Craig Hemke – Options Expiration And Economic Data Could Make For A Volatile Precious Metals Market This Last Week Of the Month And Quarter

Craig Hemke, Founder and Editor of TF Metals Report, joins me to discuss the volatile week ahead with the options expiration contracts rolling over, and the anticipated PCE inflation data and the personal income and spending data both due out Friday morning.   We also review the technical setup in gold and silver, the importance of the 50-day moving average on the charts, and the upcoming monthly and quarterly closes in silver as we close up the first half of this year to end this week.  We wrap up looking ahead to the economic data that could move markets and central bank policy, interest rates, and the future of the dollar amidst economic uncertainties.




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    Jun 24, 2024 24:52 PM

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    Jun 24, 2024 24:21 PM

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    Jun 25, 2024 25:29 AM

    Had to sweat it out DT…. took the last few ballots to get the lead and the eventual win. 😎 I’m still not going to put my faith in the average Canadian just yet tho….I’ve seen this tease before. Til I see the liberals back over on the opposition side I won’t be comfortable.

      Jun 25, 2024 25:10 AM

      This is a “BIG WIN” for The Conservatives. This riding has gone Liberal for 28 years. Finally, the public is becoming aware of the fact that mainstream media never tells the truth. The sheeple can’t afford to eat now, inflation is only going to get worse and that will mean many more votes for Pierre Poilievre.

      A major Japanese Bank has said it is going to sell around $64 billion in US Treasury Bonds. The Japanese own over a trillion in US bonds, that will trigger the rest of their banks and other banks to join in. Not good for The West and The Dollar. DT

    Jun 25, 2024 25:09 AM

    Day /GC…..first re-buy zone…approaching…..glta!0i0qRcDT

    Jun 25, 2024 25:17 AM

    Took back everything and more on the 25 open from the 24th. Same ol same ol …Managed Money rules.

    Jun 25, 2024 25:31 AM

    If you add the Accum/Distribution indicator to this chart you will see huge distribution all day and especially at the recent price of 28.88… someone doesn’t care if they lose money or is trying to stomp on the price. My guess is it is quarterly options expiry and time fer the big boys to take their money back.