Opinions on the effectiveness of the current administration from Big Al and Rick Ackerman

Big Al
December 28, 2011

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    Dec 28, 2011 28:37 PM

    Found this tidbit about Wisconsin Driver’s Licenses….now they all go to California for processing (Homeland Security?) by a private contractor????? instead of just getting it when you go in for renewal.
    So…Wisconsin doesn’t have a contractor that can do this? Are all states now required to send this info to California creating a massive database with everybody’s picture(s) and personal data? This is a hackers dream…one database to hack instead of 50 different states.
    The news just keeps getting worse and worse.
    Dagen S.

      Dec 28, 2011 28:08 PM


      Dec 28, 2011 28:36 PM

      I guess the only thing I can say, Dagen S, is who’d a thought!

      I certainly never did.

      Big Al

      Dec 30, 2011 30:57 PM

      It could be worse. They could go to China.

    Dec 28, 2011 28:43 PM

    Hi Big Al,
    My humble opinion to this unfolding election campaign is if Obama should stay in power for the second term, I think the USA, as we know it today, could split in several congregations. No State can maintain order in an environment of rebellion against a corrupted ruling class.
    You sound very upset. I can understand. I admire Ron Paul and Nigel Farage. If I could I would vote for them.

      Dec 28, 2011 28:37 PM

      That certainly is a possibility Anna, but at this point I would probably bet against it.

      Time will tell,

      Big Al

      Dec 28, 2011 28:17 PM

      ANNA………I for one, agree with you.

        Dec 28, 2011 28:18 PM

        Mr Irish,

        You have been really hitting the Guinness!

        Big Al

          Dec 29, 2011 29:22 AM

          HELLO AL……..I had a very dry christmas, spent most of my time in my car visiting family & frinds, it was hard, BUT WORTH IT. i wont ask if you had a good time with family, I know you did. Good health to you & yours BIG FELLA.

            Dec 29, 2011 29:29 AM

            Hi Mr. Irish,

            I am very glad that you had a good time. You have to be a very important part of your family.

            We had a nice time. Quiet and wonderful!


            Big Al

        Dec 29, 2011 29:35 AM

        I agree with Anna and it is logical. Red States versus Blue States. How this will happen I am not sure. But violence is a part of it.

        The US govt is pending 1.5T more than what it collects; Fort Knox is empty? More silver in my laptop and 5 broken cell phones than the US Treasury.

        If USA and Canada have no above ground gold in their treasuries, then how do we evaluate our currencies?

        Britain sold 40% of its gold at $265 ( ave . price)

        Are we using monopoly money??

        I have issues with Ron Paul but the US media is very nasty.

        Eisenhower was rong. Beware the Govt media establishment.

        While BHO is golfing in Maui ( 4 million !!! for this vacation before the next one in the spring at martha’s Vineyard).

      Dec 29, 2011 29:37 AM

      Anna: We know that inevitably all Nations eventually break up or go extinct. This usually happens after it turns into a military empire. The Federal Government in the US is a military empire which for the last 100 years has been in constant wars with any number of other nations. US Citizen support rises and falls depending more on the advertizement of the war, than on reasons the Federal Government engages in the war. But for the last 70 years and after WWII, the Federal Government has not actually won a single war or “conflict” even if advertized as a win.

      There are costs to conducting wars and when the costs outweigh any real or perceived benefits, both US and world public opinion begins to erode. The public opinion in the US about direction of the country is a direct consequence of the disconnect between the people and government.

      A breakup of the US is already in the early stages, which is why the Federal Government is moving to install capital controls, political prisons, media propaganda and subterfuge in attempts to control dissent. Nigel Farage is a hero and great man for speaking out about this very same thing going on in Europe. I have and will again vote for Ron Paul, and would vote for Nigel if the chance happened.

      Dec 29, 2011 29:16 AM

      The country is done as I have known it if Obama is reelected.

    Dec 28, 2011 28:55 PM

    Not to change subject, but the following interview of Alisdair Macleod on Economics is the best explanation in layman’s terms I have heard in long time.
    Absolutely must listen too:

      Dec 28, 2011 28:32 PM

      clay….great listen to….thanks…

      Dec 28, 2011 28:58 PM

      Thanks Clay,

      Good interview.

      Big Al

      Dec 28, 2011 28:50 PM

      Could it be that he is saying what you want to hear? Just asking.

        Dec 28, 2011 28:06 PM

        Jerry: Perhaps. But the things Alasdair is saying are same things I think and write about for some time now, more than 4 years. Yes I will admit he is saying what I agree with, but then I also see these very same things happening all around me.

