Grandich comments on silver.

Big Al
August 15, 2013

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    Aug 15, 2013 15:46 AM


    Aug 15, 2013 15:55 AM

    Peter Grandich is going to right this time about gold and silver. His time has come. Thanx for your commentary Mr Grandich.

      Aug 15, 2013 15:07 AM

      Yep, thanks Pete!

    Aug 15, 2013 15:17 AM

    I’m going to tell you what separates Grandich from most; he’s wrong like others but unlike others he not only doesn’t hide from his misses but he continues to note them long after he needed to. He also doesn’t give half a$$ comments so that no matter what happens he can say he got it right.

      Aug 15, 2013 15:49 AM

      I particularly like your last sentence, Frank!

    Aug 15, 2013 15:31 AM

    GOLD will go much more high buy peter buy buy

      Aug 15, 2013 15:55 PM

      Lets not forget that the price SHOULD have never been down there in the first place….’corse the price is going up. $26 here we come and just watch $40 – $44 by Christmas.

        Aug 15, 2013 15:42 PM

        yes good tinking we will see luks good $$$

        Aug 15, 2013 15:56 PM

        Good point MNH….bring back the good old days as Pete G reminds us.

    Aug 15, 2013 15:44 AM

    When Gartman gives a buy signal gold heads down. When Peter does you are safe.
    I loaded up with 13k shares of NEM last week when it I looked like the stupid thing to do buying all the way down to 26.57 as the gold stocks were falling hard. Sold the general market the past 2 weeks.

      Aug 15, 2013 15:48 AM

      next 3 TO 5 years a supper buy paul l ! i tink soo end longer good buy

    Aug 15, 2013 15:52 AM

    Hmmmm. Markets rolling over…..silver rocketing up. What is that telling us? Are we going to see a summer correction maybe. Technicals on the Dow and S&P seem to suggest steeper losses. Maybe gold will blast off after all……the money has to go somewhere.

      Aug 15, 2013 15:05 PM

      And it ain’t going to button collections!

        Aug 15, 2013 15:24 PM

        Or porcelin dolls!

        Aug 15, 2013 15:59 PM

        Soon paper money will be buried in a collateral debt induced , deflationary funeral, and on to money heaven or hell, but it’s not coming back unless you have insurance. DT

    Aug 15, 2013 15:23 PM

    In 2008 when the market began to need a defibrillator the escape hatch was bonds.
    It was a perverse reflexive response. People had been rewarded bailing out into bonds their whole lives.
    It was like the local knowledge at the Country Club of not challenging the water right on #7….the fairway feeds right… is better to aim for the left rough than the middle of the fairway. Everybody knew it! In 2008 everybody ended up in the left rough….high and dry in Treasuries.
    But in the last 5 years they have reworked the fairway. The left rough has grown in. The rough is more a penalty than getting wet. Maybe now people will act sensible and aim for the middle of the fairway?

    Aug 15, 2013 15:37 PM

    Hush! Hush! We’ve been in an Emergency Ward for months. All this noise about recovery is going to disturb the patients. Let’s keep a lid on the chatter until hard assets truly get out of the sand and start gaining traction on real pay dirt. I would peg that mark at gold $1,650 and $42 silver. What say Al’s panel of truly wise experts? I’ll be tuned in for the weekend show.

      Aug 15, 2013 15:51 PM

      While we wait for the truly wise, I’ll tell you what I think. The miners will outperform by an even wider margin once gold takes out the $1525-$1550 area and silver gets over $28. My actively managed portfolio of about 20 juniors (including warrants and options) is up about 50% since the lows of just 6 weeks ago.

    Aug 16, 2013 16:53 PM

    Tip of the hat on your gains. My small caps are mostly oil plays … all have done well the last couple months … I like to see some revenue supporting the exploration. The mining stocks in the folio are mid-caps with income and unexplored prospects. I’ve been looking for the juniors that suit my risk and budget limits. Unfortunate the research usually takes longer than market moves, eh?