Rhylin provides an update on New Zealand Energy

Big Al
October 18, 2013

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    Oct 18, 2013 18:28 PM

    Good News, I hope it works out well for them and us the share holders.

      Oct 18, 2013 18:22 PM

      Good interview,Big Al, and good job Rhylin.Market does not seem to care,but in time….will…..

        Oct 18, 2013 18:29 PM

        Big Al,next time you are chatting with Bob M.,could you ask him if Garabaldi,GGI-v is still one of his largest holdings.Things are starting to heat up in the Shelsey.Much appreciated.

          Oct 18, 2013 18:39 PM

          That’s odd I’ve never even heard him mention GGI.V. DT

            Oct 19, 2013 19:32 AM

            DT, would have been sometime in 2011,before GGI staked (2013) the Shelsay Valley.Cheers.

          Oct 19, 2013 19:51 AM


          Oct 19, 2013 19:09 AM

          He said it currently is not, Greg J.

            Oct 19, 2013 19:45 AM

            Thanks you are # one.

      Oct 19, 2013 19:47 AM

      Being a shareholder, Mr. Wilson, I have to agree with you!