Labrador Gold – A Newfoundland explorer that’s drilling the Kingsway Project beside New Found Gold’s Project
If we all accept that a government fiscal package will come let’s look at what happens after
Fury Gold Mines – Discussing the recent trading in the stock, permits received for the Eau Claire Property, and the drill program starting next month

Charles C. W. Cooke <> Unsubscribe 10:00 AM (7 hours ago) to me If the Biden–Harris ticket wins, NR will be more vital…

Because of time constraints and her excellent presentation, we turned this interview from a radio segment into a Weekend Special…

Hour 2 – Feel Good KER
Hour 1 – A fund manager, a broker, and a generalist share how they view junior metals stocks and US markets
What headlines actually matter for investors – Election vs COVID
Gold Market Comments – Gold’s inverse correlation to the USD, low volume on the GDX, and CoT report updates
A couple comments on Eskay Mining, Lion One Metals, and District Metals
IsoEnergy – Following up on step-out drill results yielding 48.8% U3O8 over 5.0m
Gold technicals – We look at the bull vs bear flag in gold and the stocks broadly outperforming

Dr. Page says, “remember life is worth living”

Dr. Huber stresses that only you personally can rise above the maddening crowd!

USD pops higher, gold’s under-performance, and yields continue to creep up – Here’s where Chris is focusing
Is it time to start focusing on the COVID stocks again?

Globalism versus Nationalism. This video makes the point very clear. Jim and I will discuss this I will post the…