhile our SCUM leadership carries on.

    May 19, 2024 19:39 PM

    Iran’s President Helicopter Crash Landing !!!!!! ? Effort Rescue Underway ! ???? Boy’s Day never Stop !

      May 19, 2024 19:17 PM

      NEVER…. you are correct Franky…..

      May 19, 2024 19:57 PM

      Raisi’s chopper crashed in EAST IRAN, in FOG.
      East Iran is very hilly, if not mountainous.
      It is quite dangerous to fly a chopper in sudden heavy rain with fog……..especially in a mountainous area… can easily suddenly drop 50 feet in a couple of seconds, so if they were flying low they could catch a tree or something. A chopper HAS TO REMAIN UPRIGHT to maintain lift.

    May 19, 2024 19:04 PM

    Biden commencement speech at Moorhouse College…….
    Sorry for junk at front.
    .our leader kissing up to black vote.

      May 19, 2024 19:39 PM

      Waste of time……. listening to that IDIOT. FAKE. MORON………and TRAITOR…….

    May 19, 2024 19:45 PM
      May 19, 2024 19:43 PM

      How many times do you have to watch and listen to a MIND DEAD TRAITOR….
      Waste of time for this crowd…. Everyone here is AWAKE to the FAKE

      Clown show……

        May 19, 2024 19:46 PM

        LMAO……………………………. TIME IS UP………….. 12 people showed up…….. LOL…..
        Dozens Of People Show Up To Biden Campaign Event…
        Tyler Durden’s Photo
        SUNDAY, MAY 19, 2024 – 04:55 PM
        Authored by Steve Watson via,

        Joe Biden held a campaign even in Atlanta Saturday and literally dozens of people showed up.

        The event, which entailed more pandering to black people, took place at Mary Mac’s Tea Room in downtown Atlanta, where Biden looked completely out of it.

        He looked around totally confused and began saluting as people laugh

          May 19, 2024 19:48 PM

          Dozen…….. Black.. hold on to the ticket…. the ship is going down… and the Lotto is out of business.. 🙂

    May 19, 2024 19:07 PM

    I listen to all leaders………in the case of Mr. Senility himself, to know just how far he is out of touch.
    It worries me the U.S. media is SO SILENT about Putin going to China; which is probably the MOST SIGNIFICANT thing happening this week.
    The BRICS are about to kill the dollar and the impact on inflation AND availability of goods will be immense.

    May 19, 2024 19:34 PM

    Guys wearing Arab pro-Palestine headdresses arrested at NYC Seinfeld Show
    NPR Radio stated no arrests were made ! Sure looks like it to me….
    But, of course New York runs a zero bail system, so they were probably booked and immediately released.

    May 19, 2024 19:47 PM

    Iran returns to intolerance and sexism, hanging Jews along with criminals.
    Perhaps it was the will of Yahweh that Raisi’s helicopter crashed……I just don’t know. !

      May 19, 2024 19:36 PM

      Iranian officials have said the mountainous, forested terrain and heavy fog impeded search-and-rescue operations. The president of the Iranian Red Crescent Society, Pir-Hossein Koulivand, said 40 search teams were on the ground in the area despite “challenging weather conditions.” The search is being done by teams on the ground, as “the weather conditions have made it impossible to conduct aerial searches” via drones, Koulivand said, according to IRNA (Iranian news).
      It is my understanding Turkey IS ASSISTING with search and rescue drones, normally used for sea rescues in the Mediterranean.

    May 19, 2024 19:03 PM
    .This student is quite eloquent, but then he DOES go to Harvard.

    May 19, 2024 19:11 PM
    May 19, 2024 19:13 PM
    It will take 2 months to get to Mars……NOT that it is going to happen two months into the future.

    May 19, 2024 19:20 PM
    That appears to be a larger heat source than I expected……suggestive of trees catching fire…..does not look good.

    May 19, 2024 19:01 PM

    You don’t think we are headed for food shortage…..
    If it isn’t cold, heat, wetness, dryness,… is satellite problems !
    Plus don’t forget a fertilizer shortage in the near future.

