KER on your iPhone

Big Al
December 20, 2010

Good morning!

There seems to be some questions about how to listen to the shows on an iPhone. So, I wanted to write a quick post on how to make this work.

There are two ways to listen to KER on your iPhone:

  1. Go to any article on the site, and click the “Download Show” link that appears right after the large gray box that tells you the iPhone doesn’t support Flash. This will open the show directly on your iPhone.
  2. Subscribe to our podcast via iTunes by using the link in the right column. This will download all the latest shows to your iPhone automatically when you sync with iTunes.

Thanks for listening everyone!

Big Al

    Feb 15, 2011 15:13 PM

    Hi, Al,

    I listen to your show often, and find it very informative. In particular, interviews with people outside the mining arena like the gentleman from Ron Paul’s office provide exceptionally useful context for understand what’s happening with the economy.

    I would like to suggest a couple of changes that will improve my experience, and presumably that of others.

    It would be great if, when the weekend show page first loads, it did not start playing immediately. I never listen to it all at once, but the entire show downloads even though I stop it. This ties up bandwidth, and since I often have a slow connection, it creates quite a problem.

    Thank You
    Marv Anderson

    Jan 01, 2012 01:52 PM

    Hi Al

    I currently get the podcasts via itunes however the week end show only downloads 1 session, can we get the entire show in the same way?

    Keep up the good work.