Without a doubt, this is one of the best primers on gold company investing that I have ever been a part of. And, that’s the truth!
Hour 2- Why Like Trump?
Hour 1 – Market Leaders and What Actually Matters For The Markets
Will Israel simply let Egypt take Gaza back?
Chris Martenson – Market Breadth, US Deficit Outlook, and Fed Policy
Lord knows that I need nelp and for this story I have to thank The Professor
More Trump Tweets To Consider
Corvus Gold Weekly Update
At last, a completely unbiased article on our President!
The Bullish And Bearish Case For Gold
Updates On Gold and The USD
Chris Temple and Rick Ackerman Round Table
Powell In Front Of Congress And Another Drop In Gold
Trump/Putin Press Conference Recap And A Drop In Oil
Novo Exercises Right to Purchase Half of Comet Well Royalty
The housing Market – Supply Is Starting To Pick Up
What Catches Your Eye At The Sprott Conference?
Chris Temple interviews Enterprise Group’s Des O’Kell
Hour 2 – Trump and US Politics
Hour 1 – Inflation, Trade War Fears, and Comments On The Pilbara Exploration Plays