    May 20, 2024 20:23 AM

    HEY CHARTSTER……………………… What do you think of Juan O S…..??????

      May 20, 2024 20:39 AM

      More importantly Jerry…. What do you think 🤔 of Juan?

        May 20, 2024 20:18 PM

        Hello Tommy………. see my not to Chartster……thanks for your interest….
        I will let you know when I come to my decision…. and why… hopefully… 🙂

        But……. What do you think Tommy…. ?

          May 21, 2024 21:48 AM

          I also don’t have enough info on Juan to have any meaningful opinion… Thanks for the reply Jerry… Trying to decide if I should spend more time listening to Juan… 🤔

      May 20, 2024 20:01 PM

      I’ve talked with him in person at a couple events. He’s a good person. He’s very knowledgeable. He knows history and what’s going on right now better than most.
      There are some things I disagree with what he has said in the past. I don’t think he’s a shill or grifter, but there are some people in his circle that are grifters.
      That said, I know some people in his circle personally that are as real as you can be.

      If your in a patriot group or political group, expect agency and shills. Just like a couple on this site.

        May 20, 2024 20:16 PM

        Thanks for the reply Chartster……..
        I will continue to monitor the situation …..

        Now , some say Juan is about the cars and the money…. we will see….
        I do not have enough info to do my opinion yet,… that is why I asked YOU…. thanks again for all the background… always like bouncing things off you. ..

    May 20, 2024 20:28 AM

    Digging into the U.N. Intentions and practices, I came across an interesting Commisssion.
    Codex Alimentarius Commission, as part of W.H.O., which is part of the U.N.
    IT IS THE AIM OF THE CODEX-A Commission to stop all non-registered people from growing any food – Plant or Animal.
    It is their intention TO FORCE MEMBER COUNTRIES TO PASS LAWS to this effect.
    The U.S. seriously needs to dump the U.N.

      May 20, 2024 20:38 AM

      ANY UN matters……………. Are NWO…….. the scum of the earth trying to put all the sheeple in BONDAGE….Worldwide…….

    May 20, 2024 20:36 AM

    Good afternoon Jerry… 🤑 32 in silver has been achieved 😊

      May 20, 2024 20:19 PM

      Remember,… it will be tested….. about 5 times before going higher….
      But, I think it is on it’s way……

        May 21, 2024 21:03 AM

        Any pullback would be a buying opportunity… The move up from 28 was quite fast… I now think silver will not get back below 30… Only a pause here, bouncing around 32, before another jump up… – my opinion.

          May 21, 2024 21:45 AM

          Tommy…….. the move was enough for me to consider stepping back in , more aggressively…
          If, the cup and handle , plays out…, $49….. should be attained quicker than being dragged out
          over years and years….JMO

            May 21, 2024 21:13 AM

            Listened S H.. $30 is confirmed bottom….

            May 21, 2024 21:08 AM

            Thanks Jerry… for the info and opinion… You are spot on… 🤑🤑🤑

            May 21, 2024 21:32 PM

            Tommy…….. thanks for the confirmation….. and reply…. appreciate it…

    May 20, 2024 20:54 PM

    Lying scum colluded…..
    Brandon has got to go.

    May 20, 2024 20:47 PM

    The best government IS THE LEAST GOVERNMENT.

    May 21, 2024 21:18 AM

    Chris Hedges EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW about the war on Gaza & strategy for the movement

    There is discusion on the american election, who destroyed the economy etc, fear of a Trump presidency but impossible to vote for Biden.

    May 21, 2024 21:07 AM

    Dave at X22 interviews Derek Johnson.
    Proof no doubt, Trump is commander in chief.

      May 21, 2024 21:42 PM

      Reviewing the above tape tonight……….. thanks…..

        May 21, 2024 21:49 PM

        Sheeple can have a review….. on HOW THE ACT OF 1871 came about……. at the 6:24 min mark…
        GET INFORMED…… sheeple tax slaves…

        Pay attention…………… 1878………. ORGANIC ACT…..establishing the CORPORATION….