        On today’s prior link, kindly provided by the Wonderful Mr. Korelin, I mentioned what I see happening in my home town and county, here on the West Coast. The fed and banks print money, give it to government which is used to grow government and their tax base which crowds out actual productivity from the private sector while leaving these communities totally dependent on big government. When the Federal government begins to pull or reduce this money, the local government raises taxes which accelerates the whole mess.

        So yes I admit all of what you say, I am guilty as charged.

      Dec 28, 2011 28:52 PM

      Thank you Clay for the link,
      Very informative interview.

    Dec 28, 2011 28:15 PM

    (I refuse to call him president,,because that infers leadership)

      Dec 28, 2011 28:20 PM


      Okay, okay and okay!

      The question is, a joke or a danger?

      Big Al

        Dec 28, 2011 28:55 PM

        okay…..danger……a very big danger

    Dec 28, 2011 28:22 PM

    Our dear, high, exalted, mystic ruler has made a mockery of what used to be a country of laws and could be again. The 2012 elections will be the turning point: corporate-socialist statism versus constitutional republicanism. To my surprise (and relief) I have heard quite a number of college students speaking out against the current establishment and their loss of liberties. This may be a manifestation of the rebellious nature of youth who now will espouse liberty while during their rebellious youth, their parents (the Vietnam Generation) espoused socialism. Dr Paul seems to be the choice most often voiced by our rebellious youth of today.

      Dec 28, 2011 28:34 PM

      Heck Tex….I am 60 and I am rebellious….

        Dec 28, 2011 28:51 PM

        HI Tex and Jerry,

        I agree with you regarding your comment about “what used to be a country of laws”. Unfortunately, he isn’t the originator of that!

        I am not surprised at all out the outcry concerning the loss of liberties.

        Jerry, heck man I am 68 and definitely fall into that category!!

        Big Al

        Dec 28, 2011 28:58 PM

        DITTO>>>>>>>>>>>OFF WITH THEIR HEADS. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Dec 28, 2011 28:59 PM

          So, Mr. Irish, where have you been?

          Big Al

          Dec 28, 2011 28:10 PM

          Hi Irishtony,
          It may come to that before this thing is over.
          Good to see you back. Hope you are well.
          Good health to you.

            Dec 29, 2011 29:27 AM

            HI CASTANHEIRO. I hope it doesn’t, but i fear it will. DITTO on the health.

    Dec 28, 2011 28:02 PM

    HI AL. Just took some time out.

      Dec 28, 2011 28:38 PM

      It is about time you got back to work…were you on one of those french vacations
      or european holidays….by the way , how did the queen like the figgy pudding I sent over with the goose…

        Dec 29, 2011 29:08 AM

        HELLO JERRY YOU NUTTER. How was your christmas ? I gave the old girl a miss this time, it gets a bit boring at SANDRINGHAM, & i dont like all that shooting on boxing day, They go out shooting anything that moves….DEER….CARS….BIRDS….PLANES….BOAR…..& even PEASANTS…haha

      Dec 28, 2011 28:20 PM

      Mr. Irish,

      That is not permitted!

      Big Al

        Dec 29, 2011 29:57 AM

        SORRY SIR……….I shall go to the naughty corner, & write 100 lines. I must not go absent without permission…hehe.

    Dec 28, 2011 28:24 PM

    Hi Al. and all. Rember bill clinton, he wanted change and we sure got it. shipped jobs and soverignty overseas with nafta and gatt. was a 50/50 vote in the senate and both time al gore ! came down and cast the descenting vote. What did these people these people think obamma would do. ! ? Your right about the welfare state ! were here, but the police state is here also. under the new bill they can come arrest you, detain, you no trial no jury, then off to the gulag ! is this america NO. They are losing the information war. We as good Americans will have to stand and fight for our rights. Democrats & Republicans alike, We all want freedom and liberty, I am a ron paul supporther. Might i say Dr. Ron Paul. one of the few good Americans in congress and yes there are some others. ! We the peoople need to band together and fight for the ballot box. the old paper ballot does not lie, county by hand get rid of diebold and the election fraud. I would also encourgage people to go to newt gingriches site and let me know what globablist trash he is ! He came out to day and said he would not vote for Dr. Ron, because hes not mainstream. Need we forget about Gingriches. ethicts. ! when he was speaker of the house ? NOT I Sorry for the Rant but as a soverign American im getting a bit miffed. Remember about six months ago i told ya its time for pitchforks and torches. ! 1776 peacefull resistance.

    Thanks al for the rant
    fat ivan

      Dec 28, 2011 28:24 PM

      Mr. Ivan,

      Mr. Gingrich is definitely loosing the battle. Of course, he is going to say that.

      Can you imagine how much fun the press would have with him. His running would be the greatest gift that the republicans could possibly give to the democrats!


