Auryn Samples up to 31.6 g/t Gold and 5.25% Copper in the Ferrobamba limestone at Sombrero
Palamina Corp – Introducing A New Company Exploring A Large Land Package In Peru
We need Michael Stumo, CEO of The Coalition for a Prosperous America, to explain the importance of international trade for our country.
Background on Rosemary Gibson and why she is a valuable guest for all listeners.
Hour 2 – Politics – Trade Agreements and China
Hour 1 – How Dangerous Are The US Markets After This Week?
Recapping The Volatile Week For Gold, GDX, Silver, the USD and US Markets
Many Charts Showing The Metals At Key Inflection Points
The Factors That Are Driving The Metals Higher – It’s Not Just the US Markets
Anaconda Mining Just Reported Record Quarterly Gold Production
Precious Metals and PM Stocks Continuing To Rise On Market Worries
Bitcoin Has Been Historically Boring
The Market Conditions Have Changed
Recapping The Worst Day For US Markets In 8 Months

The Kavanaugh fight shows we have not yet plumbed depths of Democratic ruthlessness BY MARC A. THIESSEN Washington Post WASHINGTON…

Weakness In The Markets Being Lead By Large Caps and Tech
More High Grade Results from Skeena Resources at Eskay Creek
Higher Yields and A Shift In The Markets… Where’s The Balance?
The Opportunities In Copper
Volatility Increasing and An Opportunity Still In Cannabis