        May 21, 2024 21:35 PM

        Great explanation of J6….. at the 28-29 in marks…approx…
        Election was to be called , because of the objection. Arizona question during the call in congress… and because of the executive orders prior to
        put into place by Trump….( great explanation.)…. sheeple should review and pass it on to the other sheeple before the next election, if, there is one……….
        The executive orders (by Trump) were put into place prior.. to the elections of 2018/2020 …. 26 -27 min mark…

        May 21, 2024 21:38 PM

        WE NEED TO DO AN OUTLINE…………….. of the Executive ORDERS……. and the Actions…. of the corrupt Congress/cabal….

        May 22, 2024 22:56 AM

        Lou Dobbs……2009…… pointed out the rigged Dominion Voting machines…..( I missed this one totally)
        Obama Barry… was in deed fake , no birth certificate Hawaii cover up… 🙂
        Barry was a SA love child… and not the first Black President…

        May 22, 2024 22:11 AM

        Some of you might want to review the Johnson tape………….. and get some details and report back…

        Thanks for all the participation….

    May 21, 2024 21:49 AM

    SCUM BAG…. running for cover……
    Klaus Schwab Steps Down As World Economic Forum Executive Chairman
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    TUESDAY, MAY 21, 2024 – 08:40 AM
    ‘You’ll own nothing in retirement and be happy’…

    Wit the organization he founded 50 years ago bringing in nearly $500 million in revenue in the year ending March 2023 (and sitting on a neat pile of 200 million Swiss francs cash), Klaus Schwab will own some things as he reportedly steps back from his role running the World Economic Forum has has headed since 1971.

    Semafor reports that Schwab announced his intentions to step down as executive chairman in an email to staff on Tuesday that was shared with Semafor by a person connected to the organization.

    May 21, 2024 21:03 AM

    I actually expected the Liar-in-Chief to make an executive order,
    but it does not seem necessary……Younjust need sleezebag public officials.

      May 21, 2024 21:41 PM

      thanks for the video………… indeed…… SOBs…….GOD has a special place for these MORONS…

    May 21, 2024 21:00 PM

    Clif High prognosticating…..
    NOTE the closed caption differs from the spoken word, indicating editing by YouTube!
    YouTube takes out assasintion and mention of pedophiles, mentioned in closed caption.

    May 21, 2024 21:08 PM

    Who knew Tucker Carlson was a gun nut ?
    This is very concerning !

    May 21, 2024 21:15 PM

    Zelenskyy is toast…..

      May 21, 2024 21:02 PM

      Yeah… Just like Biden is toast… Illegitimate presidents are a hallmark of democracy… Marshall law… Mail-in ballot box stuffing… necessary to protect the people… 🙃

    May 21, 2024 21:21 PM
    Judge scumbag needs to go…….Do judicial committees not have the power to unseat judges acting outside the law ?

    May 21, 2024 21:11 PM


    May 22, 2024 22:25 AM

    The Iranian people celebrate. And more.

    May 22, 2024 22:38 AM

    It’s the end of the new world order, as they knew it.

    May 22, 2024 22:52 AM

    Cleanup on isle 17 at the FBI, DOJ and MSM.
    Nothing can stop what is coming.

    May 22, 2024 22:39 AM

    Boys! Your new lounge singer and piano player 🙂 Better than most of what goes for music these days…

    May 22, 2024 22:51 AM

    General Flynn on twitter saying there was a seven hour security stand down on Israel’s southern border.
    He said he didn’t know if it was issued by BB or his security chief.
    Another page straight out of the 9/11 playbook.
    BB Netanyahu keeps referring to 9/11, trying to induce mass formation psychosis, only this time it is not working.

      May 23, 2024 23:56 AM

      Gen. FLYNN………… might just turn out to be ONE BIG CON MAN……
      see video from GEORGE WEBB/DUKE below…

    May 22, 2024 22:21 PM

    UK urges citizens to stock up on food and water
    A new website tells people how to prepare for all sorts of disasters

    May 22, 2024 22:49 PM

    …maybe Jimmy joined the IDF…

    GOP Bill Would Give Israeli Soldiers US Job And Financial Protections

    Better get back to work, boys…to pay those taxes…for those Israelies soldiers’ benefits…

      May 22, 2024 22:50 PM

      …but at least you can drown your Soros…er…sorrows at the lounge…with the new lounge singer and piano player…

      May 22, 2024 22:26 PM

      Israel cannot come back from this. They should have been held to account years ago. The brainwashed Evangelicals bought into the God’s chosen people and have turned a blind eye ever since.
      The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine-Ilan Pappe
      Turn off your T.V and educate yourself. Read a book.