      Big Al

    Dec 28, 2011 28:42 PM

    Some time ago I saw u tubes of speeches obama made before and after his election.
    The u tubes before showed him promising differant things, after saying the exact opposite. Everything the u tubes showed was that obama lied about everything he said. There were many u tube clips.
    I listened to a discussion with the ex secratary of state Paul Craig Roberts? When the interviewer made the comment that obama broke all his promises Mr. Roberts opinion was that obama kept every promise he made to the banks and his big money supporters. So, to them he did everything he said he would do, it was only the people obama decieved.
    I agree with Mr. Ackerman. One option the establishment has if Mr.Paul were to win is just to wait him out. That only sets their agenda back 8 years. The banks have been working at their goals for hundreds of years and they have proven themselvs to be patient.
    Anna< I have read that the break up of the states is a possibility, but a Ron Paul election I think could delay that too.
    Imho I think the world needs what some call "direct democracy" Old idea, first time I read about it was Plato.

      Dec 28, 2011 28:25 PM

      Hi benb,

      Thanks for the observation.

      Big Al

      Dec 29, 2011 29:12 AM

      Hi benb!
      Yes, you are right on the delay of a potential break up through Ron Paul as the new USA president. Ron Paul has the same charisma as Mahatma Gandhi and the same goals: unity against oppression, corruption and misery. We would be THE REAL CHANGE we all are waiting for, a wonderful chance for our history to reset the clock leading us at the moment to a destructive path.

        Dec 29, 2011 29:46 AM

        Morning James B,

        I am not sure that violence will be a part of change. I think that American society and others have evolved to the point where this will not be an issue.

        Ron’s comment about the media is, in my opinion, correct. I will say; however, that he needs to further clarify his role in the comments in a newsletter that carried his name. One of the things about getting to where he has gotten in the political race is that a person has to explain everything.

        I would bet that Ron does not share any of these thoughts. It is very difficult for me to believe that he would. But, you must admit that this is something that must be dealt with.

        I do support the Congressman because I share his political beliefs. I am also convinced that Mr. Gingrich, Mr. Romney and others have at one time or another said or been associated with inappropriate comments. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that the LDS Church, for a long time, did not admit African Americans into positions of authority.

        I mean, everyone has baggage and this baggage must be addressed.

        Doesn’t make these comments right and many times explaining them needs to happen.

        Regard monopoly money, boy are you correct!

        Regrading Mr. Obama’s vacation, at this juncture it was not appropriate. Our country is in too much trouble and really needs a strong leader.


        Big Al

    Dec 28, 2011 28:00 PM

    Why investing in exploration companies is a terrible idea regardless of what Al says.

    PEM has 131 MM shares outstanding (NO REVENUE) is trying to raise $7.5MM to pay management and directors salaries and drill some holes. This offering will increase the share count to 181MM if fully subscribed. If the stock then trades above 25cents another 25MM shares will become viable through warrants.

    That means the company trades all the way up to 25 cents – which is 70% below its high of last year the current shareholders get diluted by 55%…

    Sounds like owning Bank of America stock…yet Al probably still pumps this.

    I will post an updated return on Al’s portfolio (by portfolio I mean the list of stocks Al claims he owns…most he owns are probably from warrant and option grants as a reward for pumping gems like PEM) by the end of the year showing how its down 30%.

      Dec 28, 2011 28:52 PM

      Evening Dave,

      Interesting accusation. I assume that you can prove the allegation about options given to me by companies to “pump their stock”. We used to accept options for regulatory work which we did. (Quite a few years back, by the way.) I have not accepted any options nor exercised any options from prior years since I feel that it is not ethical to do that. I clearly state that any company which I discuss is either in my portfolio, a sponsor or neither. Since the first of the year, I have also given three days notice before any buy or sell with the exception of my purchase of International Tower Hill Mines which I did not because I forgot the interview which I did with the President would not air until a few days after I did the interview.

      My policy began at the beginning of this year when I realized that our audience had grown to the point where my actions could potentially make a difference in the market.

      The shares which I own were purchased, for the most part, out of the market. For example, I just purchased shares in Rye Patch Gold today, which I announced last week that I would be doing, out of the market.

      I have purchased shares through large private placements which is perfectly legal for an accredited investor such as myself. The last private placement which I took part in was in American Manganese and it was in the early part of 2011.

      Regarding Premium, Del Steiner is a personal friend. The financing which you mentioned is going to be pulled because at under $0.15 the proceeds do not meet the exploration budget.

      Regarding your allegation pertaining to paying salaries of officers and directors, again you are incorrect. It is my understanding that the Company has sufficient capital to cover all G & A for the future. Del Steiner, for spending about 80 hours/week on the affairs of the company receives a salary of $7k per month. Christine is paid substantially less than that for also working probably about 80 hours per week.

