Larry Reaugh discusses American Manganese at the Chicago Resource Expo.

Big Al
April 29, 2012

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    Apr 29, 2012 29:44 PM

    Why isn’t this stock doing better….
    It all sounds so good!!!!!!!!

      Apr 29, 2012 29:09 PM

      Allen, it’s just a matter of time and this stock will be rated much better than at present. A positive PFS is a game-changer in my view and it’s only a few days out.

        Apr 30, 2012 30:51 AM

        Oh yeh, Trevor,

        A positive PFS is definitely a game changer!

        Big Al

      Apr 30, 2012 30:51 AM

      Yep Allen, my sentiments exactly.

      My humble opinion is that it is a victim of the market.

      I have owned a bit over 30,000 shares for over a year now. I, of course, will not sell at this point.

      Allen, these are strange and somewhat confusing times in the market right now. I continue to search for answers.

      Have a great week,

      Big Al

    Apr 30, 2012 30:17 AM

    Al this sounds like a winner of a stock option. I like hearing of the chemistry involved, a man after my own heart. Like my ore its worthless to the average miner, but to me with my `chemical process` its value is great because with it there is a way to make a great deal of money. And because the ore where I find it there are massive deposits of it. So in this state(not a region) is of a virgin as having never been mined for it the way I mine it. American Manganese isn`t just treading water, but has a thread.

      Apr 30, 2012 30:52 AM

      Morning Den,

      Please be a bit more specific.

      I do not understand and would like to.

      Big Al

    Apr 30, 2012 30:09 AM

    D. Brophy
    Thank you for your comment. I just wish that I understood what you’re saying.

      Apr 30, 2012 30:10 AM

      Al, knows. American Manganese sounds like it will be a good investment; and it will do so by dealing or using a chemical process that works to gleam, maximize to get the best product available from a given ore. I have an ore with gold, Ag, Pd, Pt, and some Rh in it as oxides, its a complex ore, if you just do a simple assay of it you will find only a fraction of anything of any value that the typical geologist would find some metal, but not knowing that the oxide and sulfur that`s present are just trash to them. You would have to do a reduction type of assay to obtain the values and hence have a chemical process to get all the values. I`m not after a few grams per ton ratio that the typical geologist is bent on getting. If using spectrographic analysis or even ICP you would get the target material the `metals` present, but not necessary what might the oxides be. And if you roast the material you would burn off for sure the sulfur, but you could very well be burning off the oxides as well. Have you ever seen a gold oxide that was produced from overheating gold, to say the using a torch on the gold, the oxide you would produce as a streak left on the bone ash cupel.

        Apr 30, 2012 30:15 AM

        I guess, I will just well read and not comment….enjoy

          Apr 30, 2012 30:22 AM

          Also manganese dioxide works as an oxidizer as well if I choose to use it.

          Apr 30, 2012 30:24 AM

          I think I`ve worn out my welcome on your site….

        Aug 25, 2012 25:53 AM

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    Apr 30, 2012 30:50 AM

    I’m not sure if Milwaukee tool is the only one in this space that uses these batteries but what i can say is they are some of the worst perfoming batteries. Don’t hold a charge very well and you can’t charge them in cold weather.
    Also saying that China controls the market is not really a selling point.
    It looks like it all comes down to EV batteries which looks promising at this point.
    I feel LIke AMY’s presentations are are filled with disinformation, not based on the fundamentels/economics of there product, but a history lesson and story about manganese.

    May 01, 2012 01:43 PM

    My gut feeling tells me Larry Reaugh is building this to be bought out and not necessarily to make it to production under the AMY umbrella. What do you think Al ? Build a resource for the majors and supplement with a value added chain to sweeten the pot.