I would be surprised if we did not all agree that this article provides a bit of hope for an elimination of what we are all against.
Hour 1 – Metals with Cryptos And Real Estate
Hour 2 – KER Politics – Europe vs USA
Noteworthy Market Closes This Week
The Factors And Markets Keeping A Lid On Metals
A Crypto vs Resource Investment Conference
Technical Updates On Crytocurrenies
New Dimension Resources – Now Public With The Mariana Resources Argentina Assets
Looking Ahead To The CoT Report Tomorrow
Flattening Yield Curve is Good
Considerations For The Big Picture – Inflation, Yield Curve, USD Moves
There Is Downside Support For the Metals
Final story on this site from Australia regarding Hillary Clinton
Skeena Drilling Intersects More High-grade Gold at Snip
Gold Below $1,300 – Should We Be Worried?
Lots To Talk About – Yield and Oil Breakouts, USD Rising, Gold Falling, And Trade Talks
Fireweed Zinc – Further Details On The Recent Metallurgical Results and PEA Timeline
Corvus Gold Update
Actions To Consider In A Directionless Market
Is The Rise In Oil Portending The End Of The Current Business Cycle