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Marcio Fonseca, President and CEO of GR Silver Mining (TSX.V:GRSL – OTCQB:GRSLF) joins us to recap the November 29th news release reporting a new...
Mon 6 Dec, 2021
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Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder and Editor of The Daily Gold, joins us to share his technical outlook on silver,  gold, the precious metals mining stocks, commodities, and...
Wed 1 Dec, 2021
James Anderson, President and CEO of Guanajuato Silver (GSilver) (TSX.V:GSVR - OTCQX:GSVRF) joins us to provide an update on the early stage silver production at the Company's El Cubo Mine. On...
Wed 24 Nov, 2021
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Charles Funk, President and CEO of Heliostar Metals (TSx.V:HSTR - OTCQX:HSTXF) joins us to provide an update on the exploration plans at the Cumaro Project in Mexico. A 2.5-3.5k meter program is...
Mon 22 Nov, 2021
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Matt Geiger, Managing Partner at MJG Capital joins us for an extended conversation focused on investing in resource...
Mon 22 Nov, 2021
Craig Hemke, Founder and Editor of TF Metals Report, joins us to discuss the recent trend higher in the precious metals sector, and financial factors that may move the markets....
Thu 18 Nov, 2021
Starting with the land acquisition we discuss how this land plays into the big picture strategy for the Bethania Silver Mine Project. We then have David update us on the Phase 2 exploration program...
Thu 18 Nov, 2021
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Sean Brodrick, Natural Resource Analysts at Weiss Ratings joins us to shares his thoughts on the $1trillion infrastructure bill and recap three silver stocks he recently wrote...
Wed 10 Nov, 2021
Peter Dembiki, President and CEO of Tier One Silver (TSX.V:TSLV - OTCQB:TSLVF) and Dave Smithson, VP of Exploration join me to recap the November 4th news release highlighting drill results from...
Tue 9 Nov, 2021
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Silver Sands Resources – A Discussion on the Phase 3 Drill Program at the Virginia Silver Project, Argentina

I have Keith recap the results from the Phase 1 and 2 drill programs and how these are guiding the Phase 3 program.  Overall the program is targeting 7 different vein structures and the newer Santa Rita Silver-Gold Prospect.

Mon 8 Nov, 2021
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GR Silver Mining – Exploration Update, 6 Drills Turning And The Zones Being Explored

The Company currently has 6 drills turning as part of the 14,000 meter planned drill program. Marcio and I walk through the 6 main area being drilled. These areas are a combination of near resource expansion and new areas that have been isolated by the Company.

Fri 5 Nov, 2021
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SilverCrest Metals – Las Chispas Construction Update, Growth Prospects into Next Year, and Stock Price Action

Chris Ritchie, President of SilverCrest Metals (TSX:SIL – NYSE:SILV) joins us to recap the construction update at the Las Chispas Project in Mexico as well as some of the growth prospects heading into next year

Wed 27 Oct, 2021
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Erik Wetterling – A Discussion on the market values of Novo Resources and Eloro Resources

Both of these stocks have sold off in very different ways and both have very different drivers moving forward. 

Thu 21 Oct, 2021

Blackrock Silver – Updates from the Tonopah West Project in Nevada, including multiple high-grade silver results

With the high-grade silver discovery hole back in July 2020 the Company has completed over 100,000 meters of drilling and is moving towards a resource expected for Q1 2022.

Mon 18 Oct, 2021

Doc Jones – Is tax loss selling around the corner? And where Doc Jones is investing now.

Doc Jones, Private Investor, joins us to discuss the possibility of further selling in the precious metals stocks due to tax loss selling.