      Del, his family, Christine and her family have all purchased a substantial number of shares in the company. Del told me that his average price was $0.37. Oh year, he is going to make an absolute killing at these levels isn’t he!

      If PEM discovers the district that Del and the rest of them believe in, the results will be great. If not? Well, considering that 90% of junior mining companies fail that would not be surprising.

      You do not know me, yet you make some very serious allegations. I have to believe that you are either some type of competitor or just not very bright because bright people do not make serious allegations like this.


      Big Al

        Dec 29, 2011 29:14 PM

        Al we both know that the recent Deadwood holes and 8 discoveries on the Orogrande Shear Zone is a district discovery very much like the Carlin Trend.Its too bad people like Dave spend their time on foolishness instead of educating them selves on geology.I think the sellers of PEM at this price are making a big mistake.But with out a market filled with fools the rest of would have to stand on a corner with a tin cup.We need the Daves of the world to profit from.

        So for those who did not get the recent Deadwood message in the drill holes I will spell it out.THE OSZ IS LIKELY GOING TO BE THE BIGGEST GOLD DISCOVERY IN THE USA post the 1962 Carlin Trend Discovery.AND its all for only 13 cents.

        James Flannigan

    Dec 28, 2011 28:03 PM

    PS please tell me when the conventional market will underperform the resource market. The TSX underpeformed the DJIA in the last year and the MCSI Bric Index has underpeformed the S&P for 4 YEARS…Yes 4 years the DJIA has outperformed. You wont hear that from this site. Somebody should ask Rog how Trader Tracks peformed in the Hulbert News Digest…my copy suggests it was a bottom 25%…

      Dec 28, 2011 28:32 PM

      Heck Dave, everyone one already knows Al owns some dogs….but, as everyone knows that even the experts do not have all the answers…..that is why you own several
      and hope some of them get taken out by the big boys…at higher prices…
      Holding stocks is just a risk trade….after you have your physical position in..
      if you are just in pm for the stocks…you will be last to the party….the stock are the icing
      or the cherry on top…so to say…and if you have not been in this market for the last 6 years or longer , you have a lot of catching up to do….with all due respect, I do not think this is a pump and dump site….for there are way to many quest that are interviewed that do not promote stocks, so with that said… are a big boy and you do not have to be here if you do not want to be….., but, if you stay, you may learn something and make some money….no hard feeling either way…..

      Dec 28, 2011 28:16 PM

      Okay Dave, get a crayon. On January 1, 2000, the HUI was 41. The Dow was 11,501. Today, even at the depressed level of 485, the HUI is up over 1000%. The Dow, at 12151 today is up, drum roll please…… 5% yay.

      When you’re done blaming others for your mistakes, I suggest you buy gold stocks. When they double without you you’re really gonna be pissed. [The juniors by the way, will do far better than double.]

      Dec 28, 2011 28:58 PM

      Hi Dave,

      I already responded above, but I forgot to ask you one simple question.

      I don’t understand why you even visit our site. Does it make you feel important to tell others how stupid you think they are.

      I don’t get it,

      Big Al

        Dec 29, 2011 29:12 AM

        EASY AL……..Remember its the season of goodwill, shame some people DON’T GET IT.

          Dec 29, 2011 29:49 AM

          Morning Mr. Irish,

          Your point is well taken, my friend.


          Big Al

        Dec 29, 2011 29:28 AM

        Al and Jerry:

        Both of you are much too kind and polite………………………..I’m not……..

        Dave: I hereby withdraw my previous Mea Culpas to you. Many different views are expressed on this site and I can’t say I agree with all of them either but all are respectfully given and responded to; none have have displayed your sophmoric, vitriolic and downright stupid personal attacks. Who in the hell tinkled on your corn flakes this morning?

        Play nice or join Jim Kraemer’s wonderful website.

    Dec 28, 2011 28:49 PM

    Rick says – let’s hope Europe goes down in flames soon, That might give us (US) time to pause.

    Not a reallly charitable thought, nor a very smart one: and and i don’t think it gives the pause needed as it will hit the whole globe by a systemic monetary crash, ending the US $ reserve hegemonial reserve status and plunging the world into total (i’d guess inflationary to begin with) depression.

    Dec 28, 2011 28:00 PM

    HI frr,

    Yeah, I agree with you and will definitely talk with Rick to get clarification.

    Thanks for bringing this up,

    Big Al

    Dec 28, 2011 28:25 PM


    Dec 28, 2011 28:26 PM

    HI Art,

    What do you think that “staged crisis” will be? Iran?


