Morning Morning Thoughts from Big Al, Cory and Gary

Big Al
March 17, 2014

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    Around and Around we go……………..
    The stock market is not going down…..Why, because it should, but that is logical , and the market is anything but logical, and Ms Manipulator Yellen, can not let it go down.
    There will be no crash, yet,….. is everyone on the same side of the boat Yet…

    Mar 17, 2014 17:26 AM

    Where is Owl Coinland? Can I buy silver there or can I get a “A” ticket and go for a ride on the bogus markets and their manipulated scam jobs…aka like ‘disneyland”.

      Mar 17, 2014 17:30 AM

      Marc…..Its in the shed in his back yard , but you don’t want to go there , rumour has it that all who enter , come out silverless…….just a rumour …….

        btw,,,,, Irish…….you are late with the shipment of SLUGS (worthless pieces, to represent the real thing, I added this for Andy, incase it doesn’t translate correctly)

        Mar 17, 2014 17:08 AM

        Thanks for the heads up IRISH.

          SD……….COINLAND like KORELIN , is in open air space. Once admitted , to the attraction , you have one heck of a time leaving.

            Mar 17, 2014 17:27 PM

            It’s the free drugs!

    Mar 17, 2014 17:26 AM


      Mar 17, 2014 17:59 AM

      My apologies to Birdman. Sometimes we all can be offended joking around.
      Its human nature and if the other party is not finding it amusing after informing
      the other party then by all means its wrong to continue.

      I would have never guessed it would be taken that way because of our past food
      fights here. The entertainment I thought would help bring some life in here.
      Birdman was putting on a good show in the past. I got lots of egg on my face.
      Lots of other posters took it as entertainment I believe.

      SO THE SHOWS OVER. …keep posting Birdman you have a lot of great commentary.
      Im officially out of the entertainment business here. Hope were good Birdman
      because I do not want you unhappy. Never my intention. I don’t take joy in that.
      Thought it was just our normal food fight for entertainment.

      Thanks to Andrew and Tony….all the great gold comrads too Best to you Birdman
      and I will definitely understand for any future posts …if any.

        HH……….thanks for posting ……..

          Irish thanks for the Truce Sign………..

            Mar 17, 2014 17:26 PM

            That is generally what happens after numerous pints. Remember it is St Patrick’s Day today!

            Seriously though, yes thank you Mr. Irish and others!

        Mar 17, 2014 17:26 AM

        HH…..I for one am asking you to stay…Your apology to MR BIRD , is very Nobel , it say’s a lot about your character.


          Mar 17, 2014 17:28 PM

          I second that Mr. Irish!

          By the way I too am joking about all the pints consumed on St Paddy’s Day. I just read that Ireland just passed a law regarding abstinence.

            Mar 17, 2014 17:34 PM

            WAAATTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mar 17, 2014 17:11 PM

      Right Mr. Irish, what a way to celebrate St Patrick!

    Mar 17, 2014 17:34 AM

    Let’s make that an IRISH truce .. generational !

      Mar 17, 2014 17:01 AM

      IRWIN…..I’m with you 100%

      Mar 17, 2014 17:18 PM

      Good point Irwin.

    Mar 17, 2014 17:38 AM

    Is this chart rolling over?$GOLD:$SILVER

    Just finished reviewing the weekend show with Gary, Doc and Rick. Man, that was a heavy thread but I enjoyed it very much. All I can say is you must serve somebody; be aware of who (or what) you serve.

      Mar 17, 2014 17:19 PM

      Your last sentence is, of course, very true!

    Mar 17, 2014 17:41 AM

    Interesting scenario.Enjoyed youe assessment of the markets.Agree with them too.
    I read Mr. Sprott(Sprott Capital Management w/ $7 bullion under his management) comments on the major world banks.He mentioned that they have manipulated gold for the last ten years.He said gold will be at $2100-2400 this years and silver at $60.

    Do you agree with his assessment of this?
    I have a few small cap gold stocks plus $1000 in JNUG Direxion 3X ETF.

    Your comments please.

    Thank you.

      Mar 17, 2014 17:03 AM

      Jerry, if you are referring to Eric Sprott’s interview on King World News, he actually said that IF gold had not been manipulated, then it would be at $2100 now and go to $2400 by end of year. He did not say it would get to those levels this year.

        Mar 17, 2014 17:25 PM

        Thanks for the update Derek!

        Mar 17, 2014 17:39 PM

        In other interviews this year, I believe I have heard him argue for a new high during calendar 2014.

          Mar 17, 2014 17:17 PM

          Pretty early in the year to have this discussion.

      Mar 17, 2014 17:21 PM

      I have quit trying to predict the prices of both gold and silver. Why? Because the reason that we purchase and hold both is that we like the security that we believe they both provide.

      I know nothing about JNUG Direxion. I invest only in resource stocks because I believe that I understand this sector as well as anyone.

    Mar 17, 2014 17:54 AM

    Gold still needs to bottom prior to liftoff. Silver (gold on steroids) must do the same.

    Mar 17, 2014 17:10 PM

    Malaysia Airlines is Figgie TO MUCH TV FROM DAY 1 !