Mid morning commentary from Doc.
Rick vents and Big Al enthusiastically agrees.
Doc breaks away a bit from economics and discusses politics.
Market Close with Big Al
Chris Temple’s morning market commentary
As always we start the day with comments from Rick Ackerman
Market Wrap with Mr. T
We think now is the time to begin investing in solid exploration companies.
Well let’s see the Euro is up against the U.S. dollar as is the British pound. The DJIA is up triple digits again today. Do you still think that in the short term, “this too shall not pass”
If the most important man in the world says it, it has to be true!
Doc’s comments on today’s direction of the U.S. equity markets.
Sorry James, there is opportunity in the U.S. conventional markets.
Important addition to my discussion with Rick
How long will this “optimistic situation” last?
Monday Market Close with LPG and Chris Temple
Big Al, Doc, Mr. T and LPG opine on Brexit for, hopefully, the last time!
New patents for Theralase
Doc is not sure that “This Too Shall Pass”, at least not quickly.
Chris Temple weighs in on the markets
This Too Shall Pass