Junior Mining Companies Have Taken A Senior Role
The student debt continues to pile up
Monday and The Doctor is In
We focus on the oil market from a fundamental, Geo-political, and price perspective
Are new all-time highs around the corner for stocks?
We cover the drop in gold and rise in the conventional markets, plus how the markets are reacting to each other
Glen feels that the Empire is fraying on the edges and it is hard to disagree.
Important Company Update with an Invitation to Listeners
Is the “fast track” going in the wrong direction?
Direction for the Markets
Friday and The Doctor is In
Glen Downs interview with 299 Days author Glen Tate – This is a really good one!
There are some cheap investments out there and investors are slowing shifting their money
A focus on the conventional markets – Is the true market top in the future?
Thursday’s Technicals from Rick Ackerman
Thursday and the Doctor is In with “Speech Challenged” Al
Gary and Chris talk the dollar, etc.
Chris and Big Al opine on valuations and China
Jay Taylor comments on gold.
We discuss the conventional markets and the gold markets with LPG