A Trading Strategy For The USD and Trade Talks To Drive Markets

Here you go Mr. Ebolan. I felt that the introduction was the best place to start these editorials.

Avi Gilburt – It’s Blue Skies For The Stock Market As Far As The Eye Can See
Metalla Royalty & Streaming – How Royalty Companies Are The New ETFs
US Markets Might Be Looking Stronger Than You Think
Finally the Church defrocks Cardinal McCarric
Big Al’s thoughts for an answer to Dick Tracy’s question.
Background on Patrick Andendall
More background on Karen Kataline
More background on KER Politics’ Guests
Hour 2 – Politics
Hour 1 – Inflation, US Markets Continue To Rise, and De-Risking Metals Stocks
Today’s GND legislation does not address the basic problems of the idea!
Pure Gold Mining – A Closer Look At The Feasibility and Short Term Drivers
Energy Update – Breaking Down The OPEC and EIA Reports
The Updated GDP Now Forecast and Gold vs Silver Data
Should the “Deal” be called “Green” or “Nonsensical”?
What does this say about Representative Rashida Talib and the Democratic leader who seems to condone it?
Insights Into The Gold to US Markets Chart!
Outlining Some Standout Metals Stocks