    Big Al

    Dec 28, 2011 28:38 PM


    I agree with your sentiment albeit somewhat dated. Americans all had to stand on their own two feet back in the day 100 or so years ago, however, we are living in very different times where wealth is being concentrated in very few pockets and the small guy doesn’t feel he has a chance at the so call American dream. Whether that is true or not is irrelevant it is what is being perceived by the people that counts. In any event it’s an old and hackneyed outdated paradigm.

    There used to be a level playing field once but that has now been taken away and whilst there has been many great Americans in many fields the American dream and idea will soon die if the US does not strike a balance of capitalism and social responsibility.

    Healthcare and education at a minimum should never be allowed to be run purely by the private sector if at all. These are socially molding institutions that make or break a country and as it would seem they are a contributing factor to breaking it.

    I could go on with point after point but I’m sure you can see where i am coming from.

    As always enjoy the show even if I don’t always totally agree with the content.


      Dec 29, 2011 29:00 AM

      Morning Tony W,

      You make an interesting point.

      Is the playing field truly level in the U.S. today? The opportunity is here, I believe, but has the road gotten harder?

      I am not sure.

      I always made it happen for myself and for my family. (Do not get the wrong idea here, we are not filthy rich but we are all very happy!) How did I do it? Nothing more than really hard work! Will hard work still work today? I believe that it would because I have seen it happen.

      People with a chip on their shoulders will always complain about the lack of opportunity and will always blame someone else. That is something that will never change.

      The sad situation is that these folks (society owes me) seem to be getting larger in number and this is my biggest concern.

      Does government need to play a huge role in our lives? Theoretically I do not believe that it does. I firmly believe that “people need to take care of people” and if they don’t they should blame no one but themselves. That is what the Bible teaches us.


      Big Al

      Dec 29, 2011 29:55 AM

      State (as in nation state) run education is no education at all, just indoctrination. Not only do we have the fraud of Keyensian economics being taught, to the exclusion of all opposing views, but history is also only taught from the perspective of the state — which is always self-promotional and self-glorifying. Only memorizing is valued, not thinking. It’s an authoritarian approach. A healthy defiance was valued by some of the founders. This is no longer acceptable, much less encouraged.

    […] give it my best shot in Friday’s edition, since I’ve already skirted the topic in an interview yesterday morning with radio host Al […]

    Dec 28, 2011 28:54 PM

    Roger has been way off with his predictions in silver, he said sit tight. This sitting tight has cost thousands in losses on some days. If it goes up in the new year, as he predicts he said there will be a correction during the first or second week of January.
    Does he mean its going to correct to say $15.
    Like probably many others, I am sitting on some scary losses this year. With hindsight I should have left it in the bank!

      Dec 29, 2011 29:14 AM

      I remember them bashing me for telling them I am shorting the miners back in March and the metal all ways folllows the miners – not the other way around.

      Most of my shorts have returned over 20%. I got 3 that are over 60% and one down 98%.

      Like shooting fish in a barrel. I am closing out my positions at the open because if have to go to the Congo for 6 weeks this weekend. If I am not served over a bed of rice I will be back in mid February. Contract is big enough I can take 3 months of for 6 weeks of work. Makes up for the location. At least that is the plan.

        Dec 29, 2011 29:12 AM

        Morning Har,

        Good for you!

        I just do what I believe is correct.

        I am pretty happy with the performance of the stocks that I have purchased since March. (Corvus Gold – up; International Tower Hill Mines – down but coming back; New Zealand Energy – down; Otis Gold – down; and Rye Patch Gold – down a couple of pennies today.)

        I admit that I am not the prettiest baby in the nursery, but I have to say that none of these stocks are down substantially and I did purchase most of them during the tax selling time.

        2012 will be interesting for me.

        Big Al

    Dec 29, 2011 29:41 AM

    Imagine where we would be if McCain was elected. We would be at war with Russia, Iran and China by now.

      Dec 29, 2011 29:59 AM

      You conveniently forget that every major war of the twentieth century was started by a democrat. You also conveniently ignore the fact that Obama hasn’t veered from the “Bush Doctrine” in ANY material way.

      Dec 29, 2011 29:04 AM

      Morning Har,

      I too don’t really agree with you thought.

      I think very highly of Mr. McCain. He just made a really bad choice for a running mate!

      Big Al

        Dec 29, 2011 29:16 AM

        McCain to Georgian President: “Today, We Are All Georgians”

        Al, you scream about how you don’t like where this country is going. You realize McCain was a big pusher of Homeland Security, TSA screenings, Patriot Act and the NDAA he was a co-sponsor? He is the one puppet master. He wants troops to stay in Iraq and yes we would of been at war with Russia over Ossetia.

          Dec 29, 2011 29:25 AM

          I agree with you on McCain, but Obama is no different.

            Dec 29, 2011 29:35 AM

            McCain is the General on Mars Attacks – kill, kill, kill.

