Doc; LPG; Avi; and, Big Al address today’s comments from the family
A missive from Jay Taylor.
Outlook for Gold
Here’s a little humor to start your weekend.
Weekly Market Close with Chris Temple
Sorry to post the obvious, but just in case some of you did not see this.
Lawrie’s latest missive, for those of you who didn’t receive it is more than a little bit interesting.
Lawrie on Gold says: “Gold in process of breaking out. Time to look at gold investments.
The Coalition for a Prosperous America discusses the U.S. Trade Deficit
Big Al and Doc discuss today’s gyrations in the financial markets.
We all weigh in on a topic brought to us by CFS.
Is renewable energy taking over?
How about those domestic employment numbers?
Doc is looking for corrections in gold and not much good happening for oil.
A look deeper into the gold chart
Watch for a stair step move for gold
Gold is looking promising but don’t expect a straight up run
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