Morning Commentary from both Chris and Canuckski
A technical outlook for 3 resource companies and 1 energy services company
A recap of the moves in the markets and an invite to everyone in Vancouver this week
The path of least resistance for gold, USD and US markets
A focus on the continued downward move in oil and comments on gold
An outlook on the S&P and gold
Big Al’s comments on the comments?
Markets and Company Updates
A weekly wrap on the US markets, gold and the US Dollar
Stocks’ Streak Of New Highs Hits Rarefied Air
A technical outlook for OceanaGold, Tahoe Resources and Detour Gold
The fraudulent transformation of the banking industry
Are the reversals in US equities, the USD and gold a trend change?
The renewed central bank easy money narrative – Long term issues
How Long Can this Last?
Citi Chief Economist Names China’s Three Problems
Glen Downs opines on Trump vs Clinton
Opening Market Commentary including Rick opinion’s on the strength of the domestic economy
Resource investors should be protected to the downside for the short term
A bit of an abbreviated Market Close and an opinion on Big Al regarding Mr. Trump