            PTSD is a dangerous thing. We would be in at least 5 boots on the ground wars right now if McCain won. Iraq, Iran, Afganistan, Pakistan, Russia and Yemen. Probably Syria and China also.

            Dec 29, 2011 29:59 AM

            That’s pure speculation on your part. Presidents don’t do anything without the direction of their shadowy masters.

            Dec 29, 2011 29:17 AM

            “We are all Georgians”? Maybe you should read that article above. McCain was really spinning up the war machine.

            Besides when was the last time we had a declaration of war? Not in my lifetime and we have pretty much been at constant war.

            Dec 29, 2011 29:35 AM

            What do you expect from a person , who only knows military life….his dad, his grandfather…..that was their trade…..war, military,honor ,glory, ,,I think he saw to many Audie Murphy movies growing up

            Dec 29, 2011 29:41 AM

            Like I said, I do not disagree with your characterization of McCain in any way. I don’t know what your second point is. To me it just shows that the two parties are wings of the same bird. The last two declared wars were declared by democrats, though. It was also a democrat who used the first nukes, talk about WMD. The bottom line is that neither party is fiscally responsible in ANY way. Without a sound fiscal house, all the social differences between the two parties amount to rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. Financial collapse means that neither side gets anything they want. Society will be flipped on it’s head. So I have to LAUGH at those idiots who say “anyone but Obama.” NONE of these guys (except RP) would print less, promise less, or war less. I am not saying that RP will fix things. But he is the only one who would take the proper steps in trying if allowed to.

    Dec 29, 2011 29:15 AM

    Big Al
    The president does really scare me! And Ron Paul would as well, albeit in a different manner. i see him as a viable treasury secretary, but a very dangerous man in charge! I see newt the most like reagan, not afraid to lead etc
    happy new year!

      Dec 29, 2011 29:14 AM

      I look at this way. If Paul can not handle/care of the content of a newsletter named the RON PAUL NEWSLETTER then how can he lead the country? Seems like you did not care what your paying subscribers were feed.

        Dec 29, 2011 29:02 AM

        Unfortunately Har,

        At this moment in time you are correct.

        I believe that the Congressman will rectify this situation.

        Big Al

      Dec 29, 2011 29:03 AM

      Morning Mr. Murphy,

      You must admit that 2012 will be a very interesting year!

      Regarding your comments about Newt, I am not sure that I agree.


      Big Al

      Dec 29, 2011 29:21 AM

      Newt would be no different than Obama. Bush 1 & 2 and Reagan all expanded the government as much or more than LBJ! Since FDR, both parties have played an equal role in causing the problems of today.
      Most people just can’t grasp the fact that the problems are cumulative. The slate is NOT wiped clean with each administration. Due to this stupidity, maybe RP shouldn’t win. The masses would just blame him for what was inevitable. It would be more educational for the masses if Newt or Romney gets in. Then, just maybe a few would wake up to the fact that the problems are structural. It’s probably wishful thinking since the majority in both parties have a “football team” mentality and STILL cannot see that only the rhetoric changes, never the policies.
      People have to learn that reality trumps the ballot box. You can’t just vote prosperity in without supportive conditions in REALITY. The constituents of both parties are very socialistic in their belief that they can have it all if they just vote for it.

      Dec 30, 2011 30:38 AM

      Hi Ed I agree with you on Newt. Obama is the worst President elected in modern times.When a Nuclear dirty bomb explodes in a major US city supplied by Iran to a terror group,then America then pay the price just like world did when Camberlain kissed Hitlers AZZ. I am Canadian so I can’t vote but America can not afford another mistake like Obama.You guys better hire Newt to stop Iran.The agenda for Iran a Islamic world order with out Christans.Do you know what the with out part means?We are living in a very dangerous world were dictators want Nukes.The free men of the world must stop them at ALL COSTS! I hope Newt gets the job or Warren Buffuets prediction of a dirty bomb exploding in a US city will no longer just be a prediction.


    Dec 29, 2011 29:44 AM

    I think it is a steal here,,what do you think?…..
    not been this cheap since 09
    thanks Out Of The Box Jerry

      Dec 29, 2011 29:14 AM

      Morning Jerry,

      Don’t know a thing about platinum. Sorry.

      Big Al

        Dec 29, 2011 29:08 AM

        Al, you should look into it ,,,platinum is called the rich man’s gold….
        great for diversification…..the govt. will not be interested in platinum
        in case they would want to do another 1933 roosevelt trick

    Dec 29, 2011 29:54 AM

    “Democracy is the theory that the common man knows what he wants and deserves to get it good and hard”.

      Dec 29, 2011 29:15 AM

      Morning Dan,

      Great point! Hopefully incorrect though!