Tue 12 Oct, 2021

Gold and Silver – Stock are washed out but the metals prices are providing hope

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder and Editor of The Daily Gold joins us to focus on the precious metals sector and the continued divergence between the stocks…

Wed 6 Oct, 2021

Chris Ritchie – Silver trading at the quarter close, Fund Flows continue toward risk on, and an update on SilverCrest Metals construction

Chris Ritchie, President of SilverCrest Metals (TSX:SIL – NYSE:SILV) joins us to share his insights on the silver market and a construction update at the…

Mon 4 Oct, 2021

Summa Silver – High-Grade Silver Results From the Hughes Project In Tonopah, Nevada

Galen McNamara, CEO of Summa Silver (TSX.V:SSVR – OTCQB:SSVRF) joins us to discuss the recent exploration results at the Hughes Project, on the Walker Lane…

Wed 29 Sep, 2021

Outcrop Silver and Gold – Reviewing the 15,000 meter drill program ongoing at the Santa Anna Project in Colombia

Joe Hebert, President and CEO of Outcrop Silver and Gold (TSX.V:OCG – OTCQB:OCGSF) joins us to provide an overview of the ongoing 15,000meter drill program…

Tue 28 Sep, 2021

Tier One Silver – Updates on the work ongoing in Peru at the Curibaya and Hurricane Projects

Peter Dembiki, President and CEO of Tier One Silver (TSX.V:TSLV – OTCQB:TSLVF) joins me to update us on the work programs ongoing at the Company’s…

Thu 23 Sep, 2021

Lakewood Exploration – A new silver exploration play holding 3 past producing mines in Idaho and Nevada

Morgan Lekstrom, President of Lakewood Exploration (CSE:LWD – OTC:LWDEF) joins us to provide a comprehensive overview of the Company and its focus on silver exploration…

Tue 14 Sep, 2021
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Some key distinctions for the gold and gold stocks trade post Labor Day

Criag Hemke, Founder and Editor of TF Metals Report joins us (this was recorded on Friday) for a discussion focused on the trends in the…

Mon 13 Sep, 2021

SilverCrest Metals – Infill and expansion drilling at the Las Chispas Property continues to hit high grade and confirms a new discovery

Chris Ritchie, President of SilverCrest Metals (TSX.SIL – NYSE:SILV) joins us to recap the recent infill and expansion drill results from the Babicanora Area on…

Fri 10 Sep, 2021

Vizsla Silver – Recent drill results both expanding the Napoleon Resource Area and a new high-grade discovery zone

Mike Konnert, President and CEO of Vizsla Silver (TSX.V:VZLA – OTCQB:VIZSF) joins us to recap 2 recent news releases that were released over the last…

Tue 7 Sep, 2021

Bunker Hill Mining – A focus on the recent drill results from the Jersey-Deadwood vein system on the Bunker Hill Mine, Idaho

David Wiens, CFO of Bunker Hill Mines (CSE:BNKR and now on the OTCQB:BHLL) and Kyle Erdmann, Chief Geologist, joins us to recap the recent drill…

Tue 7 Sep, 2021
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A Focus On Silver And Silver Mining Stocks

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Editor & Publisher of The Daily Gold, joins us to discuss the precious metals markets, with more of a focus on silver and…

Wed 1 Sep, 2021

Aurcana Silver – Updates on the restart of the Revenue Virginius Mine and first ore through the mill

Kevin Drover, President and CEO of Aurcana Silver (TSX.V:AUN – OTCQX:AUNFF) joins us to recap the news from Monday highlighting the progress of the restart…

Wed 1 Sep, 2021

GR Silver Mining – A dive into the new Resource Estimate at the Plomosas Project

Marcio Fonseca, President and CEO of GR Silver Mining (TSX.V:GGRSL – OTCQB:GRSLF) joins me to recap the new Resource Estimate that was released yesterday on…

Tue 24 Aug, 2021
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Andean Precious Metals – Silver Production in Bolivia with 20,000 meters of exploration drilling ongoing

Andean Precious Metals (TSX.V:APM) was introduced to us a couple weeks back and really impressed us with the balance between profitable silver production and large…

Thu 12 Aug, 2021
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