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Welcome to the 2nd KE Report Weekend Show of 2022. This weekend we spend extended time with Rick Bensignor and Joe Mazumdar. Starting with the broad financial markets, interest rates, and...
Sat 15 Jan, 2022
So the start of 2022 has been volatile! We are seeing some new trends established (the rotation out of value toward growth) but as Dana Lyons states big swings are common in the first couple weeks...
Sat 8 Jan, 2022
We hope you all have a Happy New Year and a successful...
Sat 1 Jan, 2022
On this Weekend's Show we start with Robert Sinn, AKA Goldfinder, sharing individual resource stocks he thinks have sold off too much into the end of the year. We then get Rick Bensignor's thoughts...
Sat 18 Dec, 2021
On this Weekend's Show we feature Dana Lyons, Dave Erfle, and Sean Brodrick. Since most markets this week were fairly flat we focus on outlooks into next year and the key catalysts to...
Sat 11 Dec, 2021
It was another choppy week for markets and metals. With the key driver right now being the Omicron variate and how countries are reacting it's hard to predict where we will be in a few weeks....
Sat 4 Dec, 2021
For a shortened trading week there was a lot to discuss. Precious metals started the week of poorly and closed the week down over 3.5%, now flat on the month. Overshadowing the move down in PMs was...
Sat 27 Nov, 2021
On this Weekend's Show we feature Jesse Felder and Rick Bensignor in two extended segments. We focus on the key financial data and markets moves that both of these very successful investors are...
Sat 20 Nov, 2021
On this Weekend's Show we feature 2 extended segments with Mike Larson and Jeff Christian. We have both weigh in on the inflation data and projections metals into...
Sat 13 Nov, 2021
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Weekend Show – Adrian Day and Peter Boockvar – Inflation, the Fed, Markets and Metals

On this Weekend’s Show we spend a couple extended segments with each Adrian Day and Peter Boockvar. We focus markets and metals in the context of the Fed tightening and other important market moves.

Sat 6 Nov, 2021

Weekend Show – Markets and Metals – A look ahead to the Fed Meeting and Recapping October

On this Weekend’s Show we recap the month of October for markets and metals and look ahead to the Fed meeting next week. With a Fed tapper all but guaranteed we will finally get to see how much is priced in. 

Sat 30 Oct, 2021

Weekend Show – Featuring Jesse Felder and Rick Bensignor – Markets and Metals

As the markets continue to lack direction and a wide range of sectors remain range bound we focus this Weekend’s Show on what will drive markets and metals through the end of the year.

Sat 23 Oct, 2021

Markets and Metals – Fund Managers and a Technical Trader share insights on the markets and metals

On this Weekend’s Show I feature a couple Fund Managers, Matt Geiger and Axel Merk, as well as our in-house technical trader Doc!

Sat 16 Oct, 2021

Markets and Metals – Volatility and Indecision Continues

On this Weekend’s Show we focus on the recent volatility in markets, metals, and economic data. The last quarter of this year is looking very…

Sat 9 Oct, 2021

Markets and Metals – Extended Segments with Rick Rule and Joe Mazumdar

In this Weekend’s Show we feature two extended segments with Rick Rule and Joe Mazumdar. That means we are focusing on investing in resource stocks,…

Sat 2 Oct, 2021

Matt Geiger and Rick Bensignor – A Focus on Markets and Metals

On this Weekend’s Show we feature Matt Geiger and Rick Bensignor, both weighing in on the markets and metals. We spend a couple of extended…

Sat 4 Sep, 2021

An extended conversation with Peter Boockvar – Inflation, commodities and US markets

A big shout out to Shad who held down the fort this week while I was away. It was a busy week and he covered…

Sat 28 Aug, 2021

Large Private Investors share their portfolio strategies for resource stocks

On this Weekend’s Show we spend time with two well known private investors in the resource sector, Dave Lotan and Doc. We all know the…

Sat 21 Aug, 2021

Markets and Metals – Royalty Company Analysis and Understanding The Inflation Trade

This Weekend’s Show is for the active investor. We focus on investing in royalty companies and the broad markets. With slow markets these are the…

Sat 31 Jul, 2021

Markets and Metals – This Weekend’s Show is all about finding the right investments for resource stocks

Throughout the week we covered the early week volatility in markets and metals. By the end of the week we were back to slow summer…

Sat 24 Jul, 2021

Big Picture Financial Markets – Thoughts on Bonds, Commodities and US Markets

There is no doubt we are in the middle of slow summer trading. However we are seeing some trends in bonds, select US markets sectors,…

Sat 17 Jul, 2021

Comments on US markets vs breadth, gold and gold stocks, and a couple stocks that should be watched

Thank you all for tuning in this weekend! This Weekend’s Show we start with a close look at the overall health of the US markets…

Sat 10 Jul, 2021

A focus on resource and gold stocks – What to look for and how to trade into the stocks

This week again confirmed the recent shift in investor sentiment toward a more risk on/growth trade. Commodities and currencies were boring, while gold had a…

Sat 26 Jun, 2021

Recapping the Fed statement, commodity selloff, and where the best investment opportunities are right now

This was a wild week in the markets dominated by the selloff in commodities, especially gold, on the back of the Fed statement and increased…

Sat 19 Jun, 2021

Big picture comments on Inflation Data and what’s driving US Markets, Bonds, USD, and Metals

So, the markets were pretty boring this week. It seems like summer has come early. However there are some noteworthy short-term trends in interest rates…

Sat 12 Jun, 2021

Matt Geiger, Sean Brodrick, and Chris Ritchie – A focus on investing in resource stocks

Thank you everyone for tuning in to this weekend’s Show. I focus this hour on investing in resource stocks, especially the juniors. Please send me…

Sat 5 Jun, 2021

This Weekend’s Show is for the all the precious metals investors out there

On this Weekend’s Show I focus on mostly on gold and gold stocks with a couple comments on silver and currencies mixed in. Please keep…

Sat 29 May, 2021

Hour 2 – Making sense of copper’s breakout, gold stocks continued correction, and possible M&A in the sector

In this hour I focus on commodities starting with the breakout in copper this week. I also get a couple comments on the continued pullback…

Sat 21 Nov, 2020

Hour 1 – Balancing out the markets vs the economy and key commodity breakouts

On the first hour of this week’s show I feature Rick Bensignor, Dana Lyons and Marc Chandler. The guys all share their insights on the…

Sat 21 Nov, 2020
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