      May 22, 2024 22:32 PM

      Hi Eddy:
      The Congress answers to AIPAC. End of story.

        May 22, 2024 22:34 PM

        Agreed. This is the United States of Israel. Our politicians are whores to Israel, except Thomas Massie. You hear about him giving the finger to AIPAC???

        But the rest are selling us down the drain…filthy, thieving criminals they are….

        But John, what did you think of the piano player???

        I bet Al Korelin is sorry he left… 🙂

        May 22, 2024 22:35 PM

        Agreed. This is the United States of Israel. Our politicians are whores to Israel, except Thomas Massie. You hear about him giving the finger to AIPAC???

        But the rest are selling us down the drain…filthy, thieving criminals they are….

        But John, what did you think of the piano player???

        I bet Al Korelin is sorry he left… 🙂

    May 22, 2024 22:31 PM

    Eventually the graves of over 1,000 Israeli hostages will be found………mass graves, of course, just like Auschwitz’s in 1944.
    No way Hamas bothered to feed hostages……in clouding 6 Americans.
    I was always surprised Biden did not put pressure on Iran for American hostage release, but, of course he was more senile than Jimmy Carter, previously the worst president until liar Joe came along.

    May 22, 2024 22:34 PM
      May 23, 2024 23:04 AM

      FLYNN……………… go to the 34 min mark… good or bad…

      GEORGE WEBB………. breaks it down……

      Breaks down………..IVAN R… at 38 min mark………..(Dirty Tricks guy, GW says 46 min mark)
      Flynn hires Ivan R… for what reason….
      Trumpster might be taken out by lawsuits, and FLynn slides into office….. GW quotes..

      CHARTSTER………… You might want to view… since we covered the 350 names provided by Ivan.. be careful..
      not to run into the same problem with the J6 ….

        May 23, 2024 23:43 AM

        Ivan was counter intelligence at the Pentagon…. GW….wolf in sheep’s clothing ..1:08 min mark..

    May 23, 2024 23:08 AM
    May 23, 2024 23:14 AM

    Almost forgot…Don’t worry be happy take a vacation…lol…glta….

    just putting my 2 centovo’s to work here a KER…Love all you guys…Have a great weekend!

      May 23, 2024 23:20 AM

      Thanks Larry…….. you also, have a great one……..

    May 23, 2024 23:30 AM

    Hi Jerry.
    Just messaged George Webb on twitter about how he could defend D Trump, when Trump punted on the Kennedy assassination docs.
    I also questioned him about Gen Flynn on twitter exposing the Israeli security stand down.
    I am patiently awaiting his reply.

      May 23, 2024 23:13 PM

      Hello JOHN……………….
      Sorry in getting back to you…. been out running today….

      Let me know what he says…. thanks for the message…. appreciate it greatly…

    May 23, 2024 23:04 AM

    George’s reply was that Trump is a great American and he loves him more than I do. But I can’t let my love get in the way of meta data analysis.
    To me, the response was weird. To say that you love Trump is weird to me. I have never loved any Politician.
    Sounds like George is either Jewish or trying to get a job in the Trump Org.
    With that being said Flynn IMHO is deep state. No one is to be trusted.