      Big Al

    Dec 29, 2011 29:16 AM

    Most of Congress and the President are scary! With the NDAA (unconstitional) we now are under martial law. I pray we can turn this around, I pray for Dr. Paul and his family.

      Dec 29, 2011 29:16 AM

      HI Craig,

      Yes, the NDAA is kind of scary.

      I too pray that this situation gets turned around.

      Big Al

    Dec 29, 2011 29:21 AM
    Dec 29, 2011 29:27 AM

    Al: I have a question for you or anyone who tell me the reason. For about 2 months now gold and the Euro have traded in lock step, why is that? The following link has streaming chart and you can overlay the two.

      Dec 29, 2011 29:39 AM

      Hi Clay, yes, you are right on your observation.
      Gold is in the stranglehold of the euro zone crisis. Have a look on the $Gold chart, time frame Jul-07 to Oct-26-2008, overlay it with the €Gold chart from Sept-09 to now and… guess what… you get the amazing answer to the brain twister. It´s the path I am following since weeks for my gold forecast.
      Everything is interlinked and logical. You must know where to look.
      I´ll catch you later!

        Dec 29, 2011 29:28 AM

        Morning Anna,

        Please tell me a little bit about your gold forecast.



          Dec 29, 2011 29:06 AM

          Good day to you, dear Big Al,

          Should we wait first for Trader Rog´s return?
          Gold seems to come very quickly to the end of the corrective cyclus.
          I will jump in tomorrow or next monday.

          P.S. Hi Carlos, nice to see you in Al´s Blog!

        Dec 29, 2011 29:06 AM

        Anna: So my reckoning is (little cowboy lingo there), that traders in currencies exit Euro’s and denominated bonds and go into dollars and yen including respective bonds, meanwhile both the BOJ and Fed make currency swaps with ECB and respective Euro nation bonds to sterilize this money flow preventing significant drop in Euro and corresponding rise in Yen and Dollar. And because the ebb out of Europe starts in cash which causes an unequal push up in the dollar and denominated bonds as compared to gold due to the reservoir size in available liquidity (currency markets are huge compared to the small size of gold), the immediate effect on gold is to push price down disproportionately to controlled rise in yen and dollar.

        So as soon as this Euro crisis is over, one way or the other, the sterilization by these central banks will have to flow the other way. If for example the Euro split into a Northern Euro with maybe a PIG or two for good European vacation retreat, then the dollar and Yen would come under heavy selling pressure which would in both Japan and the US cause an increase in buying of gold and silver.

        Because I believe that the vast majority of currencies and bonds in Europe, Japan and the US are controlled by the heavy hands of their central banks, the vigilante’s only show up when the big guns of central banks are sleeping or otherwise occupied. One can imagine the day to day discussions between the Fed, ECB and BOJ.

          Dec 29, 2011 29:17 AM

          Clay, you really impress me with your sophisticated rhetoric.

      Dec 29, 2011 29:41 AM

      clay …check out request above,,,,thank jerry

    Dec 29, 2011 29:03 AM

    Definitely believe that Barack is bringing the country down and that he wants us all to be completely dependent on the government. I was really disapointed to learn from my 18 year old, first year college student that she is going to vote for Obama. Her parents are very conservative and I thought that they would have taught her about the evils of socialism.

      Dec 29, 2011 29:40 AM

      Hearing that she is going to vote for mr.o…..she will have lots of time to reflect on
      her errors…..since she will most likely owe for her student loan and will be paying on it the rest of her life.. and thereby being a public serf until the day she dies…..
      good luck to her in her no disrespect ment…but, we all pay for our mistakes

      Dec 29, 2011 29:04 AM

      Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.
      – Winston Churchill
      I´m living in the EUSocialistRepublics, the dead zone.

      Dec 29, 2011 29:30 AM

      Morning Barbara,

      Well you know, it is a free country and God did give us all free will.

      A lot of listeners are saying that they don’t really see any meaningful difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. What do you think?

      I personally can’t vote for Obama because I do not share his vision. Simple as that!

      Big Al

    Dec 29, 2011 29:23 AM

    Hi Al. Who is this idiot, headlines like this about 10 days ago can cause this situation to come true buy people reading it and getting out.
    Nu Yu’s Views on Gold ($1,400?), Silver ($24?) and China/India (Perfect Storm Developing?) – by Nu Yu, Ph.D. , Dec 21 2011 2:39PM

      Dec 29, 2011 29:32 AM

      HI Martin,

      I don’t read his stuff, but I will take a look this morning.


      Big Al

      Dec 29, 2011 29:22 AM

      I saw that article too……..I had the same thoughts..I just glanced over it and laughed!

    Dec 29, 2011 29:05 AM

    Al your new picture you look like you are standing in front of a green screen for special effects.

