Longhorn Exploration – Natural Hydrogen Market Overview, Recent Deal Signed For Leases In Kansas

July 8, 2024

Bruce Nurse, Director at Longhorn Exploration (TSX.V:LEX) joins me for a discussion focused on the hydrogen market, more specifically natural hydrogen. 


When focusing on the hydrogen market, we discuss the distinctions between various forms of hydrogen—gray, blue, and green—and emphasize the environmental and economic benefits of natural hydrogen. Bruce elaborates on Longhorn’s tactics for harnessing subsurface hydrogen using traditional oil and gas exploration technologies, geological modeling, and advanced water sampling techniques. 


We discuss the market potential of hydrogen, highlighting significant investors like Bill Gates and initiatives by major corporations such as United Airlines and Chevron. The increasing importance of hydrogen in industrial applications, including data centers and transportation, and future hydrogen fuel cell technologies are also noted. 


On the Company front, Longhorn recently acquired PureWave Hydrogen and its leases in Kansas, which are geared towards exploring for natural hydrogen. Bruce shares insights into Longhorn’s technical team, financial status, and their ongoing work program aimed at verifying and producing commercially viable hydrogen. 



Click here to visit the Longhorn Exploration website.

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