      May 23, 2024 23:30 PM

      Hello John………… again…
      I typed the above , before reading this comment……

      The “Trumpster love” comment seems a little strange….. I think he does not want to be trolled, so
      he might have just said that to you… who knows….
      But, your idea of might wanting to be in the cabinet could be… or at least more closely
      associated with the inside group… who knows for sure about anything,

      And thanks for your thoughts on FLYNN…. I think you are spot on…. Flynn knew a lot
      more than he exposed to Trumpster,… Plus he was running operations, so he knows a
      lot more…
      . I pointed out above that IVAN… running around campaigning with Flynn, was
      Intel at the Pentagon, …not just the soldier he pretends to be… FLYNN AND IVAN
      might be scamming everyone…. JMO

    May 23, 2024 23:23 AM

    I will also add how George did not address the Kennedy Docs.
    I am starting to wonder what his agenda is
    With that being said, I have never heard George address the Israeli lobby.

      May 23, 2024 23:34 PM

      John…….. thanks for the added thought…….
      The only thing I can say….. George has been out in front of a lot of info….
      made a lot of dots connect…
      But, I can see your point… I will let you know, if, I hear something strange or different…
      Thanks for commenting…. have a great week end…

    May 23, 2024 23:55 AM
    I wonder if Netanyahu stopped seeking to free the hostages because Israeli intelligence told him Hamas had already murdered most of them.

      May 23, 2024 23:25 AM

      Pretty shallow observation CFS considering the genocide in Palestine started in 1948.

      May 23, 2024 23:26 AM

      More fear mongering. Get a grip.

        May 23, 2024 23:17 PM

        Prof Michael Rectenwald: Libertarians and the Presidency

        Your thinking is pretty much the same as mine John, you will probly like what this fellow is saying.
        I like him mentioning how much money Trump gave Israel.

        Be nice if people realised Trump serves Israel.

          May 23, 2024 23:34 PM

          Yes, that guy is good, but I don’t know where Napolitano got the idea he is the leading Libertarian candidate. I don’t think he will even come in fourth in the nomination voting. And of course, whoever they elect as their candidate, their candidate, as usual, will be lucky to get more than 1% of the vote for emperor. The US is too corrupt for any decent person to have a chance in these farce elections.

            May 23, 2024 23:32 PM

            Mostly agree with you Eb, imo the only time things will change significantly is when the nation collapses.
            Course at that time we could get military rule.

        May 23, 2024 23:37 PM

        DITTO JOHN…………..

    May 23, 2024 23:10 PM
    May 23, 2024 23:54 PM

    The senile moron in the White House did not anticipate a tit-for-tat reaction.
    American firms have one hell of a lot more assets in Russia than Russian firms in the U.S.

    May 23, 2024 23:59 PM

    Hi South:
    I am a libertarian as well. I also believe you have the right to defend yourself.
    Enemies of the U S are created to line the pockets of those who make their living killing people and instilling fear to drive that narrative.
    At the end of the day, organized religion and those who prophesize are usually responsible for the chaos we find ourselves in today.
    Unfortunately nothing will change until there is complete collapse which is not a very pretty picture either.

      May 23, 2024 23:40 PM

      Interesting Chartster.
      Nice to see you posting something rather than flat earth.
      I contribute to the LaRouche Org because they are the only ones who would expose the British connection to the evil. Dope Inc. for example.
      Maegan Markle was caught by someone on twitter wearing an upside down cross. With AI, one does not know what is real anymore.
      The financial crisis coming could be predicted by anyone paying attention. The Christian connection with Iran is interesting.
      All in all, very enlightening.
      Thanks for posting.

        May 23, 2024 23:53 PM

        The British are defunct !
        The country is now essentially ruled by Muslims.
        (All major cities have Muslim mayors)
        The idiot Prime Minister just called for an election, and the polls have Labour beating Conservatives by more than 20%.

          May 23, 2024 23:56 PM

          City of London runs the show there CFS.
          Do I have to go back to “Can’t Fix Stupid?”

            May 24, 2024 24:30 AM

            Ditto John…………….

    May 23, 2024 23:45 PM

    How can our senile moron in chief be so effing stupid ?
    And both Rs and D’Souza want war………it is time the Russians nuke Capitol Hill.
    and put the system back into common sense.

    May 24, 2024 24:53 AM

    Boys! You got a spare bedroom for some of your new friends Uncle Joe Brandon has brought into the county???

    Where Do We Put 8 Million Illegal Immigrants?