      Dec 29, 2011 29:32 AM


      Dec 29, 2011 29:45 AM

      Yeh Har,

      We need to fix that. I am standing in front of a green screen.


      Big Al

    Dec 29, 2011 29:16 AM

    $17 silver. Awhile back I was thinking silver would not drop below $16 as $16 is the price of production for a primary silver producer. I dont think gold goes below $1000 as the chinese gov loses face to their people if it does. Not saying pm goes that low just not lower.
    I not being smart dont know how to short stocks yet but I thought I saw the “fish in barrel” opportunity as it seemed to me the Aden sisters were correct a yr ago when they advised “just get out”. After MF Global even more reason.
    Its been removed now but David Morgan had a u tube running saying much profit in silver by 2020. That is what actually convinced me of the silver story. I think he removed it because he also said that $25 dollars was the “key”. I still think he is right about 2020. James Turks idea of just buy monthly and forget the price seems a good aproach to me. Cant help gambling on stocks tho.

      Dec 29, 2011 29:47 AM

      Hi benb,

      I definitely agree with James.

      Not sure I would consider it to be gambling if one invests in fundamentally sound companies.

      More on that later,

      Big Al

    Dec 29, 2011 29:19 AM

    As for chinese companies and not western companies getting afghan resources, maybe the governments are all in it together connected thru their banks and they know exactly what they are doing. Just a thought

      Dec 29, 2011 29:48 AM

      HI again benb,

      Perhaps just a thought, but also a definite possibility.

      Big Al

    Dec 29, 2011 29:00 PM

    Hi Al. I can see why you dont think g&s stocks are gambling with the fundimentals and their profits in play, its just I see timeing still counting and there is always the possibility of my account being confiscated or being paid off in a currency so devalvued I should have just bought the physical. To me thats the gamble, but I took Mr. Moriarities advice long ago and acured physical and with what I could aford after that I play with stocks. But I LIKE YOUR THINKING, and thanks agin for all you, Rog and all contributers do.

      Dec 29, 2011 29:54 PM

      HI benb,

      First of all, thanks for the kind words.

      I agree with you regarding physical, because the scenario you bring up is certainly a possibility.


      Big Al

    Dec 29, 2011 29:00 PM

    We are realilsts and believe Obama will be re-elected. The aftermath will be… shall we say very interesting. The die is cast and no matter who is elected next year, the bond markets decide the outcome of the world’s finances. We shall continue to trade per usual through May 2012. After that date, we plan to be shorting anything that makes sense – Traderrog

      Dec 29, 2011 29:09 PM

      If he, mr o… is re-elected, we will not need any more stock advice, we will need to have some speakers from the NRA come and speak and start a membership drive…
      You might also, have Mr. Winchester, Mr. Remington along with Mr. Browning come and express their views for the future of America, I understand they have quite a following.

        Dec 29, 2011 29:55 PM

        I hate to repeat myself Jerry but I really don’t think it will come to that. We are truly in scary times but sanity and clear thinking usually prevails.

        At least I hope that it does.

        Big Al

    Dec 29, 2011 29:26 PM

    Your comments about the ‘welfare state’ are a little one-sided. If all things are equal i.e. education, access to financial and social capital, expert knowledge etc, then, I would agree that everyone has equal opportunity to apply themselves and make good their way in the world. Given the opportunity, most people will work hard to take advantage of it, which is in their control.

    However, you are overlooking the fact that not everyone is playing on a level field in the US because of barriers to access to opportunity – this is not something that the less fortunate have control over. In contrast, many wealthy people are born into it, rather than having earned it, yet they are given the opportunities that others aren’t by virtue of their privilege. Do we not give a helping hand to those who are unlucky enough to be born into deficit – do we turn our backs on these people? I would argue that some people just need a little more of a helping hand than others, and this is a characteristic of a civilized society. Granted, not everyone will use what is given to them wisely, but this doesn’t mean that support should not be given. I do agree with you though in principle that welfare policy makers don’t tend to do a good job with this – handouts are not the answer, but, intelligently designed programs, which create the opportunity for everyone (including the less fortunate) to be educated properly and innovate is the only way that people will be motivated and able to help themselves. But, by ignoring the poor and underprivileged and denying the need for opportunity to be facilitated by government, you are just creating the need for a welfare state in the first place. You can’t expect people to help themselves, without providing the resources and opportunities. As I said, not everyone has equal access to these.

    Dec 30, 2011 30:36 AM

    HI CHRIS………You made some very good points, well said.

    Dec 31, 2011 31:48 PM

    Read everything here. Nothing of interest in gold and silver. All other topics are (hog wash). Lets have some accurate forcasts. Happy New Year to both of you.