Hour 2 – Politics
Hour 1 – Featuring Jesse Felder, Mike Larson, Rick Rule, and Joe Mazumdar!
Jesse Felder – Part 2 – A Rethink On The Fed’s Inflation Targeting
After a historic Q1 be prepared for a range bound market and higher volatility
US and China Tensions Are Going To Get Worse Before They Get Any Better
The Disappointing Close For Metals Stocks
Market Wrap – Could China Drop Out Of The WTO and Cause A Major Divide In The World
Goldplay Exploration – High Grade Trenching Results From a New Target and An Overview Of All 7 New Targets
A Move To Risk Off Today But Rick Doesn’t Like That Term
Comments on the recent Midland results and a bullish case for base metals
Is $1,220 gold and $12 silver a sure thing?
Raghee Has Changed Her Trading Strategy But Continues To Wait For A Dip To Buy Safer Assets
Oil and Cannabis – Weighing The Good And Bad In These Two Sectors
Trade Ideas For Coscto, Microsoft, and Alibaba
There’s A Lot Going On Around The World But A Serious Lack Of Clarity Moving Forward
Balancing The Contrarian Trade For PMs With The General Downtrend
A Wide Look At The Markets – Trade, Semi-Conductors Sector, and Tesla
Riverside Resources – More Information On The Exploration Agreement With BHP In Mexico
Here is an editorial that answers my question posted at the end of Dr. Ullman’s weekly column. A very good editorial, by the way!
Dr. Ullman opines on John Bolton and Iran