    May 24, 2024 24:54 AM

    International Public Notice: The Rump Congress Kingdom of the Dead
    By Anna Von Reitz

    We shall attempt to put this as plainly as possible for Americans and for everyone else.

    In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was deceitfully put forward for election as “a” President, not The President of this country.

    People were deceived by the substitution and elected a “President” of the United States of America, Incorporated, a British Territorial Municipal Corporation, instead of electing The President of The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, nor even as President of our American Subcontractor, the States of America, also known as the Federal Republic.

    Thus, Lincoln was elected under False Pretenses and under conditions of purposeful non-disclosure and semantic deceit— and fraud.

    He could not be elected as actual President of the Federation nor could he be elected as President of our Federal Republic. His position as a Bar Attorney precluded and prohibited him from occupying either one of these American Government Offices.

    British Territorial U.S. Citizens cannot serve as President of our Federation of States because they are Foreign Citizens. And the Titles of Nobility Amendment added to The Constitution for the united States of America (1787) specifically prohibits Bar Attorneys from holding any office in the Federal Republic.

    So there is only one presidential office that Lincoln, a Bar Attorney, could occupy — and that is, President of the United States of America, Incorporated.

    By this simple trick of misrepresenting which office of President was up for election and which version of “United States of America” was being referenced — incorporated or unincorporated — Lincoln, an Operative of the British Territorial Government, usurped upon the people of this country and their government and illegally, unlawfully, and immorally seized upon the powers and authorities of our Public Offices while operating in a foreign and private capacity.

    When the Delegates of the Southern States of States walked out there was no longer a quorum to conduct business for both the Confederation and the Federal Republic run by the Confederation.

    Lincoln waited a few days and then appointed people to serve on the Rump Congress — a mish-mash of actual elected delegates from the Northern States-of-States and others appointed by Lincoln, an action never authorized by the people of this country and a power never vouchsafed by them to any President.

    The Rump Congress now undertook a number of immediate actions, among them, the Homestead Act, giving away land assets that never belonged to them and were not theirs to distribute. They also set up a system of Land Grant Universities supported by large land endowments given away to them. They also gave 30,000 acres of the State’s own land to them as an endowment — and by this sleight of hand, pretended to pay the victims with their own resources.

    All that took place in 1862, but a much more important piece of the planned British fraud scheme was quietly finessed through the Rump Congress.
    The word “person” was redefined to mean “corporation”.

    All the various words and terms that we wrongly associate with living people were thus prepared to support the much greater theft and personage scheme.

    Unknown to us, a “natural person” is a corpse; a “human being” is an indentured servant temporarily deprived of their character as a living man; an “individual” is a corporation, and so is a “person” a corporation, and even the misunderstood word, “sovereign” is never in reference to a living man, but rather about a condition of authority in office.

    Also, unknown to us, but known to our ancestors, a Bar Attorney is a Clerk in the Admiralty, a minor British Naval Officer concerned with the movement and taxation of cargo and rated as an Esquire in the British Civil Service.

    All this was being undertaken by the Rump Congress, distorted and hidden by the chaos of the mercenary conflict, directed by Bar Attorneys, who had no business associating themselves with our government at all — much less pretending to be our Presidents and Congressional Delegates.

    1862 prepared the ground for The Great Fraud and the rampant personage and barratry crimes that would be inflicted by Rome and London for a century and a half afterward.

    Thanks to these illegal, immoral, and unlawful acts undertaken under conditions of deliberate deceit, treason, and usurpation, millions of acres of our land were used as payola and to pay British debts and to wrongfully bring American land under the British Title and Trust System.

    And just as the Brits were required to live their lives as either Indentured Servants or as Slaves in the British-Roman Caste System — that is, as legally “dead” people, the groundwork was laid to do the same thing to millions upon millions of Americans.

    It comes as a shock to living people when we forthrightly tell them that all the “persons” inhabiting the International Jurisdictions of the Land and the Sea and the Global Jurisdiction of the Air, are dead legal entities, yet no more crucial understanding is needed than this.

    This is why you have to be declared “dead” as in “infant decedent” before you can be trafficked from the soil to the land, and from the land to the sea, and from the sea to the air.

