Ecora Resources – Comprehensive Update On Their Portfolio Of 22 Royalties Focused On Future-Facing Commodities

Marc Bishop Lafleche, CEO and Executive Director of Ecora Resources (TSX: ECOR) (LSE:ECOR) (OTCQX:ECRAF), joins me to provide a comprehensive overview of their 22 royalty and streaming assets, across 5 continents, providing diversified future-facing commodities exposure to the metals critical for the energy transition.  


In the past, when shifting over from Anglo Pacific to Ecora Resources, the Company was valued on lower metrics due to legacy metallurgical coal valuation metrics.  However, over time the cashflow complexion has been changing and will continue transitioning over to more of a 100% focus to future facing commodities critical for the energy transition. Ecora’s commodity exposure through their royalty portfolio now has over 33% exposure to copper, 23% to cobalt, 19% to nickel, 8% to met coal, 5% to vanadium, 4% to uranium, 3% to iron ore, and 5% to other commodities like rare earths (as noted by their new acquisition announced today).


Marc outlines some of the key contributing projects and operating partners like Vale, BHP, Capstone Copper, Rio Tinto, Brazilian Nickel, Largo, Cameco, Orano, NexGen, and Rainbow Rare Earths, as it relates to their critical minerals exposure. We highlight a few of the key royalties of the 9 producing assets, and 12 other development-stage and exploration-stage assets, the strength of their operating partners, the low-cost and long mine-life projections, that also have low carbon intensities.


Wrapping up we look into the financial strength of the incoming revenues, with the transition from the traditional to the more energy metals focus over the next few years in producing and near-production asset, and the credit facility to be able to execute on future accretive acquisitions. Additionally, Marc outlines the key stakeholders in Ecora Resources, and their capital allocation strategy balanced between deleveraging debt, paying a dividend, and buying back shares.


If you have any questions for Marc regarding Ecora Resources, then please submit those to me at, and we’ll get them addressed by management or covered in future interviews.




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