    They have to artificially construct an entire Kingdom of the Dead in order to enforce their Caste System and seize upon your assets for their benefit.

    Like any parasite, they work best in the dark, as actors and impersonators, just as Lincoln did. To the extent that they are or ever were a “nation” they operate in secret — as they must — because once people recognize the fraud, it all unravels.

    We were closing in on them, a fact that they could judge by the progress of our research revealed in court filings, so during the Reagan Administration, the effort began to find a new “Host”. They had both a Plan A and a Plan B, and their eyes fixed on two targets — China, for its abundant labor, and Ukraine, for its land.

    America has suffered greatly, but still managed to warn the rest of the world. Because of America, China’s two billion people will not be enslaved to a new citizenship status and won’t have its labor resources taxed to death. Ukraine will recover and once again be the beautiful breadbasket of Europe.

    Many of the most heinous crimes against humanity will be addressed as crimes, without the trappings of politics, religion, or race being used to obfuscate what is really going on.

    So even as we were being set up as the Fall Guys for Britain and Rome, even as we have endured the heavy bootheels of the British Raj in American drag, we haven’t failed humanity.

    We are still here, the Good Americans you used to know, men of their word, women of purpose, people of integrity, compassion, and vision. We still exist and we still have courage to resist the evils of Corporate Feudalism.

    May 24, 2024 24:23 AM

    Good article by Anna.
    The real story will be told once the hammer drops.
    America has a big wake-up call in its near future.

    On the same note:
    Trump goes to south Bronx and will secure the NY vote in 2024. The deep state and Trump haters get their heads popped.
    It’s getting comical now.

    And the sting operation the catch all the vote fraudsters….is…called….. “Qsnatch”!!😁
    Can’t make this stuff up!

      May 24, 2024 24:51 AM

      Chartster……… I am listening to Juan’s tape you provided… It is a GREAT ONE….
      connected some more dots………. THANKS….

      Note,… I thought putting Anna’s article out there, … would wake some SHEEPLE UP,…
      the American Sheeple have been brain dead for over 100 yrs…
      Those who did not do their homework on the ACT of 1871, and 1878 …. will remain
      clueless as to what has been happening…..
      This ties right in line with what Juan was saying about, THE CITY OF LONDON and the
      British Empire, (land owners controlling world wide events, Juan ties it together
      mid way through the tape)

    May 24, 2024 24:20 AM

    Why did Q say: “ Israel will be saved for last “.
    Pay attention….

    May 24, 2024 24:39 AM

    If you haven’t woke up yet? Here’s the ghost of Ezra with a post about the EBS and the Movie.
    The movie is almost over🍿

      May 24, 2024 24:24 AM

      More rubbish.

        May 24, 2024 24:28 PM

        Heh heh, I guess the jokes on you, rubbishTony.

    May 24, 2024 24:02 AM

    Doug Casey talks about Argentina.

    May 24, 2024 24:04 AM

    Conscripts…in Ukraine…you see Jimmy’s face in there???

      May 24, 2024 24:08 AM

      …maybe not…because he’s got his back to you in that picture…

        May 24, 2024 24:32 PM

        Good one Ebolan… but my guess is that Jimmy would be in the operations bunker… advising the troops… telling them that they have the Russians outgunned.

          May 24, 2024 24:02 PM

          …maybe after Jimmy was sheep dipped he went to Ukraine…

      May 24, 2024 24:09 AM

      If old Lyndsey Graham and of course Nulan have their way…the conscription will be coming to the USSA…and Canada, too…

        May 24, 2024 24:27 PM

        All for the defense of tyranny… dictator Zelensky… deep state puppet Biden…

          May 24, 2024 24:05 PM

          …and our good friends in the MIC will certainly take a pretty penny or two…even more than what they are taking now…

      May 24, 2024 24:23 PM

      A bunch of hypocrites… When did they ever recuse themselves from voting for giving money to support the special interests funding their campaign coffers? At least the supreme court justices write opinions that explain their thinking.

    May 24, 2024 24:54 PM

    Moron professors produce moron students.
    What a surprise !